Glamping with dogs

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Glamping with dogs

Does your pet love travelling as much as you do? Then take it with you to an adventurous glamping holiday in nature. You can finally have the break you deserve while your dog enjoys the freedom it needs. On this page you can find numerous glamping homes in nature that are suitable for your pet. And all of them are in beautiful natural spots away from other tourists so that you can have the perfect glamping experience!

Travelling with your dog can be difficult, especially when most holiday homes don't allow pets. We, however, are very happy to offer you suitable homes in nature where your dog can live with you. You don't have to stay home for the loud New Year celebrations so that your pet feels safe. Bring it with you! Also for the Christmas and Easter holidays, take a long break with your whole family away from home. Or just plan a simple weekend trip to refresh yourself and spend time with your dog in nature. 

Glamping - the glamorous camping for the modern person

Glamping is a newly-emerged camping style that allows people to experience the traditional feeling of camping but in a luxury home with all possible necessities. You camp in a tent or another “primitive” home, but you actually sleep in a soft bed, you have private sanitary facilities, access to Wifi and general heating. Glamping is increasingly popular among travellers and this is not a big surprise. People of the 21st century live busy lives surrounded by technology and thus have little time for relaxation. As a response to this, everyone is now looking for authentic experiences that can bring back the connection with nature and the inner self. At the same time it is hard to completely cut off your internet and other modern conveniences. The best option then is to go glamping! At we have the right accommodation for a glamping holiday with dogs. All of it in a remote location where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy some quality time in nature. And most importantly, share this time with your loved ones, whether it’s your partner, friends, family or favourite pet! 

Glamping with dogs at 

With you have a large selection of glamping homes so the level of luxury depends on the accommodation you choose. Most of them have a kitchen unit, a spacious living room with a TV and a large garden. In the more luxurious houses you will find a private swimming pool and a sauna. And for your dog - well, nature is all around so she/he will find many places to explore. Accommodation types include tents, bungalows, caravanas, cottages, treehouses, cabins and even homes in the form of a car! There is something for everyone so take a moment and look carefully for the perfect home for you and your pet. Think about the surroundings as well - near water or deep in the woods? Or a secluded hut in the mountain regions? The choice is all yours! 

For all nature lovers

We have amazing news for all our guests who love the living environment and wildlife - when you book an overnight stay with, we plant one tree in Madagascar! This is our way to give back to nature and fight climate change, and we are more than happy to involve you guys as well. Wait no more and book your special stay in nature with us. Don’t forget to bring your pets with you for more happy memories. If you are in a hurry with your holiday, then check our last minute offers. Enjoy!

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