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If you are planning to visit the Netherlands for your next holiday, you should check out our stylish chalets in the Friesland province. Friesland consists almost everywhere of flat pastures with beautiful views, but every now and then the landscape changes dramatically. For example, the sloping forests of Gaasterland or the sandy beaches of the Wadden area and the Dutch Wadden islands waiting for your visit in the sea.

All of the accommodations are situated in the middle of nature and are big enough for the whole family. Most of them allow pets as well. Many of them are accessible by public transport, plus a little nature walk. The chalets have beautiful modern designs and some are producing their own green energy.


Wouden van Friesland is the best place to discover the beautiful forests, hedgerows, heather fields, grasslands and winding streams in the continuously varying landscapes of Northeast, Southeast and Southwest Friesland. Take a walk in the ancient forests of National Landscape Noardlike Fryske Wâlden and see the hundred-year-old traces of pingos and floats from the Ice Age. Together with the high sandy soils, hedgerows, alder avenues, peat formation and excavation, they form the unique bocage landscape in Northeast Friesland. What is special is that this landscape is still maintained by local farmers, which means that many hedgerows and alder roads are still completely intact.

Drents Friese Wold National Park has a very shifting landscape - from sand dunes to fens and from vast moors to wetlands. In the southwest region you can find the forests of Gaasterland. The forests are characterized by majestic beech and oak and a rich history. Here wide parallel avenues are crossed diagonally by narrow transverse avenues with imposing beech trees. In nature reserve the Wyldemerk you imagine yourself in a completely different environment, where sand holes and rugged woodland nature collide. In this wilderness you can find cows and sheep, as well as Exmoor ponies on Sippen Finns running around freely. Deer, hare, fox, otters and many species of birds can be seen in Friesland.

A hidden coastline with beautiful beaches, picturesque towns and a vast landscape can be found in the Frisian Wadden coast. While there, the Wadden Islands are worth a visit. Schiermonnikoog National Park is one of the wildest places in the Netherlands. The island was formed by strong sea currents, strong winds and drifting sand. Nature on Schiermonnikoog is still constantly changing. Hardly anywhere else can you find so many different landscapes in such a small area: forests and dunes full of fragrant flowers, the endless beach, a vast salt marsh with unspoiled views, and mudflats, Westerplas and polder brimming with birds. With this wide variety of landscapes, more than 300 bird species that visit the island every year, and an enormous wealth of rare plants thrives there.

There are many nature parks and reserves in Friesland. Take a walk in the salt marsh at Holwerd and enjoy the salty Wadden air, see the islands in the distance and appreciate the sound of the birds. Enjoy the wealth of plants and birds and the small scale of the landscape of De Mieden at Buitenpost. Discover this scenic area formed in the Ice Age by bike or on foot. The Hegewiersterfjild is this special nature reserve where wadden and meadow birds meet. From the bird hide you have a wide view of the lake with the various shell islands where thousands of birds settle, especially at high tide.


The Friesland province is very rich in culture. In 2018, eleven internationally renowned artists decorated the eleven cultural-historical cities of Friesland with unique water works. Fog, ice, steam, sea water ... Every city has its own story. The 11 fountains are a piece of art and are a great place for taking photos.

You have to dare to kitesurf! Friesland has the perfect kitesurf spots for all directions. No surfboard? Don't worry, it is for rent! Never done it and it's on your bucket list? No problem, there are instructors, happy to teach you. Enjoy water, wind and the spectacle of Kitesurfing in Friesland. If the heat gets too much you can go for a swim on the beach or in many of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools in the area. If you want to explore – rent a boat to sail away. Bring you fishing rods and try to catch some fish with your kids. Supping, windsurfing and surfing are available all along the Friesland coasts, as well as canoeing and paddle boarding.

While taking a hike in nature you might come across a mini golf course or a cuddling farm, where you can cuddle animals like cows, goats and sheep. There are many cycling routes in the area, which you can explore with electric choppers if you are not a fan of bicycles. In winter’s natural ice, and when it is not freezing you can go to the famous Thialf in Heerenveen or the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden and try ice hockey, figure skating and curling.

Enjoy the starry sky undisturbed, who wouldn't want that? In the Netherlands, this can be done very well in two places. You will find these two places in Friesland; the Boschplaat and Terschelling and in the Lauwersmeer National Park. These two areas may call themselves 'Dark Sky' park, roughly translated as 'Dark Night Sky'. The Dark Sky parks are areas where it is so dark that you can fully experience the starry sky. Or you can just take a blanket and lay down on the porch of your chalet and be amazed by the dancing stars above you.


Friesland's climate is classified as warm and temperate. There is a great deal of rainfall in Friesland, even in the driest month. This climate is categorized as temperate oceanic climate. During the months of July and August you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20°C- 25°C. The months of September, October and November have a high chance of precipitation. The coldest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 4°C. November is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. April is the driest month and May is the sunniest.

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