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Cottages in Norway

Filled with national parks and absolutely stunning views, Norway is a favorite holiday destination for many nature lovers. Besides its glaciers, thundering waterfalls, high mountain peaks, and dramatic fjords, which lay the base of the landscapes, you can also enjoy the natural wonders of the Northern lights, the midnight sun and the polar nights. It is therefore no wonder that the Norwegians hold nature in high esteem. As the outdoor life is a crucial part of Norwegian culture, such as hiking, skiing, cycling, it is a great destination for an active holiday. But if you just want to relax in a scenic environment and watch the sunset, Norway is the place to go as well.

The country counts over 45 national parks where all kinds of nature is preserved. Most of them are open for visitation. Another great way to discover Norway is by renting a car and go on long drives through the mesmerizing landscapes, but do not forget to keep your eyes on the road. No matter which activities you undertake, at the end of the day you can retreat in your cozy traditional Norwegian cabin in the middle of nature with Nature house and enjoy the peace and quiet of the environment. Browse through the houses and find the perfect one for your stay!

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