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Crete apartments

Crete is the largest Greek island and one of the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea. The whole island territory is mostly mountainous with more than 30 peaks of altitude higher than 2,000 meters. The most interesting fact about the island is that one of the first ever civilizations in Europe lived here 130, 000 years ago and is considered to have been the first advanced civilization part of Europe – the Minoans. Heraklion is the current capital and the largest city on Crete.

The apartments on the island will welcome you with the highest level of comfort possible and except for everything needed for an unforgettable stay, you can also enjoy the amazing views of the Mediterranean from the balcony of your apartment. Most of the locations are surrounded by nature – olive groves, vineyards or orchards have covered the whole island.

The amazing Greek nature of the island

The mountainous landscape combined with amazing sea views has made this island a preferred tourist destination through the years. Due to the specific geography of Crete, the rivers often create beautiful gorges all worth the visit. There are quite a few rivers and even two freshwater lakes – Kournas and Agia. Another lake – Voulismeni – was previously also a freshwater lake, however nowadays it is connected to the sea. Moreover, the local authorities have created three artificial lakes with dams in order to fight the yearly summer droughts.

Samaria National Park stretches from the south to the central part of Crete. This is the only national park on the island; however this doesn’t make it any less beautiful. As a matter of fact, the park is named after the Samarian Gorge, which is its focal point. The gorge is the longest one in Europe – 16 kilometers through the vertical cliffs of the White Mountains range. One of the greatest places along the gorge are the Gates – the genesis of the gorge. In this place the sides of the canyon are 300m high, but more interestingly they look as if they are almost “close”, leaving only a 4-meter-wide opening for the river to pass through.


The Samarian Gorge is a favorite spot for nature enthusiasts and adrenaline-seekers. Except for exploring the local flora and fauna while hiking through the park and the gorge, you could also try rock climbing with a guide at some places along the river. The most fascinating thing which could happen to you here is to encounter the kri-kri. This is an extremely endangered goal-looking animal, which is typical for this area of the Mediterranean and is nowadays only found on the premises of the Samarian National Park.

For a perfect way to experience the mountains of Crete, book an off-road adventure. If you want to discover life underneath the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you can go on a boat trip with a guided snorkeling tour or try a scuba diving lesson. There are a few biking and buggy tours, taking you on a safari through the inland territory, deep into the „cradle” of Greek culture.

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