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Cottages in Switzerland

Switzerland is an obvious choice for a holiday cottage in the mountains. Whether you like cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding or swimming in one of the mountain lakes, anything is possible! It’s an attractive destination for any season, whether you want an active vacation or a quiet nature getaway. Hidden valleys, gently rolling hills, restless mountains up to 4,000m, marvel at Switzerland’s stunning natural beauty from the window of your secluded cottage or villa.

Switzerland may be a small country, but the land of mountains overflows with magnificent natural scenery. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland draws visitors all year round with its shimmering lakes, snow-capped mountains with countless hiking trails and green valleys in summer. Discover the thundering waterfalls, far stretched forests, and lush meadows. In winter, snow white mountains dominate the skyline, perfect for skiing, snowboarding or hiking. Switzerland is perfect for a quiet getaway but also for an active holiday. The country is split up between the Alpine region of the Alps in the south, and rolling hills and large lakes in the northwest. Switzerland is also the home to some of the longest rivers of Europe: the Rhine and Rhone.

With its magical scenery, Switzerland is the place to be for outdoor adventures. What better way to explore this magnificent country while staying in a nature house and being completely surrounded by nature all day long! Choose among different holiday houses and feel what it is like to truly connect with the Swiss nature. Wake up to the sound of the wind, birds chirping and maybe even a river flowing. You can also choose a traditional Swiss bungalow, located in the green valleys, or white if you visit in the winter. Discover this beautiful country and recharge your batteries. No matter when you visit, Switzerland will never disappoint.

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