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Tiny guest house

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Tiny guest house

When we go on a holiday in nature and try to explore the most of the outside world and in reality we spend very little time inside our lodging. For that reason, and especially when travelling only with one or two people, people prefer to book something smaller and save their money for the great adventures awaiting. If you share the same opinion, then our tiny guest houses will suit you best. Equipped with all necessary amenities, without a compromise of comfort, these guest houses are ideal for small groups of 2-4 people travelling together.

Europe – a natural diversity worth seeing

As spending time outdoors must be one of your top priorities, Europe is a great destination of choice. There is a rich variety of natural resources like rivers, lakes and mountains, most of which are not popular among the regular tourists. Furthermore, any nature spot across the continent also offers numerous possibilities for adventure through diverse activities. Therefore, you have different options to choose from to enjoy the nature surrounding your guest house. To enjoy the wild nature in the most serene way, visit one of the national or natural parks on European territory. Depending on whether you prefer to explore the biodiversity, hike some peaks, admire glacier lakes high up in the mountains or ride a bike through magical forests before going back to your guest house, you have a lot to choose from.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia is known for the specific geology and hydrology of the place and draws people for the beauty of its lakes. Germany on the other side presents visitors with more than a dozen national parks of different types, but our most favorite one is the Saxon Switzerland National Park near Dresden where visitors enjoy the spectacular panoramic views from atop the Elbe Sandstone Mountain. For an experience in a less crowded but also as beautiful part of the Alps, head for the Ecrins National Park – recognized as “European Park of the mountain” by the European Council. This French territory provides some of the greatest alpine views in the world especially on heights with a glacier lake right underneath the peak.

Activities to try on your trip

If you are feeling adventurous, the Triglav National Park in Slovenia is one of the best trekking experiences in Europe. The Julian Alps are a popular hiking destination in the months April-June and September-December due to the moderate temperature during these periods. The most popular route is the Mount Triglav ascend. If you have your bike with you (or rent one), you can take the danube Cycle Path – a 306 km long trail following the river Danube and crossing picturesque villages and amazingly beautiful German and Austrian natural park territories. The trail is an easy one and can be conquered in parts, making it suitable for anyone. For the most adrenaline-driven among you, try whitewater rafting in France. The Verdon River has been dwelling the walls of 700-meter high rocks and creating Europe’s Grand Canyon left for you to explore and enjoy.