For all accommodation options in French-speaking areas, one umbrella term has been devised: "gîtes". There are many different types of holiday homes that are offered as gites for renting to holidaymakers. In many cases, a gite is part of a farmyard in the French countryside. In a French farm there is plenty of room to let guests spend the night and you will also find plenty of peace and space. However, you will also find cottages on the coast and in the mountains.

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For all accommodation options in French-speaking areas, one umbrella term has been devised: "gîtes". There are many different types of holiday homes that are offered as gites for renting to holidaymakers. In many cases, a gite is part of a farmyard in the French countryside. On a French farm, there is plenty of room to let guests spend the night and you will also find a lot of peace and space. However, you will also find cottages on the coast and in the mountains.

In total there are tens of thousands of gîtes to rent in France, or which around 2000 are offered on website. From very luxurious to very simple, gîtes come in all shapes and sizes and therefore offer a suitable place to stay for every kind of travel group. In short, French gîtes are accessible to everyone. The friendly atmosphere and the fact that most of our landlords speak to many gite visitors. Sometimes a landlord not only offers overnight stays but also extra facilities to his/her guests, such as bicycle or boat rentals, which will make your holiday complete. Our landlords are also happy to give you the best tips for hiking routes, restaurants, and places of interest in the vicinity of the holiday home during your holiday.

A stay in a gite is the ideal way to get acquainted with the French culture. The medieval towns and villages, where time sometimes seems to have stood still, are characterized by narrow streets with local entrepreneurs. You can stroll around at your leisure and immerse yourself in French life. From the fruit and vegetable markets and flea markets, you can taste baguettes, cheese, and croissants while enjoying a delicious glass of French wine. From a gite as a nature house you can, in addition to the French culture, also discover the green nature of France. All our gîtes have in common that they are located in the most beautiful natural surroundings.

Discover beautiful nature

As most of our grand gites are in France, you have plenty of lovely options located in the heart of nature. Olive trees, vines, mulberry, fig-trees, as well as laurel, wild herbs, and maquis can be spotted. In the Western European country, you can find 7 national and 40 regional parks. All of our gites are away from the crowds but surrounded by nature. The fauna of France is typical of Western European countries. French forests are a secure home for polecats, martens, wild boars, and deers. While exploring nature, there is a chance to spot hedgehogs, shrews, foxes, weasels, bats, squirrels, badgers, rabbits, mice, otters, and beavers. In fact, most of the birds that can be seen in France are largely migratory. In the Mediterranean part of the country, birds such as flamingos, terns, buntings, herons, and egrets can be spotted. Known as 'bouquetins' in French, Alpine ibexes are found in the French Alps. Today, there are about 9,000 of them and you can find many in the Vanoise National Park or the higher parts of the Alps. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Choose the desired grand gite and discover the fauna and flora of France!

However, there are several beautiful grand gites waiting for you in Europe. What you need to know is that the Old Continent still has more than 25% of the world's forests even if deforestation has been an issue in the past years. Did you know that the least forested country is Ireland (8%) and the most covered is Finland (72%)? When it comes to fauna, you can see wolves and bears, which, unfortunately, are at the risk of becoming extinct, due to deforestation. Today, the brown bear is mainly encountered in the Balkans, Austria, and the Pyrenees. In the northern part of Europe, you will be able to see the polar bear! The wolf, on the other hand, can be found especially in Eastern Europe. Other animals and predators of Europe are the Eurasian lynx, the wild cat, foxes, jackals, and martens. However, let's not forget about the hedgehogs, deer, roe deer, and wild boar. In the mountainous areas, you will be able to see marmots, ibex, and chamois, among others. Sounds like an experience you shouldn’t miss, right? Have a look on the website of and book the desired grand gite. Hurry up!

What can you do during your stay in a gite?

You’ve been wondering what you can do during your stay in a gite? You can explore charming villages, architecture, art, and historical sites. An interesting activity could be visiting medieval castles. France has so many to offer. Moreover, if you are nearby Paris, don’t miss the chance to see the Eiffel Tower. Another fun family activity could be cruising on the Seine River. It is a fun way to see all of Paris' top sights while enjoying a relaxing experience. Do you prefer an adventure holiday in nature? Then go canoeing on the River Ardèche or learn to surf. Do you like cycling? Then you must go on an adventure on Roger Lapebie bike path in the Entre-Deux-Mer region. This particular route is appreciated for its lush natural landscape. You can also travel through Alsace, a destination for cyclists. While biking, you cross the famous vineyards of this area and discover the Alsatian villages.

What about hiking? There are so many hiking trails to see not only in France but all over Europe. By the time you return you can enjoy a glass of wine in the garden of your grand gite. Also, you can combine hiking with a nice picnic in nature. If you have a passion for mountains and hills, then we suggest visiting the South of France. Also, in the South and Southeast of the country, in between the Alps and the Pyrenees, you can enjoy the high mountain peaks and rock formations. Wondering where you will stay overnight? There are plenty of gites in Corsica where you can relax and prepare for your next day hike. It is worth the trip because of the spectacular view from the top. If you have a passion for skiing, then French Alps will be your winter wonderland. Are you a sports enthusiast and want to complete your bucket list? Then Limousin is the place to be. This region offers a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding, water-skiing, cycling, kayaking, and fishing. Click here to see all the available gites on the website of

Where to go during your holiday?


Normandy is a region in the northern part of France. It is a place full of history as it is well known for D-Day, when the American, French, British, and Canadian troops gave their lives to recapture Normandy and win against the Nazis. The beautiful beaches, such as Omaha Beach, are memorial sites that remind tourists of the heroic battles. In Normandy, you will be able to spot breathtaking views of the white chalk cliffs. Rent one of our gorgeous grand gites in Normandy. Don’t miss the chance!


Plan a memorable holiday in Brest, which is a port city in Brittany, the northernmost region of France. It has a naval base and while walking around this wonderful place you will discover its maritime history. Get lost in the medieval atmosphere of Brest and pack your luggage. Have you looked on the website of to see our splendid gites in Brest? Hurry up! Choose now the perfect accommodation for you and your friends or family. You will have a relaxing experience in the heart of nature and close enough to discover beautiful cities like Brest.


There are several grand gites available also in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Enjoy the natural surroundings and historical places of the city. Imagine having a delicious picnic in the Bute or Roath Park, listening to the birds chirping, and simply enjoying the peace and quiet. Choose this destination for your next vacation and you will definitely have a wonderful time there alongside your loved ones.

Stunning natural sights in France

GR20, Corsica

It is a 180-kilometer long footpath that guides you through gorgeous landscapes. GR20 is considered to be one of the most stunning trails in the world. It passes through the charming Mediterranean island of Corsica. Forests, mountains, rock formations… This can be heaven for any passionate hiker or nature lover. Discover beautiful fauna and flora, take a deep breath of fresh air, and recharge your batteries. After a relaxing experience in nature, imagine returning to a wonderful grand gite in Corsica. Having dinner, sitting by the fireplace, and enjoying the company of your loved ones… Sounds like the dream holiday, right? What are you waiting for then? Click here to see our available gites and don’t miss the chance to book one of them.

Arboretum de la Vallée-aux-Loups, Ile de France

Ile de France is a spectacular region of France that is located in the north-central part of the country. It surrounds the capital city of Paris and is a place full of history. Besides the worldwide known Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame Cathedral, Ile de France has many more to offer. One example would be the Arboretum de la Vallée-aux-Loups, which is a botanical garden that contains plenty of plant and tree species. Have a walk through the 13.5 hectares of the arboretum and you will see charming bridges, ponds, and an island. There are so many gardens with a specific theme, such as the English, fruit, or chestnut gardens. Enjoy a lovely time in the peace and quiet of this attraction! Have you looked at our grand gites in Ile de France? Click here and choose the desired accommodation. You will have the chance to discover several natural wonders but also the must-see capital of France, Paris, in case you haven’t seen it before,

Lac de Vassivière, Limousin

Lac de Vassivière is the perfect place for leisure activities. Enjoy a lovely day with your loved ones in the largest water area in the region of Limousin. It is a man-made reservoir that has approximately 10 square kilometers. The artificial lake was built after World War II and it is located in the Millevaches Regional Natural Park. Besides this attraction, Limousin has many more to offer. In this region, you will find historical sights and absolutely gorgeous landscapes. Hiking in the Massif Central Mountains is definitely worth trying! Are you already curious? Click here and you will see all the available grand gites in the French region of Limousin.

How is the climate in Europe?

The weather is one of the main factors that can influence your decision on whether to go or not to a specific place. That’s why you should always check the weather forecast before making a booking. However, we are willing to make your decision a bit easier by providing you with some general information about the climate in Europe. For example, the subarctic climate is typical for the northern part of Europe and is characterised by moderate rainfall, cold temperatures, and winds. In Sweden and Finland, there is a cold continental climate, with average temperatures similar to south-western and south-eastern Europe. When going in this part of Europe, you should know that you will find a short warm season, often with muggy weather, and very long winter, with a lot of snowfall.

The humid temperate climate is very common in the area of ​​Great Britain and Ireland, but also in some areas in the north (as parts of Sweden and Norway) and south (Portugal, coasts of Spain, France, Poland, Germany). Here, rainfall is abundant, although there is almost never snow, and temperatures rarely freeze. On the other hand, the climate of the mountain ranges of Central and Southern Europe is perfect for those looking for a place to go on a skiing trip in winter as there are cold and very snowy winters, followed by summers that are not too hot or rainy. However, the Mediterranean climate is typical for Italy, Spain, and France. Here, the winters are very short, tolerable, and the summers are hot, long, and dry. For this reason, trips to this part of Europe are possible all year long. Therefore, it’s time to have a look on the website of and choose the desired gite. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience in nature?

Rent a gite

A gite is one type of holiday home that can be found on the website of Most of the available houses are located in France but you can also see some offers in Italy, Spain, or Switzerland. On the left side of the website, you will spot several facilities that will add more value to your holiday. How about having a BBQ, watching the sunset in the garden, or playing some board games in front of the fireplace. What’s more is that our landlords will also be happy to give you the best tips for walking routes, restaurants, and sights in the vicinity of the holiday home. Staying in a gite is therefore the ideal way to get acquainted with the local culture. All our gîtes have in common that they are located in the most beautiful places in nature. Take a break from your stressful and hectic schedule and rent one of our gite cottages. You should have a look at our ecogites, which use green energy and separate waste in a sustainable way. Therefore, enjoy nature, tranquility, and all the beauty that the region has to offer!