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Cottages Ireland

Fed up by the crowded places of the popular tourist destinations? Then Ireland should be next on your bucket list. It's one undiscovered paradise with vast and unspoiled nature. Breath-taking landscapes of the sea and mountains, dramatic rock formations, and one of the world's best countryside. It's the perfect escape from the crowds and mass tourism. Staying in one of our remote cottages in Ireland is also one of the most pleasant ways to unplug from the big city's hustle and bustle and find peace in nature.

Moreover, this peaceful place is highly recommended for explorers and history enthusiasts. You can amuse yourself by visiting incredible landscapes and enhancing your knowledge by wandering in various monuments, memorials, and historical destinations. There are many accommodation options for tourists but for the best experience in nature, you can give a chance to our wonderful cottages in Ireland.

Even if Ireland is off-radar for you, we hope you change your mind. Ireland offers the highest cliff in all Europe, down-to-earth and friendly locals (who still believe that fairies exist, by the way), more than 1,000 castles and the oldest pub on the planet. Is that something you should ignore? According to the 2017 list of National Geographic Traveler magazine, the Irish region County Donegal is the world's coolest destination. If you're a Star Wars fan, you probably know it's also the place where the last trilogy was filmed. Even if it's hard to access, Donegal promises visitors a memorable experience. It comprises the 2,500 km Wild Atlantic Way into a 7 km nutshell. And the filming of many episodes of your favorite show, "Game of Thrones" also took place in Dublin, Belfast and some cottages in Ireland. Ireland is one of the best destinations for hiking holidays with its wondrous trails.

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