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Beach bungalow

Imagine yourself listening to the sound of the sea and waves as you stay overnight at one of our bungalows near the beach. Or envisage waking up to the endless sea from your very own hut retreat by the sands. Take your family and friends along for a relaxing summer holiday. At we pride ourselves on finding the most blissful and unique holiday bungalows by the beach all over the world!


When you think of beaches, the only things you tend to think about are sand, shells, waves, and some trees. But did you know that plants are a crucial part of beach ecosystems? One of the first forms of life to inhabit beaches and dunes are plants. Imagine seeing beautiful blue waves on one side and earthy green or yellow on the other! How tranquil is that? The Mediterranean weather in southern or southwest Europe allows for a variety of plants to grow on the shore. For instance, plants like Rosmarinus officinalis and Lavandula stoechas can be found in these areas. You can find beautiful specimens of both these plants, especially on the Portuguese shore! Book a beach bungalow nearby to take photos of these unique plants. Corema album and Santolina chamaecyparissus are few other plants that you may find on the shores. Corema has a white but very acidic fruit that you can consume whereas Santolina has fantastic grey-green leaves and yellow flowers. Step out of your beach bungalow and find extraordinary plants, shrubs, and flowers that you may not have heard of before! Myrtus communis, Pistacea lenticus, Cistus ladanifer, Erica lusitanica, and Juniperus turbinate are some of them. Let’s not forget about the trees that you may find on the shore! Obviously, you may not spot coconut or palm trees if you are on southern European beaches but you will definitely spot the majestic Quercus suber and the Pinus pinea that suit the Mediterranean climate!


Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, Greece, or Portugal, a variety of aquatic animals or onshore animals can be explored right outside the doorstep of your beach bungalow. Some of the beach huts in Crete, Greece will be surrounded by sea turtles. Around 300-400 nests can be found in Rethymnon beach! If you are in Europe, you may hear seagulls in the morning show off their amazing flying speed. Be sure not to threaten them however, they are aggressive and may display aggression. The most popular fish and shellfish species in Europe are ohrid trout, sig, salmon, karp zatorski (carp), cod, eel, herring, hake, sharks, seabass, mussels, oysters, etc. Anchovy for instance is short-lived fish. It can be mostly found on the Mediterranean coast and off the Atlantic coast of Portugal, Spain, and France. You may also find crabs and pelicans on the shore. So what are you waiting for? Book a beach bungalow and get ready to explore these species either while scuba diving or taking a stroll through the beach!


There are plenty of activities that you could do if you book a beach bungalow with us. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, we will guarantee you that you will have an amazing time with your friends and family! Firstly, a barefoot walk on the sand outside your beach bungalow will be a splendid experience. There are numerous benefits of walking on the beach barefoot. For instance, it’s a free foot massage. Yes, that’s right! It can give a great massage for the soles of your feet as it activated the venous and lymphatic circulation. This will make you feel nice and relaxed. No need for a fancy foot scrub when you have a natural one! The sand can be a great foot scrub. Lastly, if you are planning to have a relaxing and stress-free stay, then walking or jogging barefoot can be a great activity. Summer season is the best time to be out at the beach and enjoy activities like beach volleyball, tug of war if you are going with a huge group of people, or even as simple as collecting seashells. The beach hut that you stay in will also have some indoor activities that you could do. If you are not into physical activities, you could watch the sunset with your significant other. If the beach you are on permits a bonfire, then make a bonfire and toast some marshmallows for your kids! If you love the waves and are adventurous at the same time, you can go sailing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, or even jet skiing. If none of these are your preferences then you can always go swimming. You won’t have to worry about changing your clothes in the dressing rooms outside because your beach hut would be right there. Imagine yourself chilling under the sun after a good swim and sipping on a cocktail facing the beach right from your beach bungalow.


Inside your beach bungalow, it will be warm and cozy during the winters but also a pleasant temperature during the summers. Most of these bungalows will be surrounded by greenery, therefore, having a cool environment inside the beach hut won’t be an issue. Summer is an ideal season to visit the beaches especially if you are in or traveling to Europe. The temperatures range from 23ºC to 38ºC in the months of July, August, and September. Make sure that you carry your swimsuits, shorts, and summer outfits but also don’t forget to carry a jacket in case it gets colder at night. In the winter, beaches in Nice, Spain or Portugal may get cold but you could still visit for great relaxation. Before you leave, check the beach weather rating to see if you are going to have a great day at the beach. If the weather is on your side then grab a chilled beer, some snacks, and a towel! If you forget something, your beach bungalow is always a walk away!