Glamping is hot! This form of accommodation is the ideal combination of a traditional, adventurous camping holiday and the luxury and facilities that you know of a hotel. Are you ready for a special holiday in nature, but do you not need a simple and "normal" holiday home? Then glamping is probably something for you. A glamping holiday guarantees a unique, authentic holiday experience in European nature.

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Glamping is hot! This form of accommodation is the ideal combination of a traditional, adventurous camping holiday, the luxury and facilities that you know of a hotel. Are you ready for a special holiday in nature, but you don't need a simple and "normal" holiday home? Then, glam camping is probably something for you. A glamping house guarantees a unique, authentic holiday experience in European nature.

The word "glamping" is a combination of the English words "glamorous" and "camping", which freely translated means "camping in luxury". Although the glamping trend became popular in America, England, and Africa at the beginning of this century, it did not spread to other countries, such as the Netherlands and Italy, until 2015. Today you can go to many different countries to camp in luxury. Even though many glamping accommodations are located on a campsite or park, you do not have to fear during your holiday in a nature house of the crowds or noise that can ruin the holiday fun. Our glamping tents are not located on large-scale campsites or large holiday parks, so you can fully enjoy peace, space, privacy, and greenery around you.

Nature surrounds your glamping tent

Have you decided where you would like to go during your camping luxury holiday? Fauna and flora are so diverse and fascinating no matter where you will rent the desired glamping house. What we can do is to give you some information about what you should expect to see when going to a specific region, where you can book a glam camping spot. For example, if you decide to spend your vacation in a cheap glamping accommodation in Gotland, you will be surrounded by a multitude of natural treasures. This wonderful region in Sweden is a paradise for any nature lover. If there is any passionate bird-watcher reading this, you should know that there you will be able to spot approximately 55 pairs of Golden Eagles and 45 pairs of White-tailed Eagles. Also, some other wonderful bird species that can be seen are the nightingale, nightjar, or river warbler. Enjoy the liveliness of nature! The landscape is beautified by the multi-coloured orchids.

How about a holiday in the nature of Dordogne? It is located in the southwestern part of France. Wildlife is pretty abundant in this French department. You may be able to spot deers, wolves, owls, or turtle doves. When it comes to flora, the chestnut, walnut, and Montpellier maple trees are popular, especially in the French countryside. In case you are willing to visit Friesland, you should know that this is one of the most beautiful provinces in the Netherlands. You will be able to discover diverse nature and landscapes in its 4 national parks. Don’t miss the chance to see the Wadden area, which is considered to be the “Most Beautiful Nature Area in the Netherlands”. Moreover, the Wadden Sea is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Choose the region where you would like to spend your glam camping holiday and rent one private glamping accommodation that is available on the website of

What can you do during your glam camping break?

Are you still wondering what you can do during a holiday in a cosy villa rental? With a bit of creativity, you will find plenty of activities that can be done outdoors and indoors. For example, you can play board games with your loved ones, relax in front of the fireplace while sipping a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, or have a barbeque during the sunset. Outside your lovely glamping house, you will be able to practice some sports, depending on the region where you are. Hiking, biking, swimming, ballooning, or paragliding are a few options that will awake your senses.

Have you ever tried to ski on water? It is a really fun activity for those who want to do something adventurous. If you decide to ski on water, you will get for sure the necessary dose of adrenaline. There is also a lot to be done by those who are less courageous. You can swim in the crystal-clear waters and admire the beautiful scenery. If you are a really patient person, then you should grab a fishing rod with you, spend some time by the water, and perhaps you are lucky enough to catch your meal. Furthermore, there are several excursions by ferries that will show you the natural wonders of the region while being on the water. It sounds like a lot of fun to spend time outdoors, right? If you decide to rent a cheap glamping tent in Europe, you can enjoy daily trips to national parks, nature reserves, or nearby historical villages. There are numerous private glamping houses that are located in peaceful natural surroundings and close to worth visiting places, such as Costa Brava, Brandenburg, or Overijssel. Have a look on the website of and book your dream glam camping rental in the desired location. Hurry up!

What can you visit?

The Camargue Salt Flats, France

Enjoy the absolutely spectacular landscape of the Camargue Salt Flats. Its name comes from the largest river delta in Western Europe, the Camargue. What is special about this natural sight is that it is pink. Yes, you read it right! It has this unusual colour because of the salt lagoons that are there. Besides this, you will also be able to spot some wildlife that seems detached from a fairytale. Flamingos and Camargue horses simply beautify this magnificent place in France. Don’t forget to take some pictures when you are there and enjoy the peace and quiet. After a day in such a magical place, how about spending the evening in a wonderful glamping tent? You definitely deserve a glam camping experience in France!

Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Portugal

Get ready for a memorable vacation in Portugal. Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is the perfect place for any nature lover. It is located on the Portuguese Riviera, approximately 25 kilometers away from the capital city of Lisbon, and is one of the 13 Natural Parks that can be found in the European country. You won’t see only rocky cliffs, greenery, and wonderful water but also several historical sites. Castle de Moors, which dates back to the 8th century, and the majestic Pena Palace are definitely worth a visit. What are you waiting for? Have a look on the website of and perhaps you can find an interesting glamping house in a glamping park or you may go during a glamping festival. There are so many options!

Slieve League, Ireland

Don’t miss the chance to see one of the natural wonders of Ireland, the Slieve League. These are located on the Coast of Donegal and from the top, you will be able to see the wild Atlantic Ocean. What an incredible view! Are you passionate about hiking? Then this is the perfect place to enjoy some lovely time in nature alongside your loved ones. After such an adventurous day, imagine returning to your private glamping accommodation and having a wonderful evening with your family or friends. Have you checked out the offers that are available on

Wonderful destinations in Europe

Saarland, Germany

Rent one of our cheap glamping houses in Saarland, which is the smallest state in Germany. It is bordered by France and Luxembourg and wherever you look you will see forests. Saarland is named after the Saar River and is considered to be part of the wine region of Moselle. Moreover, in the town of Völklingen, you can see the ironworks, which date back to the 19th century and now, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a wonderful holiday perhaps in a less crowded glamping park and recharge your batteries.

Corsica, France

Have you thought about planning a glam camping trip to Corsica? Beautiful blue water, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and delicious food. What else do you need for a perfect holiday? Take your partner, family, or friends and enjoy the spectacular views. Corsica is one of the 18 regions of France and is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. If there are any adventurous people or sports enthusiasts reading this, you should know that this is heaven for you. Hiking, swimming, snorkelling, and canyoning are just some of the fun activities that are waiting for you.

Corsica has a wide range of flora and fauna in the water, too. You can snorkel and discover the wonderful underwater world. Because the island is very sparsely populated, there is even more room for nature. Characteristic is the vegetation with maquis: rough, herbaceous shrubs. The island is home to many rare plant species. During an intensive hike, for example, the GR20, you have the chance to encounter animals like donkeys, pigs, and goats. Hundreds of other animal species also live on the island of Corsica, including many bird species. There are about 150 species of fish living in the waters of Corsica.

The capital and largest city of the French island is Ajaccio. With its 65,000 inhabitants, it is not a big city, but you will find several beautiful sights there. Moreover, the famous Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio. On the island, renting a car is highly recommended. Because of the mountainous landscape, a car is the most pleasant way to get around. Therefore, in this way you can easily visit various tourist attractions if you stay in a glamping accommodation. Think of the nature reserve Scandola, the Genoese towers and bridges, archaeological park Filitosa, and the numerous castles and citadels in Bonifacio, Calvi, and Corte. What an unforgettable vacation in France! Have you done your luggage?

Veluwe, The Netherlands

Check our private glamping houses in Veluwe, which is situated in the Dutch province of Gelderland. There you will see woodland, lakes, heath, and the largest sand drifts in Europe. If you are planning to go on a cheap glamping holiday in the Netherlands, don’t miss the chance to see Hoge Veluwe National Park. Located just a few kilometers away from Arnhem, a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands, it is the largest nature reserve in the country. What is unique about planning an itinerary here is that you can discover diversified landscapes from forests to sand dunes. Also, it is the perfect place for spotting wild animals or watching birds in their natural habitat. What are you waiting for? Plan now your vacation in the nature of Veluwe.

How is the weather?

The weather depends on the location of the chosen glamping park. If you plan to go to France, you should know that it has a temperate climate with mild winters and summers. There's a balanced mix of sunshine and rainfall. The temperatures get warmer in the Mediterranean region while colder in the North Atlantic Coast and East-Central France. Concerning Spain, it has an average temperature of 20 °C. The best time to visit Spain is either early autumn or late spring if you prefer to visit the coastal areas. Northern Spain is hot in July and August, while Central Spain is recommended to be visited in October. There are relatively mild winters. Are you organising a holiday in Belgium’s nature? You should know beforehand that this country has a temperate climate. In the eastern regions of Belgium, it is more likely to have a cooler and wetter climate with more rainfall due to the hills. You will also experience heavy snowfall at times during the winter. The good season usually occurs from April to October. Summers are pleasant and winters are wet and cool with frequent fogs. The country’s average temperature is 10°C, ranging from 3°C in January to 18°C in July. The best time for a trip to Belgium is during spring and summer months because the days are longer.

On the website of you can find a wide variety of offers. Are you thinking about going during the weekend, summer, Christmas, New Year, or Easter? Anytime is the right time for a holiday! Therefore, no matter where you decide to go, be sure to check the weather forecast before you prepare your luggage. A jacket, an umbrella, and some sun cream are always a must-have during your vacation. Have you already booked one of our nice glamping tents? If not, check out now the offers in some lovely locations, such as Hamburg, Valencia, or Utrecht. Don’t miss the chance to spend a memorable holiday in the heart of nature alongside your loved ones!

Rent a glamping house

Those who would like to go on a cheap glamping holiday can choose from different accommodation types. For example, yurts, safari tents, tiny houses, and teepees are seen as a form of glamping, but tree houses, houseboats, log cabins, and wagons are nowadays also classified as glamping accommodations. What all these rentals have in common is that on arrival everything is arranged and ready for you. The holiday can start right on arrival and that is - especially with kids - so nice. Old-fashioned camping with the luxury of today (you might even have a pool)... Have you already tried it?

Are you wondering where you will leave your dog during your vacation? You don’t need to worry about it. Click here and you will see the available glamping accommodation where you can go with your dog. Moreover, wherever the glamping tent is located, there are plenty of options to keep you entertained! Take a bike ride or go for a walk through nature. If you like bird watching, you can look for the most beautiful birds. If the house is located on a lake, river, or sea, you can go fishing! In addition, a visit to some historical cities, an amusement park, museum, or zoo are among the possibilities that you can do during your camping luxury holiday. Whatever your stay looks like, glamping is an attractive alternative to a traditional camping holiday. Have you already become acquainted with the charm of a glamping holiday or would you like to try it for the first time? Then book a private glamping rental in Europe with! Whatever kind of nature house you choose, you will always spend your holiday in nature, in less crowded holiday parks, or in the woods.

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