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B&B Limburg

In Limburg, you will find many cozy bed and breakfast rentals where you can relax. B&Bs in Limburg are often found in rural areas and small villages, making these accommodations the perfect type of properties for trips in the area and walks through the countryside. A stay in a bed and breakfast combines the facilities of a hotel with the hospitality of the host and/or hostess on site.

When you think of vacation, it might automatically come to your mind distant tropical destinations with white sand beaches. For a wonderful holiday, however, you can also go closer to home. There are many beautiful places in your own country where you can also enjoy yourself, for example during a holiday in a bed and breakfast in Limburg. In the province that can be found in both the Netherlands and Belgium, you will find many special natural areas. The green, sloping landscape with many castles and half-timbered farms make Limburg a province that you should really visit.