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Cottages in Crete

Crete is the largest Greek island, and is home to some diverse natural attractions, splendid landscapes, unique wildlife, and rich historical heritage. It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, creating an abundance of gorgeous beaches. Our cottages in Crete, located away from the crowds and busy places, give you an unforgettable experience in nature, and the comfort of living in your own house. Book now and get the best from your holiday in Crete!

The island of Crete and its outstanding beaches

The heavenly beauty of Crete attracts visitors from all over the world. Not only beach lovers, but also skiers! Surprising or not, Crete offers the perfect conditions for skiing. Make this an alternative holiday and discover places off-the-beaten path. Lofty mountains cover most of the land, creating a vertical landscape that can take your breath away. Some mountainous areas are blanketed by bright forests, in other places you’ll find sheer cliffs and impressive rock formations. The lowlands have lush plateaus with pastures, olive groves, and vineyards. The agriculture is well-developed thanks to the wonderful climate of Crete - the weather really intensifies the taste of fruits and vegetables. Why not book an agriturismo holiday and try this for yourself? We offer charming farms in Crete where you can learn about farming from our welcoming Greek landlords, and prepare delicious meals with organically grown products. This can be a great experience for the foodies, but also quite fun for the children! The sweeping scenery of the mountain ranges fascinates both locals and tourists with gorgeous caves, deep valleys, and splendid gorges. The most famous of which is the Samariá Gorge, which is also a World’s Biosphere Reserve. The Samariá Gorge is situated in the region of Chania, in the southwestern part of Crete. It was formed by a small bubbling river flowing between the White Mountains and Mount Volakias, quite an impressive creation for just a tiny stream. There are also rivers and lakes - the perfect natural environment for a picnic with the whole family and friends. Crete also harbours the largest natural palm grove in all of Europe. Visit the eastern coast of the island and the most famous beach Vai, where you will find a picturesque seaside place - sandy beaches with turquoise waters, and beautiful palm trees in the back.

The beaches of Crete

Chania is also home to the best beaches in Crete. Organized and crowded, or secluded and hidden by pristine nature, the beaches of Crete never fail to amaze visitors. The Balos lagoon, located 60km northwest of Chania town, is a must-see. The Caribbean waters and white sand of the beach, surrounded by sun-drenched rocky hills and an island with a Venetian Castle on top, create a picture that is worth a thousand words. Take a beach walk on the sunset and feel the magnetism of this place. In general, wherever you go in Crete you’ll find amazing beaches and transparent waters. And the best part is that you can swim in the sea all year long! The beach season is between May and October, with the highest water temperatures of around 27°C in July and August. And in winter the temperature of the sea is around 17°C, which for some people is just warm enough for swimming. You should know that strong winds are present on the island all year round, but you should be especially careful if you’re visiting the northern coast of Crete in August. The blowing wind creates large waves that make the sea too dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Please take our advice into account, and spend your time lazing around outside the waters. Soak up the sun and snooze in the shade of palm trees! That’s still fun, relaxing, and most importantly, safe for you. Some practical tips - the north beaches have generally shallow waters, which makes it feel slightly warmer. As for the beaches of the southern Crete, they see less visitors, so there’s a bigger chance that you can enjoy a peaceful and quiet day at the seaside. Find a secluded beach with unspoiled nature and get the relaxation you deserve. The summer season is of course full of tourists. Gladly, our cottages in Crete are located in remote places, so mass tourism shouldn’t dissuade you from booking a summer vacation. And you can get the best advice from your landlord about the most pristine local places to visit.

What to do when you’re staying in a Crete cottage?

Swimming, snorkeling, diving, and water activities are the most popular activities in Crete. Go fishing or spare hunting with a guide, and discover the best hidden places and caves! There are also wind sports that combine surfing and sailing. The windy weather and big waves make perfect conditions for wind and kite surfing. You can also practice paddling and sea canoeing, and for a real adrenaline rush get to the high cliffs and jump in the crystal clear waters. It’s really going to get your heart racing! Outside the water adventures, the absolute highlight for the sports enthusiasts is the Samarian Gorge. Hiking or trekking between the high cliffs is a remarkable experience that you should definitely try. And of course mountaineering and skiing! Skiing in Crete is getting more and more popular among tourists. There are currently no ski resorts, but you can get an incredible skiing or snowboarding experience in Psiloritis and Lefka Ori. Take the right equipment and drive high, where you can then descend the slopes on skis or snowboard. Next to the wilderness experience, you can also spend a day exploring the culture. Long ago the island was inhabited by the Minoan civilization that historians consider as the most advanced in all of Europe. Plan a day trip to the city and discover the historical ruins and buildings that date back to the Venetian era and the Ottoman period. Places like Chania and Rethymnon are perfect for your cultural experience. Charming old towns with enchanting atmosphere and many places to stroll and eat out. Are you ready for a soul stirring holiday in the nature of Crete? Book a cottage, villa, or simply an apartment, and spend a holiday in complete silence. Surround yourself with jaw-dropping landscapes, explore the beaches, feel the freedom of the mountains, and get a real sense of adventure.

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