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Bored at home? We got you covered! Book a beautiful luxury chalet in the middle of nature and enjoy wildlife anywhere in Europe. From Switzerland to the Netherlands to Portugal, we have different types of luxury chalets available for you to enjoy your holiday.


If you decide to book a luxury chalet, then be ready to surround yourself with beautiful plants and various species of trees. Whether it be France, The Netherlands, Belgium, or Sweden, we’ve got you covered! If you decide to book a luxury chalet in Belgium or The Netherlands then you will be able to see oak, elm, pine, and linden, a few of the most common tree species here. Waking up to the beautiful and calming trees will make your day even more productive but relaxing at the same time! Imagine trees growing through terraces and roofs of your luxury chalet! If you decide to stay in France, then you will be amazed by the greenery that this country has to offer. You may think of Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées, or Arc de Triomphe every time you think of France, but have you heard of Portes en Valdaine in Rhône-Alpes? Here, you will discover oak, beech, pine, birch, poplar, and willow. Feel like visiting the woods in Sweden? Go hiking or biking through the endless forests that are nowhere the same and explore various species of flowers in this country. Visby, a sunny island in Sweden has roses blooming until winter creating a picturesque view for you to enjoy! These are the few countries that offer so much vegetation but there are more options available for you where you could book a luxury chalet and enjoy the unique floras of those places.

In essence, is about connecting people with nature, so you can be sure that if you rent a luxury chalet in Europe, you will be surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty during your stay. Away from mass tourism and crowded places, you can finally get the relaxation you need. Imagine hiking and admiring the Beech or oak trees, the multitude of lichens and mosses. That’s not all! The landscape is beautified by the multi-colored flowers, such as Violets, Wood Anemones, Primroses, and Bluebells. Stroll in the forests and usually, you will be able to spot foxes, badgers, wild boars, deer, and a wide variety of species of birds. Don’t forget to take your binoculars and enjoy the liveliness of the wildlife. Are you willing to discover not just one place but more during the day? Mountain biking is a great activity for those who are adventurous type of person. Moreover, there are numerous routes that you can follow and will definitely guide you through splendid natural treasures.


You can practice a multitude of outdoor activities that might differ, depending on the region where you decide to spend your vacation. Hiking, biking, and trips to natural sights or historical towns are some common examples. How about renting a ski chalet? You will be even closer to the ski slopes. Imagine after a day outside, skiing, you return to your warm wooden chalet and enjoy the rest of the evening with your loved ones. You can play some board games by the fireplace, have a cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate, or simply, a delicious warm dinner. Sounds like a relaxing winter holiday, right?

That’s not all! Perhaps you would like to go during the spring or summer season. If you rent a modern chalet near the beach, you will be able to practice all water sports, such as swimming, snorkeling, or surfing. Also, even though you aren’t a water sports fan, you can enjoy your time sunbathing or discovering the natural treasures of the region. How about having a picnic or admiring the sunset? Have a look at the website of Book a mini chalet for the perfect romantic getaway or a grand chalet accommodation for a holiday with your group of friends or family. Also, our landlords are willing to share with you some recommendations of what activities to do or places to see near their chalet house. Hurry up and plan your vacation right away!


Why are the chalets luxurious? In a luxury chalet house, you get everything you might need from your holiday accommodation. A warm place to stay, a comfy bed, a fully fitted kitchen, and a beautiful nature just outside your home. And when you stay in a home in the natural world, secluded from the big cities, there's not much you need other than the right company. Of course, if you want to treat yourself to some spa, or more luxury, that's also possible. You can always book this luxury chalet even if your budget is a little tight. You will have a private swimming pool and your own sauna/jacuzzi to relax after a long day in the greater outdoors. It's perfect for a long weekend break to unplug from your busy life. Some homes even allow pets inside, so you can finally bring your dog on a holiday with you. It will have all the freedom to run around in pure nature, and you won't have to worry about leaving it home alone.


Wondering when you should go on a vacation? Rent a luxury chalet during winter and it will definitely be an unforgettable experience. In Northern Europe, you should know that the temperatures are most of the time below 0 degrees Celsius. Be prepared with boots and really warm sweaters. However, you can enjoy a lovely time skiing or inside your luxury chalet. Imagine yourself sipping a cup of hot chocolate while chatting with your loved ones. However, you can do the same in Central or Southern Europe where the weather is less cold.

On the other hand, during summers, the temperatures reverse. In Southern Europe, it is usually hot and on the opposite side of the continent, the temperatures during the summer months are not so high. Autumn and spring are usually rainy in Central Europe but those are the seasons when nature shows us an explosion of colors. Therefore, be sure to check the weather forecast before you make the booking and start packing your luggage!

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