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Almost the entire south coast of Spain is formed by the autonomous region of Andalusia. Anyone who thinks that a visit to Andalusia is only suitable in the summer is wrong. Even in the autumn and winter period it is a wonderful region to stay in a holiday home. The temperature is also ideal in these seasons and fluctuates between 20 and 25 degrees, so that you can take nice walks without sweating yourself too much.

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Almost the entire south coast of Spain is formed by the region of Andalusia. Anyone who thinks that a visit to Andalusia is only suitable in the summer is wrong. Even in the autumn and winter period, it is a wonderful time to spend your vacation in a holiday home. The temperature is also ideal in these seasons and fluctuates between 20 and 25 degrees. Andalusia is the place of contrasts as there you can find the highest mountain range in Spain with the most southerly ski resort in Europe and also the only desert on the continent. The coastline of Andalusia has more than 800 km. Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz are well-known for their gorgeous sandy beaches and clear water. Some of the most popular and lively cities in Spain can be found in Andalusia. Probably you have heard about Seville, Málaga, Córdoba, or Granada. Sounds exciting, right? Also, maybe you have never thought about this, but you should try to ski in Andalusia. In case you wish to visit the Spanish region with your family or friends and you are still looking for accommodation, you came to the right place. On you can find several types of holiday houses in Andalusia, which are situated in nature. What are you waiting for then? ¡Vamos!

Magnificent flora and fauna

The flora in Andalusia is one that you will hardly find anywhere else: from the second-highest mountain range in Europe to the only desert on the continent, forests, coastline, and tidal marshes that are considered biosphere by UNESCO. This is because of the location of the region, which is between Europe and Africa and between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Mediterranean climate characterized by dry summers and irregular rainfall during the other seasons influences the landscape, resulting in saltwater marshes, lagoons, and coastal strips with special species of plants. Also, on that part of the coast, there are forests of cork and evergreen oak. The so-called sierras: mountain areas with rocks and lush waters offer a unique and spectacular view.

Due to the diverse habitat types and the location of the region between Europe and Africa, Andalusia is the paradise of birds. In case you are a bird-watcher, it is recommended for you to come during spring because then you are able to enjoy the view of both wintering birds and those coming for the summer. Take your binoculars with you and admire the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to include in your itinerary the region of Sierra Morena, where you can spot the extremely rare black vulture, and the Parque Nacional de Doñana, which is the home of the Spanish imperial eagle. Some common species that you will see in Andalusia are the white storks (in the western part of the region), wild ducks, flamingos (along the Atlantic coast), and the colourful golden oriole that is normal to be observed during the summer months. That’s not all regarding fauna. You have high chances of seeing at least one of the following animal species: deers, wild pigs, royal owls, and red foxes. However, the Iberian Lynx is an endangered species that is rigorously protected in the peninsula. Are you even more curious to see the Spanish region? Now it’s the moment to book one of the holiday houses in Andalusia offered on The available Andalusian cottages are located in wonderful natural surroundings.

How can you spend your time in Andalusia?

By renting a cottage in Andalusia you will be even closer to the places that are worth exploring. There are so many options that we don’t even know which one to start with. You can practice water sports or just relax on the beaches of the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz. Seaside resorts such as Málaga, Torremolinos, and Marbella are known worldwide, but the smaller ones, such as Nerja, are also highly recommended. For an unforgettable experience, you can try hydro flying, jet skiing, paddle surfing, or kiteboarding. Perhaps you want to discover the secrets of the underwater world, then you should try snorkeling. However, if you are a person who prefers activities that involve less adrenaline, you can have a boat trip along the coastline and enjoy the splendid views. Also, if you take an excursion on the Straits of Gibraltar you will be impressed to see dolphins and whales.

Moreover, for those who want to admire the wildlife and find out more about it, they can have a trip in a jeep safari in one of the Andalusian national parks such as “Sierra de las Nieves”. Another popular activity is horseback riding. There are special equestrian trails and horse tracks that will lead you along the Spanish countryside. Biking is also a great alternative for those who are willing to get to know more places in the southern part of Spain, there are several trails you don’t have to miss, especially in Málaga. How about an intensive hiking route or winter sports activity in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada? Hiking in the Caminito del Rey would definitely be a wonderful experience. Maybe you haven’t thought about going to ski in Andalusia, but there are around 107 km of slopes between the Sierra Nevada and Pradollano. Lovers of culture and history can indulge in the cities of Granada, Córdoba, and Seville. The latter is considered the capital of the whole region of Andalusia. Either you want to swim, sightsee, bike, or ski in Andalusia, now it’s the moment to book one of the lovely Andalusian holiday houses that are waiting for you on Take your partner, family, or friends, and enjoy some time together in nature.

Did you know about these natural sights?

Tabernas Desert, Almeria

It is the only desert in Europe and this is what makes Andalusia unique. It is situated in the middle of the Spanish region and while you are there, you will feel the impression of being part of a Western movie. Also, it is the home for several species of animals, reptiles, and birds, mainly rabbits, rodents, lizards, Bee-eaters, Warblers, and many more. You can explore the magnificent scenery of the desert by foot, jeep, motorbike, or horse. Don’t forget to take your bottle of water and some sunscreen with you.

Sierra Nevada, Granada

It is a natural wonder that is the paradise of oak and maple trees, the Sierra Nevada violet, and a multitude of other plants. Besides the superb flora, in the Sierra Nevada, you can see some lovely representatives of the fauna, such as the genet, wild boar, and fox. It is not only the perfect place to hike, but also to ski. Andalusia is not so well-known for winter sports, however, the Sierra Nevada is one of the best places in Spain for skiing and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

El Torcal National Reserve, Antequera, Málaga

It is one of the most representative natural landmarks of Andalusia. The karst landscape is what makes the place so unique. The limestone rocks offer a fascinating view. Also, there are several hiking routes that are recommended for those who want to discover more of El Torcal. By night, you can enjoy the sky while stargazing at the observatory. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Book a holiday house in Andalusia with and be ready for a memorable experience.

Caminito del Rey and Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes, Málaga

It is a sight that will definitely take your breath away. The pass, which is three kilometers long and one meter wide, hangs up to 100 meters above the river. This requires a lot of adrenaline, right? But at least you should try it, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss. Take your camera and some comfortable clothing and have a great time!

Sierra de Grazalema National Park, Cadiz-Málaga

It is located between Cadiz and Málaga and is the first natural park in Andalusia, dating from 1984, and the first biosphere reserve classified by UNESCO in 1977. Sierra de Grazalema has incredible limestone cliffs and caves. It is considered the rainiest place in Spain and despite this, it is an attractive natural sight. A colony of griffon vultures surveys the area among other species of birds. While hiking around the national park, you can see how the locals live in the white villages (“Pueblos Blancos”), which surround the national park. Also, another interesting fact is that the national park is the paradise of more than 1,300 Mediterranean plant species. Therefore, on the website of you can find several bungalows, apartments, or cottages in Andalusia and other types of accommodation that are close to this natural attraction. Choose the type of accommodation that is the most convenient for you and the people you are going with.

Must-see destinations


It is located at the foot of the mountain range, the Sierra Nevada, and it is one of the most historic places in Andalusia. Above the city, there is the fascinating Alhambra, which was constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries by the first Emirate of Granada. Nowadays, it is an impressive monument from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the mountainous area. Moreover, its architecture has Moorish influences and all over the place, you can spot Islamic decorative patterns. While visiting the wonderful courtyards, gardens, and palaces, you will feel like being part of a fairytale. Include the Alhambra in your itinerary and admire the sumptuousness of the place. Also, during the evening you shouldn’t miss one of the famous flamenco shows. ¡Olé!


Enjoy the liveliness of the Spaniards in the city of Córdoba which is located in the southern part of Andalusia. The most impressive sightseeing of Córdoba is the La Mezquita, a mosque which dates back to the 8th century and has the interior decorated with Byzantine mosaics. When you will be there, you will see in the architecture of the buildings that Córdoba was centuries ago an important Roman and Islamic center. Also, if you are planning your holiday in Andalusia in May, then you should definitely go to Córdoba. In that period, it is organised the “Festival de Los Patios”, which brings even more colour and vitality to the Spanish city. Most of the houses have a courtyard called “patio” that during that time is decorated with multicoloured flowers. It is a tradition that has Muslim influences and helps houses to remain cool in the summer. Moreover, the festival had its first edition in 1918. Take a sip of Sangria and enjoy the wonderful time alongside the locals. After so much celebration in the city, perhaps you will need to return to a quiet place where you can enjoy the rest of the evening. If you look on the left side of the website of, you can select the perfect holiday house in Andalusia for you and your loved ones. Check now the availability, book the wished accommodation, and prepare your luggage.

What type of accommodation can you find on

Are you looking for a holiday house in Andalusia where you can enjoy some time in nature with your family and friends? Or maybe you are searching for a place for a romantic getaway that is somewhere away from crowds? Then the answer to all these questions is On our website, you can find a multitude of holiday houses in Andalusia that are located in the middle of nature. Therefore, what are you waiting for?

You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful cottages in Andalusia that might also have a pool or other facilities. That’s not all! Click here and you will see the offers for bungalows. You can take a couple of friends with you or just your family and enjoy some time together in this type of accommodation. Or perhaps a b&b would be more suitable for you. Check now the availability here. Would you like to stay in the middle of nature but also have the desired amenities and a high level of comfort? You should try glamping, which is camping in a glamorous way and on there might be some available options. Now it’s the right time to plan your holiday. Depending on the season, you can do a multitude of outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, or you can even try to ski in Andalusia. In case you have just decided that you want to go on a vacation, hurry up and check the affordable last minute offers.


It is temperate Mediterranean, which means the summers are hot and dry and winters are mild. Andalusia is considered to be one of the hottest regions in the entire Europe, reaching even 40 °C during July and August. However, on the coast, the climate is more temperate and inland the summers are torrid and the winters are extremely cold.

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