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Chalet Veluwe

Looking to book something nearby, here in the Netherlands? You should try our wonderfully designed chalets. They are made entirely of wood with a stylishly sloped roof reaching out at the front side of the house. They are typical for the Alpine regions like in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland. But we have some charming examples in Veluwe as well.

Why Veluwe? Well, the answer is pretty simple given the fact that you have countless possibilities through the year for exciting activities and catch a glimpse of the astounding nature there. With 1100 km2 lands filled with forests, hills, grassy floodplains and a large array of wildlife, Veluwe bares the crown for the most famous and exciting nature hot spot for tourists and natives. No matter big or small, booking a chalet here won’t disappoint.

Natural places in Veluwe with exceptional beauty

Imagine waking up to the sound of the little birds chirping on the roof of your new home. Go out in the cool morning air to pick some fruit and veggies from your very own garden. Have a snack with a hot cup of coffee. Peering from the window you immediately spot the good old doctor of the forest – the woodpecker. From now on you choose how your day will proceed. You can take a cycling path and explore IJssel valley. Famous with its flat and grassy flood lands, its home to a variety of amazing bird specimens. From red-breasted wheats, reed buntings and Chinese grouse to hawks, buzzards and kingfishers.

IJssel valley also gives you an amazing view of the countryside in all its glory. Or rent an electric scooter and go to Rondje Posbank, one of the main attractions in Veluwezoom National Park. At nearly 90 meters, Posbank gives you a clear panoramic view of the amazing landscape that Veluwe provides. And if a quiet and peaceful walk in nature is what you need, you must try the Kootwijk forest. Surrounded by a vast heathland, sand and thick forest many people find tranquility walking down this marvelous scenery.

Wildlife is freer roaming in Veluwe, meaning if lucky you can spot a deer or a curious squirrel along the way. Other big animals that lurk in the forests are wild boars, Scottish highlanders accompanied in the sky by birds of prey looking for a snack, usually snakes, lizards and little mice.

Activities to enjoy in the outdoors

Have a memorable day for you and your family in one of the six climbing forests. Challenge yourself on the rope bridges and nets, through lianas or get your blood pumping by trying the zipline. Too hot? Take a swim in a lake nearby or get tan on the sandy beaches. Just make sure you brought sunscreen. Fill a picnic basket with some snacks and take out your family for a nice afternoon as the forest trees dance around you blown from the wind. Or rest in your chalet with your friends or partner with a nice glass of wine, near the barbeque and zone out from the outside world.

If you want to get closer to the old ways you must visit one of the Hanseatic cities in the area. Hattem for example with its amazing nature it inspired many painters through the 1900s. The small city is filled with amazing museums. From Anton Pieck Museum for the art lovers to the Dutch Bakery Museum for food enthusiasts. And it wouldn’t be a holiday without visiting the many shops for art, fashion and crafts there. Surrounded by nature the city has its own appeal. There are many restaurant areas if you get hungry from the exploration. And after an exhausting day lay on the cozy couch in your charming chalet. Put on the tv and enjoy the holiday that you deserve.

Even in the rainy days you can experience the natural treasures of Veluwe

Winter is the perfect choice if a chalet is what you booked. It is designed to withstand exactly such kind of weather. Temperatures can reach below freezing from December to January, but compared to other places winter is quite mild. A nice way to escape with your loved one in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees covered with a thick layer of snow. With its high altitude snowfall is common around these places. A perfect time to try that Wim Hof method.

Summer can reach over 35°C. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, because the sun shines 10-11 hours a day. The occasional thunderstorm occurs now and then, but it's part of nature. Keep in mind that almost every summer the Netherlands is hit with a heat wave that lasts several days. Wear sunscreen and look for the shades or refresh yourself in the pool or at the lake.

Autumn comes unexpectedly and in a manner of a week from lush green forest the whole scenery shifts to red and yellow overtones. Temperatures may vary, but heavy rainfall is sure to come. The winds stay calm through the year reaching around 15 km/h.The most famous season amongst the tourists is spring. Warm and welcoming, spring resurrects the sleeping forest. The sky clears and the rain gets more and more absent. Weather stays calm and birds chirp around, happily chewing on those tasty bugs crawling around the forest. On its lowest days it can reach 10-15°C and on a good day 25°C and more. Those months are also the driest. Take your other half, friends, family and your trusty dog and start packing for the best holiday here in your amazing chalet in Veluwe.

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