Nature house in Ranua

outstanding (5) 4 reviews
outstanding (5) 4 reviews


Nature house-id 29896
Region Lapland
Country Finland
Number of guests 4
Type log cabin
Rental situation detached
Location isolated
Check-in 16:00
Check-out 07:00 - 12:00

About this nature house

This ruralhut is a beautiful little log cabin in the middle of the Simojoki salmon river in southern Finnish Lapland, built in 2008. Comfortably equipped with electric sauna, shower, wood stove, electric heating, running water, kitchen sink, refrigerator, TV, and outside toilet. Suitable for up to four people. You can use a canoe or rowing boat. In the summer you can use the wood-fired sauna on the shore. A fishing permit is included for one person, as well as the use of nettings (katiska). The fishing season of salmon runs from May 15th to September 15th. The salmon population is rapidly recovering, from 500 (2012) up to about 3800 (2015) to the river-rising adult salmon. In addition you will find sea trout, flag salmon, pike, bass and big maraine (siika). In addition to fishing, the log cabin is also very suitable as a drop-out for berries and mushroom lovers. Nearby you will find large marshland areas and the famous berry market in Ranua.

Nature and surroundings

Situated in a wooded parkland, near the Simojoki salmon river, 300 meters from the landlord's traditional farmhouse. This middle of the river is characterized by a varied landscape of coniferous forest and some meadows, with rapids (koski) and wider slower flowing sections. This area is sparsely populated and was famous for its salmon, which is now restoring. In the 50s and 60s the river was used for wood transport. In this area, many reindeer and moose live. Since the last years, also deer and raccoon dogs (supikoira) have lived here. The bird population consists of capercailye, grouse, snow grouse and partridge. A bear is 15 kilometers away. You will also find solitary wolves, lynxes and polygons here, such as throughout Lapland. The Arctic Zoo / Ranua Zoo is 30 kilometers away.

Contact with the landlord


  • Electricity: We buy green electricity (at least 50%)
  • Insulation: Floor isolated, Double glass, Roof isolated, Walls insulated
  • Sustainable insulation: Mineral wool (glass wool / stone wool)
  • Hot water supply: Boiler
  • Heating: Radiators / underfloor heating with HR (e) boiler
  • Degree of waste separation: Residual waste, Glass, Paper/cardboard, Plastics
  • Use of biological cleaning products
  • From own garden: Herbs, Vegetable
  • Public transport within 1 kilometer


Bedroom on the Ground floor
  • 2-pers. folding bed
  • 2-sofa
  • CD-player
  • shower
  • dining area
  • heater (wood)
  • highchair
  • refrigirator with freezer
  • coffee machine
  • cooker (electric)
  • microwave
  • Fireplace
  • stereo
  • chairs (x 4)
  • TV (digital)
  • kettle
  • refrigirator with freezer
  • parking
  • sauna
  • terrace (roofed)
  • heating (electric)
  • sandbox
  • refrigirator with freezer
  • sauna
  • terrace (roofed)
  • heating (electric)
  • sandbox

Optional costs

Bed linen + towels
per person, optional upon booking
per stay, optional upon booking



outstanding (5) 4 reviews

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