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Sea and land, the name says it all. It’s the best destination in The Netherlands for water sport enthusiasts. But you can have any type of holiday in one of our Zeeland b&b homes, because the region has a lot to offer. Clean beaches, Medieval towns, and large-scale innovations lure tourists from all of Europe. One of it's landmarks is even said to be the 8th wonders of the modern world. Continue reading if you want to know which one.

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B&B Zeeland

Sea and land, the name of this Dutch province says it all. It's the best destination in the Netherlands for water sport enthusiasts. You can have any type of holiday in one of our Zeeland b&b homes because the region has a lot to offer. Clean beaches, medieval towns, and large-scale innovations lure tourists from all of Europe. One of its landmarks is even said to be the 8th wonder of the modern world. Continue reading if you want to know which one.

Zeeland is the westernmost point of the Netherlands, the least populated region of all, and the best part is that it has more sunny days than any other place in the country! It's a large river delta consisting of several islands and peninsulas. The region is a perfect example of the harmony between people and nature, having a living environment of organic and handmade natural landscapes like the artificial island Neeltje Jans. You can now visit it and have a fun day in the attractions of the Deltapark that's built on it. Zeeland also offers a contrast between modern and traditional. You can see this in the great architecture of its capital city, Middelburg. That's the place if you want to go sightseeing because there are more than 1,100 monuments spread through its canal streets and twisty alleys. Still curious about the 8th wonder of the world? It's the majestic flood barriers Delta Works - a series of construction projects like dams and sluices to control the water of the North Sea. What awaits you there is impressive engineering work, scenic nature, and various culinary spots. In the end, we know you've come to our page because you are more interested in nature, so let's dive into some more information.

Majestic flora and fauna

The entire province, which is isolated from the dune stream, lies below or at sea level. The landscape in Zeeland can be seen as a patchwork of dikes and polders, including one of the oldest polder landscapes of the Netherlands - Zuid-Beveland. There are a few nature reserves like Het Zwin and Boswachterij Westerschouwen where you can take long walks in the dunes or forests. Zeeland's animal life can mostly be found under the water. The many ponds, including the Grevelingen and the Oosterschelde, form a habitat of all kinds for animals, such as shrimps, oysters, crabs, lobsters, and various other types of fish. In the Grevelingen there are no ebb or flow movements. Here live mainly animals that need calmer water, such as the various species of sturgeon shrimp. In the Oosterschelde, underwater life is more interesting. There is an enormous supply of plankton by the current, which makes aquatic life overwhelming in some places. The western part, which is closest to the North Sea, is very popular with fish such as cod, sea bass, and the dead man's finger, a type of seaweed. In quieter places, you can encounter tube worms and flatfish on the sandy bottom.

What can you do during your b&b trip to Zeeland?

Zeeland is, of course, the province par excellence for a visit to the beach in the Netherlands. You can also get a breath of fresh air while walking on the dunes and you can relax in one of the many beach pavilions. Zeeland has divided its beaches into three categories: natural, family, and water sports. On the natural beaches, you will find unique plants such as the sea holly and sea fennel and animals like the nightingale and highland cattle. At the beach 't Zwin you can even find old shark teeth! Visit the Zwarte Polder beach to go on a guided tour of the place. On the special family beaches, there are play facilities for your children and lifeguards to keep an eye on them. On the beach of Ouddorp, you can spot seals when it's low tide! On some beaches, it is allowed to do various water sports. Go surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, or blokarting. The most famous beach among water sports enthusiasts is the Brouwersdam, where the waves are usually high and it is easy to reach. In the vicinity of Renesse, there are also several suitable beaches to find!

Interested in something educational? Then pay a visit to Deltapark Neeltje Jans, where you can learn everything about sand, wind and water, and other elements that characterise the Zeeland landscape. This theme park is very nice to visit with the whole family, but even without children, it is very interesting. You can learn all sorts of information about the flood disaster in 1953 and it is certainly a must-do to visit the Delta Works. Would you rather do something adventurous and active? Then take a mountain bike ride through one of the forest routes, a snorkel or dive excursion in the Zeeland waters, have a canoe trip on the water, or rent a boat and go fishing in the North Sea. Along the North Sea coast, you can even spot seals and porpoises!

Discovering Zeeland's nature from a holiday home is not only possible by bike or on foot, but also by boat or horse (and cart). For example, you can cycle along one of the routes near the Delta Works, visit the Oosterschelde National Park, or the Brouwersdam, where you can enjoy a wonderful walk. The most enjoyable thing to do is to discover the landscape of Zeeland with the help of a guide. He or she can tell you everything about the plants, animals, and places of interest that you will encounter along the way.

Visit splendid natural sights of Zeeland

Manteling Nature Reserve, Zeeland

Rent a lovely bed and breakfast accommodation in the beautiful province of Zeeland. It is located in the south-west of the Netherlands and is considered to be the westernmost region of the country. There you will be able to see the Manteling Nature Reserve, which is a forest surrounded by beaches, dikes, and dunes. During World War II, the trees were topped by the German soldiers and after these were trimmed, they got bizarre shapes. Escape from your hectic daily life and have a b&b break in Zeeland. You will enjoy some wonderful time outdoors while hiking or biking with your family or friends. What are you waiting for? Have a look now on the website of Nature.house at our accommodation with breakfast. Anytime is the right time for a holiday!

Oosterschelde National Park

The Oosterschelde National Park actually consists of several parts. For example, there is the Oosterschelde, a sea arm, which originally is a branch of the river Scheldt. In addition, Plan Tureluur is also part of the large National Park. This is a project that has been set up to offer birds, in particular, an extensive foraging area. The project is named after the bird “Redshank”, which feels very much at home over there. The redshank is therefore numerous and quite easy to spot if you pay a visit to this part of the Oosterschelde National Park. In addition to the Redshank, Plan Redshell provides a good foraging spot for many thousands of birds, during winter, summer, and migration time, including many waders.

The flora in Oosterschelde National Park is mainly determined by the salty soil that can be found in most of this national park. Sea lavender and samphire are one of the best-known plants that feel at home on this soil. These plants can therefore be found in the vicinity of the Oosterschelde. The fauna in the Oosterschelde National Park is also very unique. Many different bird species can be observed in this National Park. Especially waders such as golden plover, avocet, curlew, and various sandpipers feel at home in the mudflats and salt marshes that the area has to offer. Seabirds, including various gull species, can also be found in this large nature reserve. In addition to the many different bird species that can be observed in Plan Tureluur, among others, seals can also be seen in the waters of the Oosterschelde. If you are lucky enough, you can also spot porpoises. So, there is plenty to do in the Oosterschelde National Park.

Deltapark Neeltje Jans

Are you wondering what you can do with your children while you are on a b&b holiday in Zeeland? Here is our tip: pay a visit to the Deltapark Neeltje Jans. It is a theme park that can be found on the former artificial island of Neeltje Jans. You will have the fun opportunity to discover the aquatic life represented by Blacktip Reef shark, Whitetip shark, Sharptooth houndshark, but also the famous clownfish (also known as Nemo by kids). That’s not all! Several other species of fish are waiting for you in the largest saltwater aquarium in Zeeland. Your children will definitely be excited to see the seals and sea lions, too. Don’t miss the chance! Therefore, hurry up and book a lovely bed and breakfast accommodation in the Dutch province of Zeeland.

Must-see destinations in Zeeland


Vlissingen is situated in the southwestern part of the Netherlands and it has been an important harbour for the past centuries because of its location between the North Sea and the Scheldt river. The city can be found on the former island of Walcheren. This harbour town has the longest seafront promenade in the country. What a beautiful view you can spot! While you are there don’t miss the chance to find out more about the maritime history of the province of Zeeland and pay a visit to the Zeeland Maritime Museum (MuZZEum). What are you waiting for? Rent a bed and breakfast house for you and your loved ones and discover the beauty of this Dutch region.


Domburg is known for being a seaside resort on the North Sea and it used to be a spa destination, which can be noticed because of the remains of the thermal baths and a bathhouse with hot and cold baths that were built by the Romans. If you are planning a trip to Domburg, you should know that it edges the Manteling Nature Reserve. Therefore, it is a great chance to discover the gorgeous forest and its splendid gardens. Besides that, how about a walk on the beach or a golf class? There are plenty of activities that you can do during your vacation in Zeeland. Relaxation, peace, and quiet are the words that can best describe the atmosphere in Domburg.


Middelburg is the capital of the Dutch province of Zeeland and its name comes from being the middle borough or “middelste burcht” on the island of Walcheren, in the 9th century. Back then, the Vikings were invading Europe and they created defensive ramparts around the island. Therefore, it is a historic town with several attractions that are worth visiting. Why don’t you organise your next holiday in Middelburg and see the place with your eyes? On the website of Nature.house, you can find several b&b homes that might be suitable for you and your friends or family. Have a look!

How is the weather in Zeeland?

The climate in the Dutch province of Zeeland mainly corresponds to the rest of the Central European regions. Especially in this part of the Netherlands, most of the time is cold and wet. There are a few summer months with beautiful weather, however, usually, it doesn’t get too warm. If you organise your holiday between June and September, you will enjoy some nice weather and be able to do a lot of activities outdoors. On the other hand, from November to March, the weather isn’t so friendly but you can still have an unforgettable experience in nature. Have you decided when you would like to plan your vacation in Zeeland? If yes, that’s great! Have a look now on the website of Nature.house and select your dream bed and breakfast accommodation that is located in the Dutch province. Prepare your luggage and be ready to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature.

Rent a b&b stay in Zeeland

In our b&b's you get all the conveniences of hotels, including breakfast, plus the comfort of having your own 'home away from home'. On our accommodation in Zeeland page, there are many options for b&b houses like chalets, tiny houses, safari tents, or villas. Our platform offers homes that are only in nature, secluded from the crowds and mass tourism. It's the perfect choice if you really need to unplug from your busy life and the fuss of the city, and it is a great way to connect to the natural world. To help you out with your booking decisions, we divided the themes in nature into a few clusters. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands, there's no option to find housing in the mountain ranges, but you'll see many beautiful bed and breakfast homes near the sea and beaches of Zeeland, in the woods, or in the fields and meadows. Check out our last minute offers for more inspiration. It's also possible that the surroundings of your home may combine different natural landscapes. Think about the activities you're planning. Take a cycling trip to discover the region and its natural surroundings. Practice different water sports on the cleanest and sunniest beaches in the Netherlands or in one of the water parks and its attractions. Sailing, boat trips, surfing, kiting, or sea-kayaking, anything is possible... You can even take a sea safari in the waters of the Oosterschelde to observe the seals and porpoises of the North Sea.

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