Travel through Europe and find your ‘home away from home’ with our cozy chalets. The small wooden houses can embellish every holiday with lots of charm. Whether you are travelling with family, your friends, or just your partner, in our large selection of chalet accommodation you can find the dream home for a holiday in nature.

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Travel through Europe and find your 'home away from home' with our mini chalets. The small wooden chalet houses can embellish every holiday with lots of charm. Whether you are traveling with family, your friends, or just your partner, in our large selection of private chalet accommodation you can find the dream home for a holiday in nature.

Do you need a break from your stressful daily schedule? Then, a vacation in nature is what you really need! Listen to the birds chirping in the morning, enjoy a delicious and fresh breakfast in the garden of your rental, and have the whole day for yourself and your loved ones. Spend some time in nature while hiking, cycling, or simply strolling in the woods. Have trips to historical towns or a boat excursion. There are so many regions you can choose from. Check the availability of our chalets and select your dream accommodation! Are you ready for a memorable holiday to recharge your batteries?

Staying in nature

That's the best part of our private chalet accommodation. Whatever home you choose, you'll be surrounded by unspoiled nature. Mountains, forests, hilly regions with verdant meadows, homes by the sea, a lake, or fast-flowing rivers. Depending on the country and region of your choice you can also make a combination of those. In the French Aquitaine region, you can have it all! Verdant lowlands and high mountain peaks of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the dunes along the Atlantic coast, and the fertile fields of the Périgord make up a great contrast of stunning landscapes. It's a great backdrop for outdoor activities - water or winter sports, hiking, cycling, fishing, yoga, or just meditating in peace and quietness. It's also one of the best regions for finding a beautiful chalet house for your holiday because the green mountain foothills are filled with houses in that style - check Dordogne.

In essence, is about connecting people with nature, so you can be sure that if you rent a chalet in Europe, you will be surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty during your stay. Away from mass tourism and crowded places, you can finally get the relaxation you need. Imagine hiking and admiring the Beech or oak trees, the multitude of lichens and mosses. That’s not all! The landscape is beautified by the multi-coloured flowers, such as the Violets, Wood Anemones, Primroses, and Bluebells. Stroll in the forests and usually, you will be able to spot foxes, badgers, wild boars, deers, and a wide variety of species of birds. Don’t forget to take your binoculars and enjoy the liveliness of the wildlife. Are you willing to discover not just one place but more during the day? Mountain biking is a great activity for those who are the adventurous type of person. Moreover, there are numerous routes that you can follow and will definitely guide you through splendid natural treasures.

Take a break from your daily routine and have some lovely time in a private chalet. On the left side of the website of, you can choose the desired filter that will help you select the accommodation of your dreams. You can have a relaxing evening in front of a fireplace while playing board games, perhaps admiring the sunset from your garden, having a delicious breakfast from local products, or a barbeque with your friends or family. Sounds like a wonderful holiday, right? Hurry up and book your mini chalet right now at

What can you do during a mini chalet holiday?

You can practice a multitude of outdoor activities that might differ, depending on the region where you decide to spend your vacation. Hiking, biking, and trips to natural sights or historical towns are some common examples. How about renting a ski chalet? You will be even closer to the ski slopes. Imagine after a day outside, skiing, you return to your warm wooden chalet and enjoy the rest of the evening with your loved ones. You can play some board games by the fireplace, have a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate, or simply, a delicious warm dinner. Sounds like a relaxing winter holiday, right?

That’s not all! Perhaps you would like to go during the spring or summer season. If you rent a modern chalet near the beach, you will be able to practice all water sports, such as swimming, snorkelling, or surfing. Also, even though you aren’t a water sports fan, you can enjoy your time sunbathing or discovering the natural treasures of the region. How about having a picnic or admiring the sunset? Have a look at the website of Book a mini chalet for the perfect romantic getaway or a grand chalet accommodation for a holiday with your group of friends or family. Also, our landlords are willing to share with you some recommendations of what activities to do or places to see near their chalet house. Hurry up and plan your vacation right away!

Must-see natural sights near our chalets for rent

Pfaueninsel, Berlin

Peacock Island (or Pfaueninsel in German) is a fairytale place located 20 kilometers away from the city center of Berlin. What is enchanting about this attraction is that there you will be able to see the majestic birds, peacocks, freely roaming. Enjoy a lovely picnic with your loved ones or simply relax while walking through the 67 hectares of land. What you should know before going there is that the island can only be reached by ferry. This makes the trip and destination even more enigmatic! The park is a piece of jewellery, which was designed at the beginning of the 19th century, by one of the most well-known Prussian gardeners, Peter Joseph Lenné. Pfaueninsel is also a historical place as there it is the wonderful castle of King Frederick William II, who was a Prussian ruler in the 18th century. Coming back to recent times, since 1990, Peacock Island has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Therefore, it is definitely worth a visit. See here our chalets for rent, located close to Berlin.

Eisriesenwelt, Salzburg

It is an absolutely breathtaking attraction that you shouldn't hesitate to visit. The Eisriesenwelt is the largest ice cave in the world and has a length of approximately 42 kilometers. This natural sight is situated in Werfen, which is around 40 kilometers away from Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg. There you will see impressive frozen waterfalls, natural limestone formations, and an ice palace. Also, you will be able to admire a gigantic ice sculpture, named “Hymir’s Castle”. Unfortunately, just a part of the cave can be visited. However, a guided tour of it lasts approximately 75 minutes. Be ready to fall in love with this place and eventually, wish to come back. On, there are numerous grand chalet houses in Salzburg that will be your home during your unforgettable vacation in this lovely country.

National Park Veluwezoom, Veluwe

It is the oldest national park in the Netherlands and has been considered a protected area since 1931. Admire the spectacular scenery from the top of Posbank, which is a 90-meter high hill. You can spot the wildlife from two observation points and may be able to see a red deer or a wild boar exactly in front of you. Take your camera with you and don’t miss the chance to take a photo! While you are walking within the National Park Veluwezoom, you can also discover typical Dutch country houses and farms. Now that you have found out all of these… What about booking a wooden chalet accommodation in Veluwe? Connect yourself with nature during a holiday in one of our lovely grand chalets in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Select the one that you think is suitable for you and your loved ones and enjoy a break away from your hectic daily schedule.

Book a wonderful private chalet somewhere in Europe

Although chalet houses are typical for the Alpine regions, and Switzerland in particular, it's possible to rent a ski chalet all across Europe - The Netherlands, Germany and its hilly Eifel region, Finland, Sweden. You will also find this type of modern chalet accommodation in Spain, Portugal, and Croatia if you prefer a warmer destination. Some of the popular Spanish regions are Valencia and Madrid. For the most authentic experience in the Alps, check the French, Italian, and Austrian chalets. Imagine sitting by the fireplace after having a delicious home-made dinner, watching the beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges right outside your window, and enjoying the company of your most loved ones. It's an idyllic picture, especially for the winter season and Christmas holidays. You can still rent a wooden chalet in the summer months. Swim in your private pool, enjoy the sun in your garden with fruits and let yourself immerse in nature.

Friesland, The Netherlands

Visit one of the most beautiful provinces in the Netherlands, Friesland. It is located in the northern part of the country and its capital is the city of Leeuwarden. Take a journey back in time while walking around its 11 historical cities. Every winter, the Elfstedentocht, a 200 kilometer-long tour and skating event, is organised. You can skate there for pleasure or as a participant in the speed skating competition. Moreover, from Friesland, you can see the Wadden Islands, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire this natural treasure. Are you already curious? We offer you the chance to rent some wonderful modern chalet houses in the charming Dutch province of Friesland so that you will be even closer to these natural sights. Click here to see the available offers.

Wallis (Valais), Switzerland

Find the perfect ski chalet in the Swiss canton of Valais (also known as Wallis in German). This is a wonderful ski destination that is located in the southern area of the country. In Valais, you will see the spectacular Matterhorn Mountain, which has the shape of a pyramid and is part of the Alps. Enjoy your day on the ski slopes or discovering the vineyards of the Rhone River Valley. Also, along the Rhone, you will spot glaciers. No matter during which season you decide to go, Valais is the perfect place where you can recharge your batteries, breathe some fresh air, and reconnect with your body, soul, and mind. Hiking or mountain biking through the dense forests is definitely a must. What are you waiting for? Here you can see the charming wooden chalet accommodations that are available on the website of

Drenthe, The Netherlands

Rent a grand chalet for your group of friends or a mini chalet for you and your partner in the Dutch province of Drenthe. It is located in the northeastern part of the Netherlands and it is a natural treasure of the country. Hike or cycle along some wonderful routes that guide you through superb 3 National Parks and natural areas. You will discover beautiful villages and hunebeds. Scattered over the province of Drenthe you will also see 52 megaliths. These unique structures, made of enormous boulders, used to serve as prehistoric burial chambers and are characteristic of the Dutch region. These unusual natural gems date back from the year 3350 - 3050 BC. Sounds like a destination you should visit at least once in your lifetime, right? Thanks to your dream can come true and you will be able to be even closer to these natural sights. Click here to see the available chalets for rent, in Drenthe.

The perfect time for a holiday in a chalet

Wondering when you should go on a vacation? Rent a ski chalet during winter and it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. In Northern Europe, you should know that the temperatures are most of the time below 0 degrees Celsius. Be prepared with boots and really warm sweaters. However, you can enjoy a lovely time skiing or inside your alpine chalet. Imagine yourself sipping a cup of hot chocolate while chatting with your loved ones. However, you can do the same in Central or Southern Europe where the weather is less cold.

On the other hand, during summers, the temperatures reverse. In Southern Europe, it is usually hot and on the opposite side of the continent, the temperatures during the summer months are not so high. Autumn and spring are usually rainy in Central Europe but those are the seasons when nature shows us an explosion of colours. Therefore, be sure to check the weather forecast before you make the booking and start packing your luggage!

Rent a modern chalet in Europe

In a chalet house, you get everything you might need from your holiday accommodation. A warm place to stay, a comfy bed, a fully fitted kitchen, and a beautiful nature just outside your home. And when you stay in a home in the natural world, secluded from the big cities, there's not much you need than the right company. You can choose any of our simple homes that have only the necessary amenities and still get the best holiday experience. Of course, if you want to treat yourself to some spa, or more luxury, that's also possible. You can always rent a tiny chalet or even a modern luxury chalet, on a tight budget. There you will have a private swimming pool and your own sauna/jacuzzi to relax after a long day in the greater outdoors. It's perfect for a long weekend break to unplug from your busy life. Have a look here at our chalets with a view. Superb! Some homes even allow pets inside, so you can finally bring your dog on a holiday with you. It will have all the freedom to run around in pure nature, and you won't have to worry about leaving it home alone.

At, you can find numerous eco chalets, which use green energy, separate waste, and/or serve you with fresh fruits and vegetables from their own garden. Also, there are several offers of cheap chalets that are available on the website of Click here and you will see the last minute options. Perhaps you can find your dream chalet accommodation at an affordable price. However, you should start packing your luggage soon!

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