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Agriturismo Spain

Tapas, history and passion are intertwined in Spain’s culture and draw millions of tourists each year. However, nothing would be possible without one of the most important aspects of the Spanish economy – agriculture. The rural regions of the country provide fruits, vegetables and crops not only to its own people, but also to the whole European continent and even more.

Agritourism provides a completely different experience of travelling. You would usually stay in a house with a farm, orchard, plantation or vineyard on its premises. Hundreds of years of traditions in agriculture make Spain the perfect choice for your next trip in Europe. Spain is among the biggest producers of olives, oranges, grapes and apples, and Valencia and Andalusia are the two provinces with the most pronounced agricultural activities present.

Nature and agriculture going hand in hand

Andalusia has a remarkably good climate for the purpose of agriculture. Five different mountains together with the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean provide enough water, sun, and wind to the Andalusian land. The nature here is spectacular, although more than 20% of it is occupied by the mountains. In the heart of this Spanish comunidad, Doñana National Park is situated. This national protected area is home to more than 300 bird species, living here or simply stopping by on their way to the south. This is the largest ecological reserve in Europe, which you should visit and admire the idyllic landscape in peace and quiet.

Monfragüe National Park is another beautiful reserve in the Spanish territory. In fact, it is one of the last unspoiled ecosystems remaining in Europe. The rivers Tajo and Tietar have poured into the soil of this area for hundreds of years, creating a flourishing biodiversity of animals and plants. A stunning canyon with vertical rocks as high as hundreds of meters in some points has been created while the rivers have carved the hills here. Birdwatchers love this national park as many of the hiking trails provide great views of the river gorges with the nesting birds on the rocks.


Picos de Europa is great for hiking. It is located in Spain on the premises of the Cantabrian mountains. Ice and rain have worked together for thousands of years to create this karst rock wonder. The trails available here are quite strenuous and not so good for beginners, however the local authorities have thought about this too and a cable car was built in a nearby town to allow you to admire the spectacular panorama without too much trouble.

La Breña Y Marismas De Barbate is a national park located on the tip of Spain to the south. This park is a great location for those who wish to discover marine life on the shore of the North Atlantic. Boat trips, scuba diving and snorkeling are only some of the fun activities you can try here.

During the winter season, except that its much slower in terms of tourists, you can also enjoy some of the ski resorts in Spain. Andalusia, Catalonia and Aragon have numerous ski resorts to accommodate anyone from beginners to professional skiers.

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