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Do you want to rent a cottage in nature? Here you will find more than just cottage, you will find the most beautiful undiscovered places in Europe. Europe is a continent that has a lot to offer and an enormous diversity of nature. Here you will find more information about nature in the different countries and also the best cottages that all have one thing in common: they are located in or near the most beautiful nature in Europe.

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Cottages in Europe

Are you looking for a cottage all over the world, in the middle of nature? Then look no further, as is exactly what you have been looking for! On our website you will be able to find thousands of cabins, spread over the whole wide world. You will find several places yet to be discovered, where you can enjoy your holiday without getting disturbed.

Flora and fauna in Europe

The nature in Europe is extremely diverse, which results in fascinating flora and fauna. In the colder northern of Europe you will find expansive coniferous forests and tundra areas, whilst in Central-Europe this consists mostly out of deciduous woods, swamps and green fields or polders. In the south you will find savannas and remarkable mountain ranges, such as the Alps and Pyrenees. The temperature in Southern-Europe is a lot higher than other parts of Europe, which also results in an entirely different flora and fauna. In short, with alternate landscapes and the flora and fauna that comes with it, Europe should be able to please a true lover of nature!


All naturehouses that can be found on this website have one thing in common. They are located close to, or in the center of beautiful nature, that is waiting for you to be explored! Go out during your holidays and take a refreshing walk or a bike ride through the scenery and visit the sights and picturesque villages that you stumble upon. Our hosts are more than happy to give you the best tips about things to do in the area of the naturehouse!