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Luxury b&b

Nowadays, we are stuck inside the big city with our jobs, family and responsibilities. This affects our mind and even body in a negative way. The human psyche needs a rest from time to time, and what better way to rest than to camp? However, have you always wondered if it’s possible to go for a quick getaway, to a place surrounded by nature and have the comfort and amenities of a modern home? Thanks to all of that is possible within a single Luxury b&b holiday! We have places in countries like the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Sweden. Escape the urban city, responsibilities and dive deep into our wonderful environment.

Escape to nature

When talking about flora and fauna in the aforementioned countries, variation is one of many things that it offers. For once, there are a variety of animals you might encounter around your places like the Dormouse, Stoat, Chamois, Otter, Stork, Viper, Alpine Ibex, Bears, Marmot and many more. Furthermore, if you dive deeper into the woodlands you might encounter a Red or a Roe deer, Italian wolf, the Grey wolf or Iberian wolf. Booking a Luxury b&b stay with us is a great way to relax and relieve yourself from the stress! Additionally, some of the plants you might encounter are Smörbollar, Mountain avens, Chickweed, Cork oak, Stone Pine trees, tree Heather, Mastic tree, common myrtle and many more!

Not letting your mind relax and your body regenerate can negatively affect your psyche, as aforementioned. When a person lives in a big city, they tend to sleep less due to the noise pollution and their routine. Therefore, they build up a lot of background stress, their body gets easily tired, and overall such a person exhausts themselves into illnesses because of the lack of routine breaks, mind and body regeneration, and lack of rest. If you seem to familiarize yourself with this description, you are in dire need of a holiday and relaxation. Just imagine waking up to a sunny morning, the breeze gently touches your face and there is nothing to stress about, you’ve left everything back home and you have all day to bond with nature and relax. Or if you go on a winter b&b getaway - the fireplace is cracking while your companions are gathered around and celebrate life and the kids, if any are playing in the snow outside. Seems blissful, doesn’t it? Book a Luxury b&b stay with and get yourself some rest.

Taking time to explore

It is important to take up activities, apart from chilling out. First and foremost, hiking and following routes is a great opportunity to refresh your mind, considering that of all listed countries, all are a hiking paradise - the astonishing French, Dutch and Belgian environment, Italian and Portuguese Mediterranean wonderland and the Swedish breathtaking scenery. Furthermore, you could go birdwatching, a very popular activity nowadays, horseback riding, mountain biking, large mammal watching, or just have a picnic next to a nearby lake or river.

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