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Chalet Finland

Finland is undoubtedly a unique destination which can easily steal your heart and become the goal of your next trip. The country is to be found in the northern part of Europe, and although some people usually associate it with winter, one can have a truly amazing time during all seasons. There are so many benefits related to visiting Finland – for instance, its cities are indeed beautiful. If you are an architect or you are interested in the field, you are sure to be very busy exploring. However, those of you who are willing to leave the busy towns are going to enjoy fairy-tale-like nature.

One of the most suitable accommodations for the country are chalets! All of the nature houses we have selected for you provide the ideal mix of comfort and proximity to nature. If you would like to wake up to the sounds (and views!) of nature while also making use of all of the needed amenities, chalets are definitely for you!

Finnish nature

Our first recommendation is a national park. Although it is relatively newly founded – it has existed since the year 2017 – this does not mean that Hossa National Park is in any way inferior to the other ones. In fact, its nature is stunning and versatile – if you would like to have a quiet break near a lake or take a walk in the forest you can do that here. Although it is entirely up to you how you spend your time in the national park, trust us when we say that you just need to visit the Julma Ölkky – a canyon lake which boasts the first position on the territory of the country with respect to size. However, size would not matter to you once you get to witness this next-level beauty!

Speaking of water and aesthetically pleasing areas, it is really hard not to mention the Putaanköngäs Waterfall. This natural jewel is to be found in the Oulanka National Park, and it will shock you with its unique appearance. There are higher waterfalls than this one, but beauty and height do not necessarily go hand in hand. Just look at the way the water flows through the rock formations – it is refreshing, right?


If you happen to like winter sports, be sure to add some skiing to your agenda. The country has some amazing ski resorts, and no matter if you are experienced or you are still getting used to this sport, you are definitely going to find some suitable slopes. Although you can’t make a wrong choice here, you can try one of the two (or both!) ski resorts in Ylläs.

Another thing which is responsible for attracting a large number of tourists to the country is the natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. There are a lot of beautiful views in nature in general, but we personally would place the Northern Lights somewhere near to the top. If you find yourself in Finland in the appropriate period and you are wondering where to head to for the best visibility, we would advise you to consider Lapland.

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