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Cottages Iceland

Shaped by forces of nature Iceland, also known as the land of fire and ice, is every nature lover’s dream and chances are that you are visiting it for its natural beauty. A landscape characterized by glittering glaciers, black sand beaches, bubbling hot springs, steaming lava fields, and volcanoes cause island to have one of the most mesmerizing landscapes unlike any other place. Even though almost all the natural highlights are accessible, they seem to be untouched by human civilization. This is partly because 80% of the country is uninhabited and this makes it the least populated country of Europe. Despite it is called Iceland, only about 10% of the land is covered in ice but this represents the largest glaciers which are left in Europe. Iceland is also the frontrunner of renewable energy production and has been declared the world’s greenest country.

Between the fascinating landscapes you will be able to enjoy a peaceful environment and recharge your energy and positive emotions. Besides the unique nature, it is a must to visit the city of Reykjavik and discover its surroundings and feel the ambiance of the city. What better way to explore the nature of Iceland than by staying in the middle of it? With Nature house you can find your accommodation in the midst of all the wonders with magnificent views.

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