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Yurt houses are one of the simplest yet most energy-efficient forms of accommodation. With their extraordinary and authentic outlook, they attract all kinds of travelers. If you have an adventurous spirit and feel young at heart you will absolutely love this experience! Check out our special selection of yurts for your sweet trip in romantic nature and pick the right home for you.

Yurts are circle portable tents with walls usually made of wood and covered in many layers of cloth that protects from rain and windy weather. This type of swelling originates in central Asia, dating back thousands of years ago when the Mongolian people needed homes suitable for their nomadic lifestyle. We should thank them for creating this timeless dwelling because it is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and practical. In the modern days, it can bring back the authenticity in our lives without limiting the level of comfort we need for our vacation. Therefore, spending the night in a modern yurt accommodation is a form of glamping - camping in a glamorous home.

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