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Located in the southernmost part of Croatia, Dalmatia is a coastal region of unmissable natural beauty. There you can find rugged mountainous landscapes, evergreen forests and plains, sparkling waterfalls, and a profusion of beaches with crystal clear waters. Book your cottage in Dalmatia with us and you’ll have the amazing landscapes on your doorstep. 

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Cottages in Dalmatia

Located in the southernmost part of Croatia, Dalmatia is a coastal region of unmissable natural beauty. There you can find rugged mountainous landscapes, evergreen forests and plains, sparkling waterfalls, and a profusion of beaches with crystal clear waters. Book your cottage in Dalmatia with us and you’ll have the amazing landscapes on your doorstep.

Dalmatia - a true paradise for travellers

Cultural trips

The Dalmatian region of Croatia offers visitors a great cultural experience. The historic towns have remarkable views and attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. Walk through the narrow streets of the Dubrovnik and Split, visit the squares, churches, palaces, and feel like you’ve travelled back in time. The two other fairytale cities in Dalmatia are Zadar and Šibenik with more examples of the remarkable cultural heritage of the region. If you spend a day trip travelling in one of these cities, meet the warm-hearted Croatians and try the fantastic Mediterranean cuisine in one of the restaurants. A night out in the city is also worth it. Croatia is famous for its vibrant nightlife, especially around the coast. The gorgeous climate of Dalmatia is going to make your stay in the region even more pleasant. Mild wet winters and hot dry summers with average temperatures of over 20°C guarantee a lovely holiday at any time of the year. Now let’s see what natural experience you can have in Dalmatia, so that you can decide for yourself what time of the year would suit your holiday wishes the most.

The best beach holiday

Without a doubt, Dalmatia is a dream place to spend your seaside holiday. With its 79 islands and about 500 islets, the region offers a profusion of beaches to choose from. Family-friendly and calm beaches, busy places with crazy nightlife, hidden beaches with untamed landscapes, and coastal towns that are absolutely ritze and glamorous. We offer cottages that are situated around the coast, but secluded from the crowded places. The perfect getaway for your beach holiday! Still, there are also landmark beaches that attract the majority of tourists not without a reason. One example is the island of Brač and it’s famous beach Zlatni rat. The beach has a unique triangle shape that changes with the currents and winds, and this is where its name “Golden Cape” comes from. The area around it is protected for its unique natural beauty, which also made Zlatni Rat the third best beach destination in Europe for 2017. Swim in the transparent waters, walk around the sandy beaches, and snooze in the shade of old-grown pine trees. The turquoise colors of the sea, the golden beach, the evergreen forests, and the lofty mountains in the back create a sweeping scenery that will melt your heart! Next to all the amazing beaches, offshore islets and quaint coves, the coastal land is characterized by rolling landscapes of brightly colored woodlands and dramatic limestone cliffs. You can also visit the charming fishing villages scattered along the seaside and soak in the calming summer atmosphere unbothered by other tourists. Find a cottage that is close to one, and you’ll have help from the locals to find the most naturalistic places to discover.

Wild landscapes off the beaten path

The hinterland of Dalmatia is called Zagora. It’s the best area for leisure and recreation in peace and quietness. Explore untouched nature and get a close touch with the wilderness in Dalmatia. The interior of the region has less vegetation because of the barren soil that covers most of the land. This is mostly in the dry area near the coast that is covered in maquis. Further in, there are other natural wonders that will leave you amazed. The landscape becomes greener with the elevation of the land. Swirling rivers dissect the land to create remarkable gorges. Deep valleys, lush colorful pastures and impressive rock formations are also part of the remarkable scenery. Croatia has eight National Parks and ten nature areas, and Dalmatia is where you’ll find most of them. The Krka National Park has rich flora and fauna waiting to be discovered. Amphibians and birds thrive in the swamps, while the shrubs and rocks are home to many reptiles. There are also 15 species of bats that live in the Park, which is impressive knowing that the bats are in danger of extinction in much of Europe. Explore the Park and you’ll discover breathtaking natural features. One of them is the Krka waterfalls that decorate the green forests with their sparkling waters. The Krka river forms numerous waterfalls, lakes, and rapids, making it a wonderful place for activities and rest. For mountain views you can visit the Biokovo Nature Park that is the largest mountain in Dalmatia with highest peaks Sv. Jure (1,762m) and Velebit (1,757). With clear weather you can see Italy standing 250km away. You just have to climb to the top of Biokovo and you’ll have this amazing opportunity. Now that you know the landscapes of Dalmatia you can choose accommodation in the perfect natural surrounding for the activities you’re planning. Next to our cottages and apartments, we also offer more adventurous stays in our luxury glamping homes!

What can you do when you’re staying in a Dalmatian cottage?

If you want to experience all of Dalmatia, you’ll have to book a long holiday, or maybe even two. Gladly, our cottages offer the comfort of living in your own home, and the possibility to explore the area at your own pace. And in Dalmatia there’s a lot to see and do. On the Adriatic coast you can swim, sunbathe, snorkel, and dive in the crystal clear waters. Say hello to the resident fish and corals and be amazed by the colorful underwater views. The sea caves are particularly beautiful spots for diving, just make sure you have a guide with you. The summer temperatures can get extremely hot in July and August, so we would advise you to book a cottage in the less busy months of September and even October. The swimming season starts early in March, so you have a long timespan when you can plan a beach vacation. Other water adventures that offer fun experiences are rafting, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and fishing. Get your camera snapping the beautiful sceneries, and the lovely memories you’ll make with your family and friends! In the sea you can also try jet surfing, parasailing, windsurfing, and in the roaring rivers it’s best to book a white-water rafting trip. Trekking, hiking, or just rambling in the countryside are other activities that promise great views. Do you want something more challenging? There are plenty of adrenaline-fueled adventures that will give you a thrilling experience. Enhance your mountaineering expertise with rock climbing and canyoning. And if you want to test your courage, go for bungee jumping!