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Switzerland is an obvious choice for a holiday cottage in the mountains. Whether you like cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or swimming in one of the mountain lakes, anything is possible! It’s an attractive destination for any season, whether you want an active vacation or a quiet nature getaway. Hidden valleys, gently rolling hills, restless mountains up to 4,000m, marvel at Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty from the window of your secluded cottage or villa.

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Cottages in Switzerland

Switzerland is an obvious choice for a holiday cottage in the mountains. Whether you like cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or swimming in one of the mountain lakes, anything is possible! It’s an attractive destination for any season, whether you want an active vacation or a quiet nature getaway. Hidden valleys, gently rolling hills, restless mountains up to 4,000m, marvel at Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty from the window of your secluded cottage or villa.

Switzerland may be a small country, but the land of mountains overflows with magnificent natural scenery. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland draws visitors all year round with its shimmering lakes, snow-capped mountains with countless hiking trails and green valleys in summer. Discover the thundering waterfalls, far stretched forests, and lush meadows. In winter, snow white mountains dominate the skyline, perfect for skiing, snowboarding or hiking. Switzerland is perfect for a quiet getaway but also for an active holiday. The country is split up between the Alpine region of the Alps in the south, and rolling hills and large lakes in the northwest. Switzerland is also the home to some of the longest rivers of Europe: the Rhine and Rhone.

With its magical scenery, Switzerland is the place to be for outdoor adventures. What better way to explore this magnificent country while staying in a nature house and being completely surrounded by nature all day long! Choose among different holiday houses and feel what it is like to truly connect with the Swiss nature. Wake up to the sound of the wind, birds chirping and maybe even a river flowing. You can also choose a traditional Swiss bungalow, located in the green valleys, or white if you visit in the winter. Discover this beautiful country and recharge your batteries. No matter when you visit, Switzerland will never disappoint.

Landscapes to dream about

Since Switzerland has a variation in climate due to the mountains in the south and the hills with valleys in the north, vegetation and wild life also depend on the area you are staying in. Both offer stunning views and are filled with life. In the lowest zone of the country, below 550 meters, you will mainly find chestnut trees, cypresses, walnut trees, palm trees, but also figs, almonds and orange trees. If you go a bit higher, up to 1,200 meters, the landscapes consist mainly of forests of beech, oak and maple trees.

Around 1,680 meters, thick forests of fir and pine trees characterize the scenery. Ascending even higher, up until 2,130 meters, rhododendrons, pine, whortleberries and larches grow in the Swiss mountains. Finally, in the peaks of the snowy mountains, you can still find more than 100 species of plants, such as the edelweiss, which is a dearly treasured flower in Switzerland and is an important symbol in the Swiss folklore.

The same variety can be found in animal species. More than 40,000 different species have been counted in Switzerland, including foxes, deer, otters, chamois, and boars. There are also large birds of prey, snipes and rivers filled with fish. A variety of nearly 200 species of birds currently live in Switzerland, such as blackbirds, sparrows, black redstarts, crows, coots, buzzards, and kites.

Due to urbanization and global warming, many plants and animal species have disappeared from Switzerland. At the moment there are approximately 72 native species of plants and animals listed as threatened. Animals species such as the mountain hare and the ptarmigan are also in danger. However, wolfs have been spotted back in Switzerland as well as the brown bear, and the government has also reintroduced the lynx.

What to do in Switzerland?

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is blessed with an epic variety of natural places that quicken the pulse of any visitor. The pinnacles of the countryside landscapes are the snow-capped peaks and cliffs, glittering glaciers, raging waterfalls, towing forests, and of course, the tranquil mountain lakes. Admire the colossal glaciers of the Swiss Alps in the regions of Valais, or visit Ticino to get the summer vibe of palm trees and clear beaches. And in the center of Switzerland, you can visit Älggi-Alp - a charming place with the flavor of the lovely Swiss countryside. Ramble through the green meadows and pasturelands to stumble upon some remarkable views of the cliffs and waterfalls.

Discover the pristine natural spots on foot or skis, by bike or raft, with karabiner or paraglider. Mountain biking in Switzerland is a very popular activity that is possible in any part of the country. For our beloved mountaineers, we have a real challenge. Try to tackle Matterhorn and its highest summit of 4,478 metres, or go for another heroic conquest like Monte Rosa. Both are located in the Pennine Alps and are some of the most epic ascents in Europe. In one of the many water reservoirs spread across the country, you can go for a fun day of canoeing, kayaking, or rafting with the whole family. Go hiking in Switzerland’s narrow valleys and naturalistic paths to discover the gorges and waterfalls. Don’t forget to take your phone because there’s plenty of vistas to get your camera snapping.

Another highlight in Switzerland is the Glacier Express. It takes you across the Alps in eight hours while you ride over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels. It is among the world’s most famous train rides. Sit back and admire the cinematic shots of the extraordinary landscapes.

Another impressive experience is visiting one of the best hidden underground treasures, namely the many caves and grottos. For example, Europe’s biggest subterranean lake lies in Switzerland and you can visit it by taking a boat tour with guides providing all the information about its history. Or admire stalactites, dripstone formations, and stalagmites in the caves near Vallorbe, where it is believed fairies have lived and bewitched men.

Natural wonders

A country such as Switzerland, rich with natural beauty, has many sights which will take your breath away. The country has eighteen official natural parks where the nature is protected. Let us guide you through some of the most impressive sights of Switzerland.

Swiss national park

Located in the Alps in eastern Switzerland, the Swiss national park is one of the UNESCO’s biosphere reserves with an area of 175 square kilometers and is also the largest protected area of the country and the oldest national park in the Alps. Throughout the park more than 80 kilometers of hiking trails are available, divided over 21 walking routes, for you to explore and admire the gorgeous landscapes. There are also guided tours and excursions available for families with children. In the park you can spot animals such as chamois, ibexes, marmots, bearded vultures, and countless other species. The landscape consists approximately of 1/3 alpine forest, 1/3 alpine meadows and 1/3 of rocks.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls are the largest and most powerful waterfalls of Europe. They are 150 meters wide and 23 meters high. You can take boat trips up the Rhine and to the falls. There are also viewing platforms with impressive views of them. Furthermore, there is a rail bridge with a pedestrian path which crosses the river above the falls and offers another viewpoint. At night the falls will be illuminated which makes them look even more magical. If you are looking for a more adventurous way to see the falls, you can also rent a canoe or join a canoe tour. In the area of the falls there are also many hiking and cycle paths which take you along the Rhin. In the summer months the flow of the falls is at its highest and most impressive.

Lauterbrunnen valley

Situated in one of the most impressive valleys in the Alps between enormous rocks and incredible mountain peaks is Lauterbrunnen. This valley has 72 roaring waterfalls, colorful meadows and is one of the biggest nature conversation areas in Switzerland. Lauter Brunnen literally means many fountains. The most famous waterfall in the valley is the Staubbach Falls, plunging almost 300 meters. The valley is also the starting point of some of the excursion destinations in the Jungfrau area. Hikers stroll through the forest and lush meadows. In winter, Winter sporters enjoy going down on the snowy slopes. The Upper Lauterbrunnen valley has hiking trails ideal for people who seek calm landscapes and tranquility. If you want to discover this valley, you have to walk the 4 kilometers long Lauterbrunnen Valley Hike which shows you all its beauty.

Lake Oeschinensee

Another one of Switzerland’s gorgeous mountain lakes. With its turquoise water it competes for attention with the majestic mountains. At the lake you can wander along the shore, or go in the water. You can even take a cable car up the mountain and enjoy the view from above. On the mountain grow flora such as orchids, edelweiss and gentian. You can spot herds of sheep grazing in the meadows. In winter you can even go ice fishing.

Places to stay in Switzerland


Situated in the southwestern part of Switzerland, bordering with Italy and France lies Valais. It is a major wine region and the driest area of the country. It offers a unique and varied landscape: it has mountains with peaks reaching up to 4000 meters, glaciers in the valleys, and impressive vineyards. In winter it is an ideal area for sports with over 2,400 kilometers of slopes or for a hike though the snowy forests and alpine landscape. In summer it is also a perfect location. Valais offers more than 8,000 kilometers of hiking trails, leading you past mountain streams, Alpine lakes, and mystical forests. Situated in Valais is one of the largest lakes of Europe, namely Lake Geneva. Boats, ferries, water sports, swimmers, and many animal species are spotted on this body of water.

Also located in Valais, is the largest glacier of all of Europe; the Aletsch Glacier. It is a remnant of the last ice age with a length of 23 kilometers. This glacier is the result of 27 billion tons of frozen ice. You can watch the glacier by cable car.

Lake Lucerne

Located in the center of Switzerland, is the fourth biggest lake of the country. Lake Lucerne has a complicated shape as it has sharp bends and four “arms”. It is the lake with the biggest variety in scenery. There are countless hiking trails in the area such as the Swiss Path, which is a themed trail combining nature with the history of Switzerland. The lake is surrounded by many mountains. One of them is Mount Rigi, which is in turn surrounded by three lakes; the trip up is already an amazing experience as you can go by cable car or cog rail. Once you have reached the top, you will able to enjoy on of the most wonderful views of Switzerland. It is said that the beauty of the shimmering moonlight on lake Lucerne inspired Beethoven’s piece “Moonlight Sonata”.

Diverse mountain climate

Mountain areas tend to have one of the most changeable types of weather. The Swiss alps are in between the warmer climate of southern Europe and the cooler climate of northern Europe. The sun may be shining in one valley but on the other side of the mountain it could be raining. The weather could clear up really fast and as fast become cloudy again. Temperatures in Switzerland tend to vary a lot by season, location and even elevation. Generally, Switzerland has a rather mild climate. The areas north of the Alps tend to be cooler than the ones in the south as the south faces more sunshine. Elevation is one of the biggest factors influencing the temperature. For every 100 meters gaining height, the temperature could drop up to 1 degree. In the lower valleys, temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees in summer, but on a rainy day it could also be 15 degrees.

The warmest months are July and August with Lake Geneva, the Rhône valley as the warmest areas; the coolest months are January and February with all the places high in the mountains as the coldest areas. Precipitation varies on location as well. Valais is one of the driest parts of the country and the alpine areas get the most rain and also snow in winter. It is important to always check weather forecasts regularly because it can change really quickly. So be prepared for any situation!

Choose your nature house

After your long day of exploring Switzerland, what better way to end your day in a relaxing, beautiful chalet? With Nature House you can cozy up in a typical Swiss cottage, sit in front of a fire place in the winter or barbecue in the summer. Or choose a cottage with a sauna to truly relax. You can choose a house near the water, in the woods, mountains, in the middle of nowhere or in the Swiss fields. What better way to truly take a break than going to sleep and waking up in the middle of nature? Hear the streams flowing, birds chirping, sheep blaring, or wind blowing. Get ready to be astonished by the beauty of Switzerland!

In spring and summer, you can take your daily dose of sun in the lush green valleys, and then cool off in the lake or pond near your Swiss cottage or cabin. If you’re planning a winter holiday for Christmas or New year, you cannot go wrong by picking Switzerland as your destination. Just imagine the breathtaking views of the white soaring peaks and steep cliffs covered in snow. But also, in autumn, the country offers some awe-inspiring landscapes of the multicolored forests reflected in the lakes. Don’t waste any time and take your loved ones to an unforgettable holiday in one of our Swiss nature houses, away from the crowds and mass tourism. You can start by checking our last-minute deals for more inspiration or book your holiday home on this page right away!