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Bed and breakfast

In recent years, a b&b house has become increasingly popular. A stay in a b&b accommodation combines the facilities of a hotel with the hospitality of the host and/or hostess on site. Those renting a shared apartment can, in addition to the overnight stay, also enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning.

A b&b house is a small-scale type of accommodation that gives your holiday a personal touch. In France, this is known as "chambre d'hôtes". You will stay in a room in the home of the landlords or in an outbuilding on their yard. The landlord of the shared apartments knows the area like the back of his/her hand and that is an advantage for you as a guest. You will - if desired - be provided with the best tips. What is the best restaurant in the village? Where do you have the best view? And which sights should definitely not be missed during your vacation? Our landlords are happy to tell you more about it.

In b&b accommodation, a maximum of 7 rooms is often rented to guests. The facilities of each guest house vary per room. In some cases, you have your own bathroom, but you may also have to share the sanitary facilities with other guests who may be present. What exactly does your stay look like? A cheap b&b is an attractive alternative to a regular hotel room. Have you already become acquainted with the charm and serenity of a b&b or would you like to try this for the first time? Then prepare for an unforgettable b&b holiday in Europe with!

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