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Cottages in Spain

Lovers of the sun and sea will absolutely love Spain. Balmy temperatures and long beaches are not hard to find here. With famous dishes such as tapas, paellas and gazpacho, Spain is the place to be. Most of the Spanish regions differ per culture, language and climate. In the North West, the rainy fishing villages dominate the coast, together with historically and culturally important cities. Whether in the South East of the country, a much more pleasant climate with a lot of recreational activities that are flooded with tourists are present.

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Located in the extreme southwestern part of Europe, Spain is bordered by Portugal from the west and France from the northeast. It is bounded by water as well, the Mediterranean Sea to the east and southeast and the Atlantic ocean to the northwest and southwest. This is why it is known as one of the warmest countries in Europe. Spain's largest city is Madrid, known as the cultural center for the past hundred years. Natural wonders of Spain can be found on the coast of Bermeo, eastern Pyrenees of Navarre, Levante, and many more. With, you can find holiday homes in almost every region of Spain!

Why book a cottage with us in Spain?

Looking for visiting Spain with your friends during your weekend breaks? Or perhaps a longer vacation with your family? provides different options for spending your holidays in Spain, from big villas, to small chalets and much more, all with a variety of facilities to meet your needs. Booking a cottage in Spain will bring you close to the flora and fauna around you.

Our vacation homes on are all situated in the most beautiful places in nature. From your accommodation, you can go straight to kayak in the nearby waters, visit nature reserves, hike on mountains and forests or swim in the sea. Yeah, that's right! Our cottages are located near these places so that you can get the most out of the natural surroundings. Either you prefer to relax or want to hurry for an adventure, on you can find the best match for you!

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