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Are you looking for a cottage in the middle of nature but not sure about the destination? Have a look at the many choices that offers across Europe! On our website you will be able to find thousands of holiday homes, among which cabins, cottages, tents, tiny houses and more. You will find several places yet to be discovered, where you can enjoy your holiday away from the crowds.

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Cottages in Europe

Hey, nature lovers! If you are looking for a cottage house for your next holiday in nature, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to book a romantic getaway for you and your partner or an active trip in nature with your friends and family, here you can find just the right accommodation for your dream holiday.

A small house, a hut, or a country house is called a cottage. It is a holiday home where you can spend your summer or winter vacation. Cozy cottages come in different sizes and are very suitable for single travellers as well as families. The size of a hut varies depending on the house, so the number of people who can relax in a cottage can vary significantly. This makes a country cottage to be suitable accommodation for any travel group. Plus, the huts may be made of both stone and/or wood. Have an unforgettable vacation with!

Picturesque nature

Nature is waiting for you at the doorstep of your wooden cottage. Depending on the region where you decide to spend your vacation, you will see breathtaking landscapes and charming wildlife. Choose to rent a classic cottage by the water and you will spot several species of fish and birds. Also, the flora you'll see is specific to the place you visit. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to discover the beauty of water lilies. If you are a water sports fan, a cottage by the sea is the perfect fit. Discover the underwater world while snorkelling or take a trip on the boat to enjoy the region. You may see superb islands, rocky cliffs, mystical caves, or other fairy tale places. If you prefer the mountains rather than the beach, click here to see our chalet's selection. Take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the spectacular views.

Besides the beautiful and peaceful forests, you will spot squirrels, birds, and perhaps other animal species. Moreover, on, you can find numerous classic cottages in the woods. In the morning, you will wake up to the sound of birds chirping and while discovering the surroundings of your accommodation, you may also see some deer, foxes, or even wild boars. Wherever you decide to go, our nature houses are situated in secluded places in nature where you will enjoy peace and quiet, and have time for you and your loved ones. You will definitely recharge your batteries during this type of holiday!

Have a fun holiday in your country cottage

Because we know how demanding your job is, perhaps you need a break from all the stress. Fortunately, has the right solution for you: a cosy cottage in the heart of nature. Keep yourself away from electronic devices and simply enjoy the company of your loved ones. Nowadays, more and more people are lacking physical effort because their job makes them sit in front of their laptop for 8 hours or even more. Therefore, escape by immersing in nature, where you have the chance to do fun activities such as hiking, mountain biking, water rafting, or canoeing. How about observing wildlife, watching birds, or tasting wine? These are just a few examples. You can do even more than that depending on the region where you decide to go.

Our landlords can provide you also with some recommendations for activities to do or places to visit near their lovely cottage house. Even if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, inside you can play some board games, watch a movie, cook, or bake with the help of your companions. In a holiday house, you have more space than in a hotel room and that’s why you won’t be so bothered if the weather isn’t nice. Have we convinced you that you need a break in nature yet? Book one of our modern cottages located across Europe, in some of the best natural areas in the world. Don’t miss the chance to see Europe’s breathtaking places.

When to plan your unique cottage holiday?

One of the main advantages of staying in a cozy cottage is that it is suitable for any season. You can plan your holiday anytime and you will definitely find at least one small cottage that you like. Organize your Christmas or New Year vacation in Finland and rent one of our lovely winter holiday homes. Enjoy the magical season in the country of Santa Claus. If you decide to go to any of the Scandinavian countries, make sure to pack comfortable boots and warm clothes in your luggage. In the Lapland and eastern parts of Finland, the minimum temperatures can reach even -50 degrees Celsius. But in the rest of the country, you should expect higher temperatures. However, no matter how cold it is outside, in our cozy cottages you can have a splendid time with your loved ones while standing by the fireplace.

If you are thinking about your summer vacation, you should see our offers of modern cottages at the seaside. Italy, Spain, Portugal, or Greece are some of the most popular destinations for this season. Take your significant other, family, or friends, and spend a lovely holiday together. Discover natural sights, historical towns, or simply enjoy a stroll in the woods. Whatever you decide to do, it will definitely do good for your well-being. Check our holiday cottages all over Europe. Choose the desired destination, period, and rent your dream cottage with On the left side of the website, you can also select the desired filters so you can find exactly what you want.

Breathtaking natural sights

Eden Project, Cornwall

Travel from South Africa to the Mediterranean Sea and then to California while being in the same place. Are you wondering how this can be possible? Well, the Eden Project is the answer. In plain words, it is a garden with plants from all over the world that are grown in tropical biomes located in a crater. This has the dimensions of 30 football fields. Seems gigantic, right? The Eden Project has been awarded 5 times with the “Best UK Leisure Attraction” and some people even consider it to be the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. The Rainforest Biome is the largest rainforest in captivity in the world. Jungles and waterfalls are part of the landscape. Orange, lemon, olive trees, hemp, and sunflower are some examples of the plants you can spot there. This natural attraction can be interesting even for children as they can learn more not just about plants but also about sustainability. Are you already curious to see all of this in real life? Rent one of the splendid cottage houses in Cornwall and you will have a memorable holiday!

Burg Eltz, Eifel

Burg Eltz is a place dedicated to any nature and castle enthusiast. It is a wonderfully preserved medieval castle, which was constructed in the 12th century on the hills above the Moselle River. It is located on a 70 meters rock spur, from where you have a superb panoramic view of the forest in all its splendour. The Eifel has been crossed by Celts, Romans, and Franconians, who have left their mark on the architectural style of the region. As you will see once you are there, Burg Eltz has Romanesque and Baroque architectural influences. Historical, natural, peaceful, and elegant can all describe the experience at the Eltz Castle. How about after a trip there you return to one of our unique cottages where you can enjoy your dinner or a glass of wine while being alongside your loved ones? has many options that are waiting for you!

Slieve League, Ireland

Don’t miss the chance to see one of the natural wonders of Ireland, the Slieve League. These are located on the Coast of Donegal and from the top, you will be able to see the wild Atlantic Ocean. What an incredible view! Are you passionate about hiking? Then this is the perfect place to enjoy some lovely time in nature alongside your loved ones. After such an adventurous day, imagine returning to your cozy cottage house and having a wonderful evening with your family or friends. Have you checked out the offers available on

Cottages to rent in beautiful destinations

When you choose to stay in a cottage, you can of course go anywhere. Would you like to stay in your own country or do you prefer to travel a little further? It just depends on what you are looking for. We have listed a number of beautiful locations for you, which are certainly worth considering!


Iceland, also known as the land of fire and ice, lies just below the polar circle, more exactly in the North Atlantic Ocean. This Nordic Island is known for its fascinating landscapes, authentic towns, and natural beauty. The destination offers various natural places, such as - volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and giant glaciers. Due to the rich nature and different landscapes around Iceland, there is always something to discover. The country has developed in such a way that it can offer a lot of fun outdoor activities in every season. Iceland is one of the least populated countries in Europe. Two-thirds of the inhabitants live on the southwest coast, most commonly, around the capital city of Iceland - Reykjavik. When you go to the north, farther from the capital, you will be able to discover beautiful nature. Check all the available wooden cottages in Iceland on! Get your luggage ready for an unforgettable holiday.


It is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe and is the fifth biggest one on the old continent, securing a land area of 173,814 square miles. Sweden is not only known for the pop group ABBA but also for its rich forests. More exactly, about 2/3 of the country's area is covered by forests. Sweden is well-known for being a spot from where you can admire the Northern Lights. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you should add to your bucket list. When exploring Sweden, you will be surprised by the wide offer of different activities and breathtaking landscapes that you will not want to miss. Snowboarding in Sweden is a must if you are a sports fan and you plan your trip during the winter season. Look at our available small cottages in the Scandinavian country.


Enjoy a memorable holiday in a modern cottage in Finland. It is a country situated in the northern part of Europe, bordering Russia, Sweden, and Norway. Lapland is considered one of the best places from where you can spot the Northern Lights. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss! Lapland is not only the paradise of Northern Lights but also the home of Santa Claus. All year round you can meet him in Rovaniemi. So exciting, right? Moreover, another interesting fact about Finland is that more than 70% of its surface is covered by forests. Therefore, get ready for a stroll in nature, skiing in the mountains, or just relax in one of the 3 million saunas that you can find in Finland.

Rent a cozy cottage house

The cottage style has its origins in the 19th century, in England. The cottage was actually a very small farm with possibly an outbuilding. The word cottage is derived from cotter, the term that refers to the concerned farm worker. Today, the word cottage conjures up romantic images of cozy, old thatched cottages with exposed wooden beams in the ceiling or in a rural setting, such a traditional English cottage with garden. Cottages have evolved over the centuries from working-class cottages into popular holiday retreats. Because the size differs per cottage, the amount of people you can stay in a cottage with also varies. There is, therefore, suitable accommodation for every travel group. In a cottage, you will generally find all the luxury and comfort you need and the landlords often offer various extra facilities, such as bicycle rental, hot tubs, WiFi, or a sauna.

If you want something other than a holiday in a hotel, then a holiday house in the middle of nature is the right choice. Be it in the forest, in the mountains, by the lake or by the sea, with a pool or your own sauna - here you can enjoy the freedom and beauty of nature in the fresh air, far away from mass tourism. Moreover, a holiday home is often cheaper than a hotel and you can then use the money for your leisure time. You can do activities whenever you feel like it, you can be spontaneous and don't have to plan everything in advance. Have you checked our tiny cottages, excellent for a romantic getaway? Check here and book your desired accommodation.

Especially when you are travelling with children, a house in the great outdoors is an advantage. The children can run around freely in the garden, regardless of anyone and whenever they feel like it. You can organize your free time as you want without sticking to fixed times. You can cook whatever and whenever you want from your cottage kitchen or enjoy a typical dish in a nearby restaurant. If you bring the children to bed in the evening, you can spend the rest of it comfortably outside on the terrace or in the garden. Your dog is also allowed in some of our unique cottages and does not have to go to a kennel or the neighbour. Enjoy the time together on endless hikes and walks, on the beach or in the forest. All these advantages will make you choose a cottage in nature. Are you counting the days till your holiday starts yet?

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