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B&B Italy

If you’re looking for special accommodation that offers the comfort of a hotel, but is more private and personal, a stay in a b&b is just what you need. You sleep in a soft bed, enjoy a delicious home-made breakfast every morning, and with our secluded homes in the natural world you are away from the crowds and mass tourism. Take a look at our b&b accommodations in Italy and pick the home that would best suit your holiday.

You have endless possibilities for b&b or 'bed and breakfast' housing in Italy, and in some homes, you can even take your dog with you! From simple log cabins to luxury villas and bungalows, there’s something for everyone. Firstly, choose a house that fits your needs. If you’re traveling with your partner or best friend and you want to focus on the natural world, pick a more primitive home that wouldn’t distract you. For a truly authentic vacation, we suggest you take a look at our tents, yurts, or cozy wooden cottages. That’s also possible for group accommodations, but then you’ll benefit more from the spacious villas, country houses, and farms. Italy is the best destination for an agriturismo holiday. Staying in a rural farmstead is a great way to experience the warm hospitality of the Italians and meet the local culture firsthand. Your children can play with the animals, while you can learn new skills in organic farming. Check the b&b’s in Tuscany, if you want to ramble in the beautiful countryside of Italy. Another accommodation that offers a special stay in Italy is the Apulian trulli. Italy is home to some amazing architecture, but this type of dwelling is unlike anything else in the country. A small white house made of limestone, it’s a typical dwelling for the region of Puglia. For its uniqueness, they are now part of the Unesco World Heritage, so it’s worth checking out!

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