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B&B Zeeland

Sea and land, the name of this Dutch province says it all. It's the best destination in the Netherlands for water sport enthusiasts. You can have any type of holiday in one of our Zeeland b&b homes because the region has a lot to offer. Clean beaches, medieval towns, and large-scale innovations lure tourists from all of Europe. One of its landmarks is even said to be the 8th wonder of the modern world. Continue reading if you want to know which one.

Zeeland is the westernmost point of the Netherlands, the least populated region of all, and the best part is that it has more sunny days than any other place in the country! It's a large river delta consisting of several islands and peninsulas. The region is a perfect example of the harmony between people and nature, having a living environment of organic and handmade natural landscapes like the artificial island Neeltje Jans. You can now visit it and have a fun day in the attractions of the Deltapark that's built on it. Zeeland also offers a contrast between modern and traditional. You can see this in the great architecture of its capital city, Middelburg. That's the place if you want to go sightseeing because there are more than 1,100 monuments spread through its canal streets and twisty alleys. Still curious about the 8th wonder of the world? It's the majestic flood barriers Delta Works - a series of construction projects like dams and sluices to control the water of the North Sea. What awaits you there is impressive engineering work, scenic nature, and various culinary spots. In the end, we know you've come to our page because you are more interested in nature, so let's dive into some more information.

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