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Located in Southeast Europe, on a crossroad between three continents, Greece is home to an epic variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. Book a Greek cottage on the seaside, in the mountains and forests, or in the fields, and marvel at the views from your window. You can finally enjoy Greece hidden from the crowds!

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Located in Southeast Europe, on a crossroad between three continents, Greece is home to an epic variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. Book a Greek cottage on the seaside, in the mountains and forests, or in the fields, and marvel at the views from your window. You can finally enjoy Greece hidden from the crowds!

Greece - a sun-drenched country with alluring nature

Greece is a real paradise for nature lovers. Most of all, travellers visit the country for the remarkable beaches and islands of the four seas that surround it. You’ll find the Cretan and Libyan Seas south of Greece. The Ionian Sea touches the western coast of the country, including the peninsula Peloponnese, while the eastern of Greece borders the Aegean Sea. There you'll find the beautiful region of Thessaly and its naturalistic Sporades Islands. The touristic appeal of the islands peaks in the summer, but the spring and autumn offer just as amazing views of brightly colored forests in spring and a fiery palette of pastel colors in autumn. The weather is mild and sunny, creating the perfect environment for outdoor adventures. The scenery of Greece doesn’t just end with the sea and beaches. There’s a profusion of remarkable vistas in the mainland and hinterland of the islands as well. Roaring rivers and tranquil lakes, gorgeous waterfalls and wetlands that are full of life, beautiful gorges, and blue caves carved in the waters. There’s an abundance of lush green pastures, gardens, and woodlands, but also mesmerizing dunes found in the Gomati desert. The restless mountains with soaring peaks and impressive rock formations like the Petrino Dasos draw hikers and mountaineers from all over the world. Greece has an abundance of beaches and islands, but the country is mainly mountainous. There are around 40 mountain ranges that rise above 2,000m. The highest mountain is situated in the region of Macedonia, and it elevates at 2,917m in the Mytikas peak. This is namely Mount Olympus that, according to the mythology, was a proud home of the Greek gods. The mountains of Greece are greatly appreciated and valued for their biodiversity and unique ecosystems, influenced by Europe, Africa, and Asia. This is why the areas are protected in Some of the more exotic animal species include tortoise, the chameleon, and the stellagama. In the sea you can spot many dolphins and even swim with them! The marine animal community also has the swordfish, tuna, squid, and mackerel. 

The Ionian islands

In the Ionian Islands we have amazing cottages, tiny houses, and villas with views of the sea. The splendid landscapes and the calming atmosphere is where you can really come to peace with nature. Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Lefkada are the main Greek islands in the Ionian sea. You won’t go wrong by choosing the eastern coast as well. The Aegean Islands of the Aegean Sea are also quite popular, but our nature houses are always situated away from the crowds. This way you can relax in the peace and quietness unbothered by mass tourism. 

The North Aegean Islands

Visit the North Aegean Islands and the beautiful Lesbos - green forests blanket the mountains, creating a picture that is worth a thousand words. The island is named the Emerald Island because of its rich flora community. More than half of all land is forested. 11 million olive trees and other fruit trees occupy 40% of the land, while the rest of the woodlands cover 20% and consist of pines, chestnut trees, and oaks. The rest of the vegetation is made of scrubs and grassland, and only the urban areas are not green. 

The South Aegean Islands

As for the South Aegean Islands, there you can find Rhodes island and its fairytale ancient city. The Medieval Old Town of the walled city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island welcomes around 1,4 million visitors each year, but it used to be worldwide famous in the historical times as well. Back then it was renowned for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Rhodes lies 363km southeast from the mainland of Greek. It is actually closer to Turkey, with just 18km distance from the country’s southern shore. It’s probably best that you combine your Turkey vacation with your visit to Rhodes. Still, if you decide to visit the island, expect to find spectacular sandy beaches and coves with transparent waters. This makes Rhodes perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just any water adventures. Wind and kite surfing are best practiced in the southernmost coast of the island - Cape Prasonisi offers ideal wind conditions. The natural beauty of the island continues in the inland with forest-cloaked mountains and pastures with citrus, olive groves, vineyards. Ramble in the countryside and soak in the atmosphere of this idyllic place. Indeed, Rhodes never fails to amaze. And it has to, especially when it’s the birthplace of Apollo, the sun god. At least that’s the truth told in the myths. The South Aegean Sea is home to islands with volcanoes. Only three of the volcanoes have erupted, and the most active of which is centered in the famous Santorini. 

What can you do when you’re staying in a Greek cottage?

Our cottages are the perfect place for your holiday in Greece because the splendid landscapes will unfold before your eyes. Whether it’s the aquamarine seas or the sheer cliffs of the mountains, you’ll always have a view that will take your breath away. The other great thing is that you have a backdrop of outdoor activities on your doorstep! The marvelous climate and natural features make Greece an ideal place for seaside holidays, mountaineering, and more adrenaline-fueled sports. Go on a hiking trip in one of the national parks or nature areas and admire the views from the top. You can also choose cycling or mountain biking, if you really want a crazy adventure. White-water rafting in one of the rivers is also quite fun. Even though the rivers in Greece are predominantly small, they rush with high speed so the adventure is guaranteed. Kayaking, canoeing, paddling, surfing, all of these activities will get your wild spirit come to life. For the experienced sports we can suggest rock climbing and canyoning. Wake your survival instincts and get your adrenaline pumping, it’s a life-changing experience! And if you’re not the most sporty person, then you can just simply rest by the pool of your cottage and get the relaxation you deserve. Make this a soulful experience and meditate in the stillness of the environment. Listen to the bubbling stream nearby, the wind blowing the trees, the crashing waves of the sea, or the bees humming around the colorful meadows. Recharge your batteries and get a full digital detox in the natural environment. Staying in nature is a holistic healing of your mind, body, and soul. If that’s what you’re looking for, check our cottages hidden in the nature of Greece's biggest islands Crete and Evia. Choose the most suitable home for your break. Greece is also famous for its long history and historical heritage. Scattered throughout the country you can still find remains of antiquity, and get a real flavor of the ancient times. Are you ready for a cultural trip and nature exploration in Greece? Then start with your booking right away! You can also check our last minute offers and get the best deal for your stay.