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An unforgettable stay in the northern Netherlands

If you enjoy being surrounded by nature then perhaps you should consider a vacation in a chalet around the Drenthe area. The wooden structures provide extreme comfort for any nature enthusiast and is a perfect way to spend some time off. Drenthe is located in the northern Netherlands and it is known as one of the best natural areas of the country. Thanks to you can enjoy a safe and exciting holiday and all you have to do is allow yourself to experience an unforgettable retreat.

The beautiful natural sights of the northern Netherlands

The Netherlands is considered a relatively small country, therefore the nature parks in that area are generally smaller and more intimate than the rest of Europe. However, they are equally beautiful and due to the fact that the territory is rather flat, it provides a positive environment for forest biking. Some of the nature parks in the Drenthe area suitable for bike rides are Dwingelderveld Drents-Friese Wold and the Drentsche National Park. During your stay at chalet Drenthe, you can also expect to encounter wildlife representatives such as foxes and beavers. Additionally, the Netherlands is popular for its variety of birds which populate even the urban areas of the Drenthe region.

Nevertheless, as it is located in the north-west of Europe, the Netherlands is also a more rainy area due to the fact that it is close to the North Sea. What is more, one-third of the country lies below sea level, and therefore a variety of lakes, canals, and rivers are widely spread across the territory. During your stay at chalet Drenthe, it is possible to be surrounded by water sights which contribute to an unforgettable experience as breath-taking sunsets reflect on the glass-like surfaces. Still, the highly humid air combined with the generally windy climate does not prevent most tourists from enjoying their retreat at Drenthe, as the accommodations that offers are perfect for cozy evenings around the fireplace.

What can you do during your stay in chalet Drenthe?

It does not matter if you decided to take some time off alone, as a couple, as a family, or as a group of friends, there are many options to stay active. If you chose to spend some time together as a family then a vacation at chalet Drenthe is a marvelous choice, since it can be an educational experience for the smallest members of your clan. You could take them on scavenger hunts as they explore the local area. Nevertheless, the woodlands of Drenthe also contribute to the ultimate romantic getaway, thus you can plan your vacation with your loved one and still have a nice time. Drenthe is perfect for morning walks, picnics by the lakes, or simply chill evenings by the porch of your own chalet. provides you with a convenient yet excellent way to spend some time off surrounded by nature.

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