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Cottages with pool

If you really want to pamper yourself during your holiday, then a holiday home with a private swimming pool is for you. Jump from your bedroom into your own lovely warm pool and time will fly by. Nowadays, a holiday home with a private swimming pool does not have to cost as much as in the past. This is because more and more holiday homes have their own swimming pool on site. Sometimes holiday homes even have an indoor pool or both an indoor and outdoor pool.

How wonderful it would be to go on a holiday where you do not have to share the pool with other holidaymakers. First of all, it is nice that you only have to share with your own family, friends or relatives. Because you've probably experienced that you arrive at the pool during your holiday and there was no place left! Or that the pool itself was overcrowded and you couldn't even swim a single lane... When you book a holiday home with private pool, you won't have to deal with that.

Secondly, it is simply wonderful to be able to walk straight from your living room to the pool with your partner or with your children. You don't have to worry about which bikini or swimming trunks to put on, because you are the only ones who see it! You can also swim laps at your leisure or just float in the water for hours without 'occupying' the pool. To give you some tips about holiday homes with private swimming pools, we have listed a few things on this page. To be on the safe side, always check that you have the pool to yourself!

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