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Our guest houses are more than just a holiday accommodation. It’s the perfect getaway in nature, a place to avoid the mass tourism and hide from all the fuss in the city. Experience what true relaxation feels like, and find your home away from home!

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Guest house

Our guest houses are more than just holiday accommodation. It's the perfect getaway in nature, a place to avoid mass tourism and hide from all the fuss in the city. Experience what true relaxation feels like and find your home away from home!

Imagine yourself waking up at the sound of birds chirping and wind blowing the leaves of the trees. Besides that, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the dining room of your sweet guest house or the garden. Take a deep breath of fresh air and do some fun activities with your loved ones in nature. How about a stroll in the woods, a picnic by the riverside, or cycling through some medieval towns or superb natural reserves? There is so much that you can do outdoors no matter what season it is. You will definitely recharge your batteries and all of this will do only good for your wellbeing.

The best natural surroundings around your home away from home

As you know, our accommodation is always hidden in nature, but outside the packed holiday parks. You can rent a cool guest house in a completely remote place in the middle of nowhere or pick a home that is close to one of the quaint little villages of Europe. Are you planning an active trip to the greater outdoors? Then take your bike and you'll have numerous opportunities to travel to the closest natural attractions and picturesque towns. Other than this, you also have a choice between staying in the mountains, forest and hilly regions of Europe, or down in the lush green fields and meadows.

Are you wondering what a vacation in nature looks like? Let’s see… It is a relaxing way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and your hectic schedule. We assure you that our cool guest houses are located in the heart of nature. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy some fresh air, the lively songs of birds or crickets, the murmur of water streams, and a spectacular landscape. Depending on the season you choose to rent a guest house for you and your loved ones, you may see snow-capped mountains, green forests, colourful flowers, or woods with red and yellow leaves. No matter when you plan your dream vacation, you will definitely have a wonderful time discovering the treasures of nature. Besides being in the middle of nature, our cool rentals may be situated in the mountains, on an island, by the lakeside, or close to a village. Moreover, some of them are located near nature reserves or national parks. So, you can organise some lovely trips with your loved ones and enjoy the company of each while spending some quality time outdoors. Prepare your luggage for an unforgettable holiday!

What can you do during your dream vacation?

The rocky highland areas offer a variety of sporting activities. Test your stamina with a hike to the soaring peaks and you'll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the valleys, rivers, and lakes that lie below. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you pick the most suitable home for a dream vacation in the wild. Other challenging activities include mountain biking, climbing, mountaineering, paragliding. You can also do research on the specific region you're visiting, and if there's lakes or rivers nearby go for a kayaking or canoeing adventure with the whole family. We can also suggest rafting in one of the thrashing streams for the more experienced adventurers. And if it's winter, plan a day of skiing and snowboarding.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a sweet guest house that is near water. Well, we don't want to disappoint you just now. We have a variety of beach cottages, bungalows, huts, perfect for your seaside holiday. Just imagine waking up to the fresh breeze and one perfect view of the rising sun and the sea. And you don't have to share this with anyone! Take romantic beach walks and take your daily dose of sun to recharge your batteries for months ahead. Another idea is to rent a house with a garden, where you can snooze in the shade of trees and have lunches and dinners outside. As for the water activities, swimming, snorkeling, and diving are among the most popular ones. Some of Europe's best summer destinations, like Croatia and Portugal, offer swimming with dolphins - a great adventure for big and small! And if you're going further north, then be sure to check whether you can go whale watching. Seeing these majestic animals in the wild is quite the experience. Are you ready for your dream vacation in nature? Start by checking our special selection of cool guest houses and find your home away from home!

Must-see sights during your cool guest house holiday

Bohemian Switzerland National Park, The Czech Republic

It is a green area of approximately 80 square kilometers, which is considered to be one of the youngest national parks in the Czech Republic. Did you know that there you can find the largest sandstone arch in Europe? Also, the unique landscape is represented by beautiful rock formations. The lively wild animals and the colourful flora are part of the charm of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Hike through the natural wonders of this place and get ready to recharge your batteries.

Melissani Lake Cave, Greece

If you are planning a trip to Greece, you should add the Melissani Lake Cave to your itinerary. The lake cave of Melissani is a magical place situated on the splendid island of Kefalonia. As you arrive there, it will remind you of the children's stories with mermaids. Unfortunately, you won’t see any mermaids but you will be impressed by the turquoise-blue colour of the water and the unique shape of the cave. However, the mythological stories say that the name originates from one of Pan’s nymphs. He was the Greek god of the wild who used that place as a sanctuary, alongside his nymphs. From ancient times we go directly to the 20th century, more exactly in 1951, when the Melissani Cave was rediscovered by the paleontologist Giannis Petrochilos. Nowadays, you can explore this unique geological heritage by boats that go through an underground tunnel. Another interesting fact is that the cave’s lake is 20 meters below the surface.

Glaskogen Nature Reserve, Denmark

Get lost in 28,000 hectares of nature in the Glaskogen Nature Reserve. Put your comfortable shoes on and explore the beautiful views along the 300 kilometers of hiking trails. Moreover, if you are on an adventure holiday in Sweden, then you should definitely take a canoe and enjoy your time on the crystal-clear waters. Also, passionate bird-watchers can spot a wide variety of birds, such as the nutcracker, whitethroats, and goldcrests. In the middle of the forest, there is Lenungshammar, which is a tiny village with almost 30 inhabitants. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy a lot of peace that surrounds the place. If you rent a house in Sweden via, you will be even closer to these natural attractions. Check the available offer on the website.

Where can you find your home away from home?

Algarve, Spain

How about a vacation to one of the most famous coastal towns in Portugal? That is possible when you rent a guest house in Algarve. This is the southernmost province of Portugal and is considered to be a unique part of Portugal. It has a very diverse landscape varying between rocks and clear blue waters with white sandy beaches. The largest city of this province is Faro and to the west of it, there are the famous rock formations with small beaches. To the east of Faro, on the other hand, there are miles of sandy beaches. What makes a holiday home in Algarve special is that it does not matter where it is, because everywhere you are, you can discover a fascinating part of Portugal. You have the famous rocks on the coast, but more to the north you have the charming historic villages and views of the many hills. Check out the website of and you will find a wide selection of sweet guest houses in Algarve that you can book for a romantic getaway or a trip with family or friends. Also, the wonderful holiday houses in Algarve offered on are away from the crowds and bustle of the cities. Therefore, you will be closer to nature and be able to enjoy an oasis of peace and fresh air throughout your vacation.

Eifel, Germany

Are you looking for a peaceful place where you can practice winter sports or just admire nature, take a breath of fresh air, and enjoy a simple life no matter what season it is? offers lovely holiday houses in the Eifel that are situated in a rural and quiet location. The Eifel is a mountainous region in the western part of Germany, between the Rhine and Mosel rivers and the Luxembourg and Belgian borders. Therefore, it is not far from the Netherlands. Also, its mountain range conquers the south-west of North Rhine-Westphalia and north-west of Rhineland-Palatinate and is part of the Rhenish Massif. In the northern part of the region, you can observe the wildlife and raw nature of the Eifel National Park. Book one of the available guest houses on Be ready to have a relaxing vacation and connect with nature.

Gelderland, The Netherlands

Gelderland, also known as Guelders, is situated in the central-eastern part of the Netherlands. When you hear of Gelderland, you will likely think of the beautiful Veluwe, which is a ridge of hills rich in forests. That doesn’t mean this Dutch province has nothing else to offer. In the eastern part of the province, you can find the Achterhoek for instance, with its distinctive scenic landscapes and peatlands. It is a destination that is highly recommended for those who would like to go on a cycling vacation. Wherever you stay in Gelderland, the forest is always nearby, which is perfect for those who want to escape from the crowded and polluted cities. It is lovely if you want to go hiking or cycling with your family or just your partner. This region is a natural gem of the Netherlands and it is worth paying a visit. Have a break from your daily routine and stress and take advantage of an oasis of fresh air and silence while staying in one of the sweet guest houses in Gelderland. The main benefit of our holiday houses in Gelderland is that they are located in extremely beautiful natural surroundings where you can listen to the sounds of nature. Therefore, take a moment and enjoy for a while a simple way of living. Check the availability of the properties on and choose the most suitable accommodation for you and your loved ones!

How is the weather in Europe?

When deciding to go on a dream vacation to a guest house, the weather is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Depending on the region you plan to go to, you should definitely check the forecast beforehand. However, in Central-Eastern Europe, there is a continental climate, which means that you should expect winters to be cold and summers hot. As you move to the western part of the continent, you will encounter an oceanic climate with mild winters and cool summers. Regarding Southern Europe, the climate is the Mediterranean one because of the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, winters are mostly mild and summers tend to be hot. Also, in Southern Europe, there is less precipitation than in the western part of the continent. Click here to see our lovely rentals in Italy. An umbrella, a jacket, comfortable clothes, and some sun cream should always be packed in your luggage no matter where you eventually decide to go. Check out the cool guest house offers on the website of and get ready for a memorable holiday with your loved ones!

Cool guest houses offered on

There are multiple types of housing in nature that you can find on this page. Each home is furnished with most of the amenities you can find in your home, even our tents and yurts! Overall, the biggest homes like villas and chalets are the best option for group stays, while the charming huts and lodges are more suitable for romantic trips. Of course, our sweet guest houses differ in their level of luxury. You can find simple huts and small cabins that will embellish your holiday with true charm. You can also stay in a modern tiny house to see whether the minimalist lifestyle is something that would work for you. Next to the primitive lodges, you'll find modern villas on the beach, grand mountain chalets, glamorous treehouses or forest huts, luxury cabins by the lake… The list is endless. In luxury accommodation, you can benefit from your own sauna, jacuzzi, and/or private swimming pool. Often these homes also have a fireplace where you can warm up after an active day in the outdoors. And if you want your dream vacation to be complete, then pick one of our sweet guest houses with a panoramic view. Click here and you can see our green guest houses that use green energy, separate waste, and/or provide you with fresh products from their garden. Your cool guest house will truly feel like a home away from home.