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Log cabin

A log cabin lodge - the mix between a hut and a house - is the coziest accommodation you can imagine. Staying in one of our log cabin homes surrounded by nature gives you a great feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. For your romantic holidays or your trip in nature, this is the perfect choice for a home. On this page, you will find our large assortment of log cabins all around Europe!

There are many choices you have to make before booking your holiday and one of them is the type of house that would best suit your needs. If your wish is to explore nature and experience all the feelings that come with it, then a log cabin is just what you need. In a tiny wooden house surrounded by majestic mountains or somewhere deep in the woods, you can feel tiny yourself. Forget about the daily struggles in your busy life and emerge in the untouched beauty of nature. Enjoy the quietness and peace, take a walk and explore the living things around you, read a book in your small house, and just see how relaxed you feel at the end of the day! Your holiday in a modern log cabin will be worth it and hopefully, you will do it again.

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