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Glamping Dordogne

Dordogne is a true paradise for nature lovers. Rocks and hills covered by bright colored forests, dramatic gorges and a profusion of wild rivers and streams… The landscapes of Dordogne never fail to amaze. And what a better way to enjoy nature than living in a glamping home! Stay in the middle of nowhere in a luxury camping home and discover France in the most authentic way.

If you’re not familiar with glamping, this is simply glamorous camping. You are staying in a fully furnished home, sleeping in a comfy bed, having all the amenities you need, and you can still call this camping. Your accommodation can be a tent, yurt, or even a treehouse above the ground! Bring back adventure to your life and revive your inner child. The best part of your experience with Nature.House is that you are settled in the middle of nature, away from the bustling city life. This back-to-nature escape is definitely rewarding, especially when Dordogne is the destination of your choice. Let’s see some of the best things that the region offers.

A heavenly place of colors

The department of Dordogne is part of the Aquitaine region, located in southwest France. Have you ever heard of the “Four Périgords”? Dordogne is well-known by its former name Périgord. This name is now carried by the four main touristic areas in the department. Dordogne is a place of colours, and the four Périgords – Green, White, Black, and Purple, make it one of a kind. Each of these areas has its own unique characteristics, from the upland and mountainous eastern terrain, to the mild Mediterranean south.

Périgord Vert (Green) – a must for nature lovers

This is the green scenery of the north. The high rainfall in the area brings to life picturesque landscapes of bright colours. This living environment sparkles even more thanks to the many water reservoirs. Between the small ponds and bogs you can find sunny meadows with yellow, pink, blue, and purple colours. All places in this part of Dordogne are naturally beautiful, but the verdant hills in the west promise some of the best views. In Périgord Vert you will find The Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park, which has nearly 2,000km of fascinating hiking trails that you can follow. Be sure to pass by the Dronne river to see its impressive limestone cliffs.

Périgord Blanc

The White Périgord takes its name from the local limestone that was used to build a many of the monuments and buildings that now make it a historical region. Périgord Blanc in central Dordogne is the more touristic area of Dordogne but the natural experience here is just as promising. With a glamping home secluded from the Dordogne cities you can wake your senses in nature. Take a stroll in the woods of the Double Forest or travel down the rivers to discover the local architectural heritage.

Périgord Noir

The Black Périgord carries the black beauty of its dark holm oaks that spread all over the region. The main natural attractions are the caves with ancient rock paintings, and the two biggest rivers – the Dordogne and the Vézère. This region is a prehistoric place filled with sites and buildings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. You can book a glamping home in Dordogne in the area of Sarlat. Pay a visit to this medieval city and enrich your nature holiday with a cultural experience.

Périgord Pourpre

The Purple Périgord carries the genuine pastoral charm that France is celebrated for all around the world. Located in the south. the region carries the calm Mediterranean atmosphere. The rolling landscapes and sunflower meadows create a romantic feeling wherever you go. But the pinnacle of the scenery in Périgord Pourpre are the grape fields. In the autumn, the leaves of the vineyard-carpeted hills turn purple, painting a picture of a thousand words. Book a glamping home (or a farm!) in this region of Dordogne to have the greatest agritourismo holiday in France.

Lazing around in a boat, or testing your stamina with a bike tour?

Dordogne is the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures. All water sport enthusiasts will absolutely love this region. Canoeing, kayaking, boat trips along the small or bigger rivers. Along the way you can take a break and go for a wild swim. Even though white water rafting it not possible in the rivers of Dordogne, the spring streams can get you pretty close to it. Challenging for the beginners and exciting for all! Looking for a real-thrill? Then try out water-skiing and wakeboarding. If you’d like to explore the historic sites of Dordogne, you can always take a sight-seeing trip along the Dordogne River and admire the views from your boat.

But we are mostly here for nature, right? Another active way of exploring the outdoors is by bike. With or without a designated route, this can be your main adventure with family and friends. For the more experienced cyclers, you can dedicate a whole day of your holiday to the Dordogne Valley bike ride. The trail lasts for 80km, showing you Dordogne at its finest – the Dordogne river, prehistoric sites and castles, ancient villages, and ever-lasting green landscapes. And while we’re at it – why don’t you try mountain biking? In the end, you can always choose one of the numerous hiking trails and enjoy leisure walks and picnics with your family.

Glamping in Dordogne is possible in every season!

The mild weather makes Dordogne suitable for nature holidays in all seasons. The average winter temperatures are between 2°C and 10°C. With some warm clothes you are perfectly safe to spend your time outdoors. Unfortunately, with no extremes in the temperature and rare snowfall Dordogne is left-out as a winter sports destination. The good thing is that our glamping homes can keep you warm in the chilly times, even though it’s just a tent!

In spring the weather becomes gradually warmer reaching temperatures of 20-25°C. Don’t let the rainy days ruin your mood – the wet weather creates some of the best natural scenery. The living landscapes continue to flourish in the summer as well. The hottest month is August, with average high temperatures of 28°C – nothing too much! Late August and early September is the ideal time of the year to witness the magical purple vineyards. Dordogne says goodbye to summer and welcomes the autumn season with lots of sunshine and gentle temperatures. And be sure that it always welcomes visitors to display with pride its natural highlights.

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