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A vacation to one of the most famous coastal towns in Portugal? That is possible when you rent a holiday house in Algarve. Algarve is the southernmost province of Portugal and considered to be a unique part of it. It has a very diverse landscape varying between rocks and clear blue waters with white sandy beaches.

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Cottages in Algarve

A vacation to one of the most famous coastal towns in Portugal? That is possible when you rent a holiday house in Algarve. Algarve is the southernmost province of Portugal and considered to be a unique part of it. It has a very diverse landscape varying between rocks and clear blue waters with white sandy beaches.

The largest city of this province is Faro and to the west of it, there are the famous rock formations with small beaches. To the east of Faro, on the other hand, there are miles of sandy beaches. What makes a holiday home in Algarve special is that it does not matter where it is, because everywhere you are, you can discover a fascinating part of Portugal. You have the famous rocks on the coast, but more to the north you have the charming historic villages and views of the many hills. Check out the website of and you will find a wide selection of lovely cottages in Algarve that you can book for a romantic getaway or a trip with family or friends. Also, the wonderful holiday houses in Algarve offered on are away from the crowds and bustle of the cities. Therefore, you will be closer to nature and be able to enjoy an oasis of peace and fresh air throughout your vacation.

Nature in Algarve

A holiday in Algarve has something for everyone! If you want to do nothing more than sitting on the beach or in the water all day, then the south is an excellent place for a holiday home. If you prefer a bit more peace and quiet, then northeast is a better place for you. Algarve has a coastline of more than 170 kilometers and due to the many rocks that occur in that area, this is divided into several small bays. Some of these bays can only be reached by boat, but once you have found such a bay, you have a whole beach to yourself. The Serra de Monchique mountain range bordered Algarve on the west side and it is a superb attraction. The highest mountain of this mountain range is the Foia with a height of 902 meters. This mountain range is suitable for walking through in peace and enjoying the view. There are also many natural springs and thermal baths in this valley, which means that you still can have peace in the relatively busy Algarve.

You might have a little chance to see a lynx but unfortunately, it is an endangered animal because of its habitat loss and the decreasing number of rats (their main source of food). However, the Portuguese officials started running projects that have the scope to preserve the lynx. What you should know is that the Portuguese region is considered to be the paradise of bird-watchers. Nightingales, hoopoes, bee-eaters, blackbirds, and white storks are just a few examples of the species that can be spotted in the Algarve. Renting a villa during the holiday in Algarve or any type of accommodation from, will definitely help you see even more types of birds because of its location in the middle of nature. It’s not just about seeing birds, but also delicate butterflies, such as marbled whites, swallowtails, or dragonflies. Seems like the nature in Algarve is an explosion of colours and beauty, right? Don’t miss this opportunity and check out what has to offer. Maybe you are interested in booking a cottage, villa, or perhaps a chambre d’hôte?

What can you do in Algarve?

The Portuguese region has so much to offer that you will not have time to get bored while being there. Of course, you can spend the whole day swimming in the crystal clear sea and sunbathing on the beaches with soft sand, but there are so many other activities that will make your holiday to be an unforgettable one. How about a cruise from Albufeira during which you can watch dolphins in their natural habitat while navigating to several caves? If you are a watersports fan, then it will be difficult for you to choose what to do because of the multitude of available activities, such as climbing on rocky formations, snorkeling in the underwater paradise, and not to forget about kayaking in the Algarve. There are several kayaking tours that are suitable also for families and first-time kayakers. By kayak, you can discover grottoes or caves that you might not be able to reach in a cruise boat. Therefore, you can explore the charming Praia de São Rafael and Grottos Ponta de Piedade within a couple of hours.

If you want to try something even more challenging, you can have a guided tour of the Albufeira coast on a stand-up paddleboard. Or maybe you are looking for an activity that gives you some adrenaline just for a few minutes? Then you should try parasailing and you will have the chance to see superb sceneries, the golden coastlines, and the turquoise waters from a height of up to 80 meters. If you think all of this sounds exciting and it has already transported you in the holiday mood, just go to the left side of the website page, select the dates you want, the accommodation type you prefer (cottages, villas, country houses, bungalows, and many other), and choose the house in Algarve where you would like to spend your holiday. Now you are ready to prepare your luggage!

The most beautiful sights in Algarve

Ria Formosa Natural Park

A place where you can admire nature and all of its beauty is the Ria Formosa Natural Park. This park is characterized by the many natural islands, sandbanks, unique and varied flora, and fauna. It has a length of approximately 60 kilometers along the south coast and has been classified as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal. You shouldn't miss it when visiting Algarve! It is a coastal lagoon that it’s in a perpetual process of change because of winds and currents. Also, bird-lovers, this is the perfect place for you to go. Ria Formosa is the home of a large number of aquatic and migratory birds. During winter it reaches the impressive number of 20,000 birds. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see even the Purple Swamphen, which is extremely rare in Portugal. You can go to Ria Formosa Natural Park by kayak, boat, bike, or foot.

The Cave of Benagil

One of the most famous places in Algarve is the fairy-tale cave of Benagil. What’s interesting about it it’s that it has a beach inside. Through a large hole in the stone at the top of the cave, you can still enjoy the sun in this cave. It is difficult to reach the Benagil Cave on foot; better via the water. You can also rent a kayak if you want to take on the challenge of sailing to this cave yourself. The advantage of this is that you have more freedom and are not constrained by the departure times of the boats. If you do not want to rent a kayak, but still want to stay in this magical place for as long as possible, you can choose to swim to the cave, but that is not advisable. Although the distance from the coast to the cave is not very large, you have to take the currents into account, which might be strong and put your life in danger. The Cave of Benagil has been named one of the most beautiful caves in the world by the Michelin Guide.

Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina Natural Park

Pristine beaches, unusual cliffs, and diverse species of birds - these are a few words that describe the Portuguese natural park. There you can see ospreys and storks, which nest in marine rocks and that is the only place in the world where they live in this type of habitat. Also, the water is excellent for anyone who wants to try surfing. Curious to know more about it? Why don’t you book a holiday house in Algarve and go to discover the region?

Breathtaking places in Algarve


If you prefer to go to the city, Faro is a good option. It is the capital city of the region of Algarve and has an airport, which makes the place even more accessible to tourists. It has been inhabited for a long time by Romans, so you will still find many buildings dating from that ancient period that will connect you to the past. In short, Faro is an ideal city if you want to escape the bustle of the beach, but still, wish to be close to the sea and get to know more about the history of Algarve. Thus, there are a lot of cottages in Algarve waiting to be booked. Don’t miss the chance!


Be sure to check out the options for going to Albufeira. This city also has a lot to offer as it is suitable for families, groups of friends, and romantic getaways. It has beautiful and safe beaches, many restaurants where you can enjoy Portuguese food, and water parks for anyone who wants to have some fun. Also, if you are willing to try a new activity or perhaps you have already done it and want to experience it again, you can attend some golf courses, which are internationally acclaimed. In case you would like to do something else, you have other options, such as guided boat cruises fishing, and dolphin watching trips. If you feel like you need a vacation away from the daily stress and where you can relax somewhere in nature, then you should check the website of to see what it has to offer and book a villa, apartment, or a chambre d’hôte in Algarve, depending on what you need and like.

Cabo de São Vicente

If you want to see species of animals that you will not encounter in the Netherlands or Germany, Cabo de São Vicente is an excellent place to spend a day. It can be found on the southwest coast of Algarve. When you stand by the water and hear the waves crashing against the rocks, you will be able to see seagulls, petrels, and even dolphins. You can take the boat to the Atlantic to watch birds that you cannot find at the coast. You can also see dolphins that are swimming close to the boat. Cabo de São Vicente has one of the brightest lighthouses in Europe, dating from 1846 and which was built on the ruins of a Franciscan monastery that has been severely affected by an earthquake and never been renovated. The name of the place comes from Saint Vicente whose bones were found in the cliffs. As you were reading you were probably thinking that it is a place full of history, right? It’s highly recommended to be there to see the superb sunset and you won’t regret it at all. Therefore, if you wanted to plan a romantic getaway in Algarve this would be one of the best places you should visit.


During every season, Algarve seems to undergo a complete metamorphosis: when you have been on the coast in the summer, you will no longer recognize it when you return in the winter. The Portuguese region has a Mediterranean climate, which makes it the perfect destination for the summer. In July-August, the average temperature is 29 °C and in January-February, it can be a maximum of 16 °C, which means that the summers are warm and the winters are mild. Also, Algarve is considered one of the sunniest places in Europe as there are over 300 days of sun every year. Therefore, prepare your swimsuit and sunscreen for an extraordinary holiday in Algarve!

Renting a holiday house in Algarve

The concept behind is to offer accommodation in the middle of nature, where you can recharge your batteries. Are you ready for a unique experience away from the big and crowded cities and in a place where you can relax, connect with nature, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy a peaceful holiday with your loved ones? If you are planning to go on a vacation with your friends in Algarve, you should check the offers for villas as they are more suitable for large groups of people. We also have many cottages, apartments, fincas, chalets, gites, and the b&b type of accommodation. You can have the possibility to stay in a holiday park, which is a great idea for families with children. If you are looking for an even more interesting experience, then booking a treehouse might sound tempting to you. Even if Portugal is known to be a summer destination, you can discover it during the winter, too. If you are thinking about staying just a couple of days, on you have some suggestions for the weekend break. Also, in case you realised you need a holiday in Algarve as soon as possible, click here and find out more about the last minute offers.

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