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When looking for an accommodation in Utrecht, Bed and Breakfast indeed is the best choice! Utrecht is a pleasant province in the Netherlands where you will find many unique B&B’s for your stay. Utrecht is so versatile that a fun time and bunch of activities are guaranteed for young and old. Asides from the incredible nature, you will also be able to get on an adventure to enjoy the old, beautiful places or nice shopping streets of Utrecht. Does this sound something you would be interested in? Then keep reading and get inspired!

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B&B Utrecht

When looking for accommodation in Utrecht, bed and breakfast is indeed the best choice! Utrecht is a pleasant province in the Netherlands where you will find many unique B&Bs for your stay. Utrecht is so versatile that a fun time and a bunch of activities are guaranteed for young and old. Besides the incredible nature, you will also be able to get on an adventure to enjoy the old, beautiful places or nice shopping streets of Utrecht. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Then keep reading and get inspired!

We know that in Utrecht there are a lot of beautiful hotels available. However, for people who would like to get away from the crowds and be closer to nature, we think that choosing to stay at one of the unique B&Bs is the best option. Therefore, try something new and stay in a bed and breakfast in Utrecht! Just imagine – carefree mornings with delicious breakfast, nature, and cozy accommodation! Make it happen and book it now! In recent years, a b&b house has become increasingly popular. A stay in a b&b accommodation combines the facilities of a hotel with the hospitality of the host and/or hostess on site. Those renting a shared apartment can, in addition to the overnight stay, also enjoy a nice breakfast in the morning.

A b&b house is a small-scale type of accommodation that gives your holiday a personal touch. In France, this is known as "chambre d'hôtes". You will stay in a room in the home of the landlords or an outbuilding on their yard. The landlord of the shared apartments knows the area like the back of his/her hand and that is an advantage for you as a guest. You will - if desired - be provided with the best tips. What is the best restaurant in the village? Where do you have the best view? And which sights should definitely not be missed during your vacation? Our landlords are happy to tell you more about it.

In b&b accommodation, a maximum of 7 rooms is often rented to guests. The facilities of each guest house vary per room. In some cases, you have your own bathroom, but you may also have to share the sanitary facilities with other guests who may be present. What exactly does your stay look like? A cheap b&b is an attractive alternative to a regular hotel room. Have you already become acquainted with the charm and serenity of a b&b or would you like to try this for the first time? Then prepare for an unforgettable b&b holiday in Utrecht with Nature.house!

Flora and fauna in Utrecht

Nature in the province of Utrecht is the habitat for countless animals and plants. The province is very focused on ensuring that the conditions for flora and fauna remain good and even improve. A beaver was spotted in the Haarzuilens estate, which was a huge surprise so close to the city. Since then, the beaver has been able to spread further and further in this beautiful nature reserve. Peregrine falcons can also be spotted. As far as birds are concerned, there are also spectacular air shows in various places, given by large numbers of starlings flying around. Thousands of birds together create special shapes in the sky, especially around the time of bird migration. A wonderful phenomenon to watch when the sun is just setting. In addition to these beautiful animals, you can also spot deer, badgers, grass snakes, the natterjack toad, and more than 100 bird species on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Activities in nature

When visiting Utrecht, you will be amazed by its beautiful nature and many possible activities that you can do there. In fact, if you love to take a long walk, cycle or jogging, choose to explore the Utrechtpad and enjoy the old seacoast and rivers. There are several routes for this trail. The shortest is 14 km long and the longest one is about 21 km. This is a perfect activity to relax your mind and focus on your wellbeing. Also, you shouldn't miss visiting the forest of Utrechtse Heuvelrugs - Amerongse Bos. Originally the forest was created for hunting. However, now it is a great place for relaxing and strolling when visiting Utrecht. In fact, the Amerongse Bos is one of the oldest forests in the Utrechtse Heuvelrugs. Aside from the forest, the Koppelpoorte in Amersfoort is also worth a visit. There you will be able to discover unique land and water gates, just like a scene from a movie. If you have a passion for birds, you must visit the De Blauwe Kamer Nature Reserve. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to spot unique birds, such as the spoonbills and egrets.

What can you visit in Utrecht?

Amersfoort Zoo

A nice outing during your trip to the province of Utrecht is a day at the zoo in Amersfoort. The animal park is located on the west side of Amersfoort and it is also on the edge of a forest area. There are more than 100 animal species and the zoo also has 3 nice playgrounds. You can see all kinds of animals, such as elephants, rhinos, wolves, giraffes, and much more! As a true bird lover, you can also have fun because you will find no less than 40 different bird species. There is also a nice Dino forest with dinosaurs for the kids. In between, you can of course go for a snack and a drink at one of the restaurants in the park.

A day at the zoo is always something you can enjoy with the whole family, but also just the two of you. Take your photo camera with you so that you can take the most beautiful photos of these special animals. Also ask a passerby or an employee of the park if they would like to take a photo of your family, so that you will always have a lovely souvenir of your nice holiday. So are you looking for a fun trip for the whole family while staying in a B&B somewhere in Utrecht? Then make sure to visit this fun zoo in Amersfoort.

KidzCity for the little ones

For children up to 12 years old, you can always go to the fun KidzCity in the city of Utrecht. You will find here 5,000 square meters of cool climbing equipment and attractions. The kids can climb, slide, collide, and shoot, among other things. You can also play laser games and take a ride in the whirligig. The entire amusement park is covered, so you can always go there, even when it rains! The parents can of course enjoy themselves in the restaurant or watch their children from the sidelines. This makes it extra fun to book a B&B in Utrecht with the whole family.

The Botanical Gardens

These beautiful gardens are part of Utrecht University and you can find them in the Utrecht Science Park. Traditionally, the botanical gardens were created for education and research purposes, but over time it has become increasingly popular to the public. Nevertheless, the gardens are still used for various research projects today. If you really want to take a good look at these beautiful gardens, make sure you take a guided tour. You will pass the most beautiful flowers and plants, while you are informed by a specially trained guide. After the tour, you can also visit the garden shop and the garden café for a delicious cup of coffee and various tasty pastries, sandwiches, and soup.

Destinations in the province of Utrecht


Amersfoort is one of the largest cities in the Dutch province of Utrecht. Enjoy some time in its historical center that has a centuries-old street pattern. Relax during a trip through the canals and discover the beauty of the city. If you are passionate about art and culture, you should know that this is the right place to be. The Mondriaanhuis and the Flehite museums are definitely a must-see if you plan to pay a visit to Amersfoort. Don’t miss the chance to know more about the Dutch culture during your holiday in the beautiful Utrecht!


The city of Utrecht is definitely a pearl of the Netherlands that is worth visiting. Besides having a splendid medieval center, beautiful and mysterious canals, it can be a great destination where you can ski in Utrecht. Yes, you read it right. What is unique about this place is that it has several indoor places that offer skiing and snowboarding courses. Therefore, even if you can’t go to the mountain, the mountain will come to you. This can be a fun activity not only for you but also for your children. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to book your dream bed and breakfast accommodation in Utrecht. You will be located in a secluded place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones while being surrounded by nature.


Oudewater is another lovely town that is located in the province of Utrecht and is worth a visit. There you will be able to spot typical Dutch architecture and canals. Also, while you are there, you should try some traditional cuisine. Oudewater is famous for its Witches Weighhouse. Back in the days, women who were thought to be witches were weighed and if they were found to be too light, then they were killed. Because of this, thousands of innocent people died. However, the Witches Weighhouse in Oudewater refused to promote these delusions. Thus, all the supposed-to-be witches that were weighed here were not sentenced to death because they weren’t too light. This is a nice attraction where you can go with your children. Find out if you are a witch or not and might even get a certificate like it was done in the past.

How is the weather in Utrecht?

Are you wondering when it’s a suitable time to plan your B&B holiday in Utrecht? What is great about this type of vacation is that you can organise it anytime during the year. The climate is warm and temperate and the average annual temperature reaches 9.3 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to take with you your raincoat because there are high chances for precipitations. Moreover, no matter during which season you decide to go, you should know that you can ski in Utrecht all year long because everything happens inside. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Book now your bed and breakfast accommodation in Utrecht and enjoy some wonderful time in nature with your loved ones.

Rent a bed and breakfast in Utrecht

The name of course already reflects the idea of the concept. In a bed and breakfast, you can have a nice breakfast after a wonderful overnight stay. The accommodation has all the comfort that you would get when staying at some hotel. However, the best thing about each of our B&Bs is that they are decorated in such a way that you will feel at home. When choosing to stay in a bed and breakfast you will notice that the host and/or hostess is willing to do everything to let you have the best possible stay. In fact, asking them about possible activities in the area is the best option to discover wonderful spots in Utrecht! Also, do not forget to check out our last-minute offers in Utrecht. Have a pleasant stay and contribute to nature with us! Enjoy!

In our b&b's you get all the conveniences of hotels, including breakfast, plus the comfort of having your own 'home away from home'. Our platform offers homes that are only in nature, secluded from the crowds and mass tourism. It's the perfect choice if you really need to unplug from your busy life and the fuss of the city, and it is a great way to connect to the natural world. The nice thing is that no b&b house is like another. Each of them has its own characteristics that make the overnight stay unique. You can rent a luxurious b&b accommodation with themed rooms, a wellness area, or decorated with designer furniture. You can choose to stay during your b&b holidays in treehouses, farmhouses, tents, cabins, former mills, school buildings, an old factory, or houseboats. So, this is an excellent opportunity to take a peek inside a mysterious monastery or castle that you've always wanted to visit. This experience will remind you of your childhood stories. Lovely memories! The b&b has become an increasingly popular form of accommodation in recent years. A stay in a bed and breakfast combines the facilities of a hotel with the hospitality of the host and/or hostess on site. This accommodation is with breakfast included, which means that you will have a great start to the day. Plan a romantic getaway for the two of you in one of our b&b houses. Some of them even have a pool.

Wondering where you can leave your dog during your b&b holidays? Don’t need to worry, you can take it with you. There are several shared apartments that allow you with your pet. Have you already experienced the charm and serenity of a b&b or would you like to do this for the first time? Then rent a bed and breakfast in Utrecht at Nature.house! If you want to go on a b&b holiday, there is plenty of choice for a nice bed and breakfast in Utrecht. No matter what type of nature house you choose, you will always spend your vacation in nature and away from the crowds. Have you checked the website of Nature.house?

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