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You finally managed to find friends who like nature as much as you and you are eager to travel together. But a big group of people travelling together can quickly become a hustle, especially when it comes to accommodation. You don’t want to book a lavish hotel, instead you just want to experience nature. We have the answer to all your struggles and it’s called group accommodation. Find the most suitable place to stay from the numerous option on and book with an ease even for the largest groups. Why do you have to compromise nature for busy hotel lobbies, when the whole point of your trip is to dive into nature with your friends? Explore the wonders of Europe throughout the day and enjoy each other’s company by the barbeque in the yard. You can really have it all with our group accommodation offers.

Endless possibilities for nature lovers

Throughout Europe there are many places where you can explore the wilder side of the continent: the turbulent waters of rivers crossing tens of country boarders, rising from great mountains like the Alps and flowing into the majestic seas of Southern and Northern Europe; the endless green horizons of major plains like the Great European Plain; hike and conquer high peaks in one of the many mountains across Europe – Ural, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Carpathians and so on.

In the southernmost province of the Netherlands – Limburg – one of the most important European rivers flows – the Meuse (Maas). The river rises in France and travels north through Belgium and the Netherlands and eventually pouring into the North Sea. The river basin creates dunes, woodlands, marshes and fens and creates a unique ecosystem for the region, filled with rare amphibians and reptiles, hiding in the shadows of big trees and dense vegetation. Due to the rich landscape, flora and fauna created by the river, the territory of sand laying between the river in Limburg and the adjacent German border has been established as De Maasduinen National Park. During August and September a beautiful sign of life draws people in – the meadows are painted in a bright purple color due to the thousands of heather flowers blooming. It is an unforgettable experience which should not be missed.

Essentially similar, but in reality a different national park is located in the Dutch province of Groningen – the Lauwersmeer National Park. This park covers the southern and the eastern parts of the lake of the same name. The Lauwers River pours into the Wadden Sea to the north through a beautiful and rich delta. The delta creates perfect conditions for thousands of rare birds who migrate here each winter. You can spot a lot of grazers around – most frequently Konik horses – they are used in order to keep the grass under control.

One of the most beautiful places in Europe is the Gorge du Verdon, located in the amazing region of Provence, France. This beautiful river canyon, with its bright turquoise waters, is surrounded by the French part of the Alps. It is more than 20 kilometers long and in some parts the rocks are as high as 700 meters. The Verdon River flows through this region and reaches the river Durance again south of the Provence town Manosque. You cannot visit the gorges by car, except for taking the circuit around them. However, hiking is always the better option – you will enjoy the weather and the natural beauty of the area with all of your friends, take a nice and healthy walk and moreover preserve the surrounding environment by choosing the more eco-friendly “vehicle” – your feet. Make a stop a few kilometers down the road just before the Tunnels du Fayet and enjoy the view here – there are tunnels carved into the canyon and a sharp edge right next to you – not for the faint of heart. If you continue on the route, you will arrive at the Balcons de la Mescla – balconies as high as 250m above the river. Last but not least, make your way to the Styx du Verdon – a canyon inside the canyon and also a mystical place, where according to legends the door between earth and the underworld is located.


In De Maasduinen National Park you can explore the dunes on an easy walk by foot, or you can go horseback riding. Biking trips are also possible, but only on the mountain bike trails around the park. This region is also suitable for camping and you can set up a camp on the specified areas.

The French “Grand Canyon” offers numerous possibilities for outside activities. You can fish in the waters of river Verdon, and if you and your friends are more into the wild side of nature – you can try rafting in groups, doing a canoe race between each other, or for the most adventurous and experienced – this is also a preferred paragliding spot. You can also visit the monasteries on the Gorges du Verdon circuit.

Overall in Europe, throughout any season there is an activity to enjoy. Spend the spring enjoying the warmth of the sunrays while learning a lot about unique plants and flowers on the rocky meadows of Gargano peninsula in Italy. In the summer, visit the less popular but just as beautiful and also wild beaches of Italy – the Scopello and the Isola Bella beaches in Sicily. In the autumn you can explore all the colors created by nature in Europe – hiking through the Black Forest in Germany, riding your bike across the Ojcówski national park in Poland or doing wine-tasting at local farms with your closest friends at the Douro Valley in Protugal. In the winter, of course, you can all go skiing in the Alps or their more affordable little brother – the Carpathians. Each country around any of these mountain ranges has numerous ski resorts, each with their own amenities. However, Kitzbühel and Saalbach Hinterglemm (Austria), Murren (Switzerland) and Saint Jean d'Arves (France) are considered to be some of the most beautiful and traditional alpine ski areas.

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