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Cottages in Croatia

Pack your bags, grab your passport and prepare yourself for Croatia to leave you in complete awe with its natural beauty. As one of the ecologically best-preserved countries of Europe, Croatia offers you stunning landscapes, countless of animal and plant species and a perfect climate to enjoy. 10% of the entire country is protected in 8 national parks and 12 nature reserves, and of course their stunning beaches cannot be forgotten. Get lost in the lush forests, spot waterfalls, see ancient architecture structures, swim in the lakes or jump of the high cliffs. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an adventurous one, Croatia offers your both!

What better way to discover the beauty of this country than by staying in a Nature house directly located in Croatia’s splendid environment. You can wake up each morning in the most serene location, watch the sunset and get ready for your day of exploration. And at the end of the day, you can truly relax in the most authentic way possible and watch the sun set. Our nature houses are located in truly breath-taking settings and will ensure a unique stay for your holiday in Croatia.

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