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Nature holiday in the land of a thousand lakes

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Cottages Finland

If you want to respite from city life, Finland is the place to go. The whole land is a vast wilderness with no traces of civilization, almost like one big nature reserve. Venture out where no man has been and get a real sense of Finland's scenic beauty. In one of our cozy wooden cottages, you'll get a relaxing break in solitude - the best this country has to offer.

Finland is the place to be for nature lovers as it offers many different sorts of experiences. The word to perhaps describe the country’s nature would be contrast, with the most obvious differences between the seasons. The lake where you used to swim and sail in in summer has turned into a magnificent winter wonderland perfect for ice skating. Most of the country’s population is located in the south. In the north you will find vast unpopulated forests and high barren landscape of artic Lapland. When visiting Finland, finding water will never take you long and the same for dense forests.

Most of Finland lies so far north that it has the same latitudes as Siberia and Alaska and approximately 25% of the country is north of the Artic Circle. This means that in winter all the water is frozen and snow covers the landscapes for several months. In summer, the sun can stay above the horizon for more than 70 days which is also known as the midnight sun. Even Helsinki, the capital of Finland, then has 24 hours of daylight because the sun just dips under and then rises again. From September to March, you also have the opportunity to see the famous Northern Lights marvel in the sky.