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Glamping is hot! This form of accommodation is the ideal combination of a traditional, adventurous camping holiday, the luxury and facilities that you know of a hotel. Are you ready for a special holiday in nature, but you don't need a simple and "normal" holiday home? Then, glam camping is probably something for you. A glamping house guarantees a unique, authentic holiday experience in European nature.

The word "glamping" is a combination of the English words "glamorous" and "camping", which freely translated means "camping in luxury". Although the glamping trend became popular in America, England, and Africa at the beginning of this century, it did not spread to other countries, such as the Netherlands and Italy, until 2015. Today you can go to many different countries to camp in luxury. Even though many glamping accommodations are located on a campsite or park, you do not have to fear during your holiday in a nature house of the crowds or noise that can ruin the holiday fun. Our glamping tents are not located on large-scale campsites or large holiday parks, so you can fully enjoy peace, space, privacy, and greenery around you.

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