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Log cabin weekend breaks

Nowadays, we all work so hard during the weekdays that we always crave for the time when we can take a step back and enjoy a deserved break. One of the best ways for you to forget your everyday challenges (at least for a while) is to plan a weekend getaway. Although Europe is famous for its tourist attractions – such as the Eiffel Tower or the Manneken Pis, among others – this does not mean that it has no nature spots for those of you who want to clear their minds.

A perfect accommodation for this purpose is a log cabin, as it can add a romantic touch to your whole weekend break. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, these properties also offer all of the needed amenities for a perfect stay, but they also provide a lot of natural experiences. This combination is definitely offering a lot to those who are nature lovers but who also want a recharging and comfortable stay.

European nature

Belgium, for example, is a wonderful country, and its cities are very charming – and bustling with life. Brussels, for instance, is one of those places – if you are looking for an astonishing and very beautiful European city, Brussels should be near the top of your list. However, close to the city center (you will travel for less than half an hour!) is a natural paradise which you can hardly expect to be located so close to a busy city – the Sonian Forest. This place is really huge, as it covers more than 4 thousand hectares. Additionally, the nature offered is just next-level – proof being the fact that the forest has been a UNESCO site since the year 2017. If you are looking for a place where you can take a walk surrounded by numerous oaks and stunning animals, the Sonian Forest might well be up your alley!

Our next recommendation is a beautiful lake to be found on the territory of Spain, called the Sanabria Lake. You can count on being amazed by the spectacular panoramas around here – we cannot help but stare in awe for quite a while! However, if looking is not enough and you need an additional way to explore the region, such is provided by the Playa de los Enanos. Include the spot in your agenda and don’t leave without visiting it. The great thing about Europe is that there are so many wonderful places you can enjoy in just a weekend!


Cycling is an amazing – and sometimes underestimated – way to explore European nature. Being on two wheels works miracles for your mood, and it can help you discover wonderful places which would have otherwise remained hidden from you! If you find yourself a little bit more adventurous, you can take the experience up a notch by engaging in some mountain biking. In fact, the Sonian Forest mentioned earlier might prove to be an amazing location for this adventure! Are you looking for more ways to get your blood pumping? Another hobby which promises great adrenaline is rock climbing. The good news? Spain has some amazing spots for this.