Our mission

We protect local biodiversity

By letting you, and many other nature lovers, enjoy nature.

Let nature wake you up.

We believe we should protect what we love. And we really love nature! That is why we contribute 3,5% of our total turnover to local nature projects. This way, we help restore the balance between people and nature. Because that is desperately needed!

Check out our nature projects

Go exploring in nature.

From cabin to villa; nature cottages come in all shapes and sizes. Our cottages are in unique places in the middle of nature and far away from the crowd.

Imagine waking up in your cottage and opening the window. That's a nice way to wake up to the cheerful singing birds. Relax with a cup of coffee on the terrace and enjoy the rising sun. A moment in the here and now... After breakfast you set off for the day. Go outside, into nature!

In short, a nature cottage is not just a place to sleep, it is a way of vacation ...

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Contribute to nature conservation

With your booking you contribute to local nature projects.

Target the right guests

Welcome guests who respect nature and environment.

You are in control

Availability, tariffs and communication will be your own responsibility.

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