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Christmas chalet

When we think about the Christmas holidays, most of us think of Christmas city markets, beautifully decorated facades, and snowy streets. However, there is a unique charm to the Christmas season in the countryside and by choosing a chalet you are prone to experience it first-hand.

These winter wonderland chalets will welcome you for the brightest season of the year and let you celebrate Christmas in some of the coziest and most beautiful Christmas locations in the world. Of course, Europe provides very different experiences from place to place through the winter, therefore you can rest assured that whatever your dream-like Christmas looks like, you will find it in one of the chalets on our website. Whether you want to enjoy the sun on Christmas day, or look for Aurora Borealis on Christmas Eve, we have everything you might need for a trip you will likely never forget.

A winter wonderland in nature

Can we even talk about Christmas and the winter holidays without mentioning Austria? The whole country is practically a winter wonderland itself. Of course, Austria is also subject to a lot of traffic in terms of tourists and not each and every place is that great after it has been filled with people. However, Hallstatt is different. This small alpine town is located on the shore of an isolated lake right at the foot of the Alps. During the winter, the mountains, the hills, the streets, and the rooftops are covered by soft white snow creating a picturesque scenery like no other. The traditional Austrian architecture is gleaming with the majestic mountains as its background. People here are cheerful and warm and a trip to Hallstatt will surely become an unforgettable experience.

Santa Claus is waiting for you on your Christmas adventure to Rovaniemi in Finland. Rovaniemi is a small and extremely unique town even for Finland. It is located in the secluded area of Finnish Lapland and just outside the town is where Santa Claus will be waiting for you. Except for the fairytale experience, Rovaniemi is also home to the biggest reindeer population on Earth – they are practically everywhere. The trip to Lapland can be quite long, however rewarding once you get there and let your mind get lost in the Christmas wonderland of Finland.


Finland’s Lapland is also where the Arktikum Science Museum is located. If you are interested in the culture, history, and nature of the sub-arctic and arctic regions of the world, this museum is the place to be. Moreover, if you consider yourself the adventurous type of person, take your mittens and head to the woods for a stunning experience of dog sledding with huskies.

Neighbouring Sweden is the place for some of the best views of the northern lights at all. Especially in Abisko, located in the Swedish Lapland. The area is free of any light pollution which makes it ideal for the purpose.

Skiing and snowboarding are amazing activities for the wintertime. Europe has hundreds of ski resorts spread throughout, although the most famous ones are located in the Swiss Alps. Surprisingly, Spain, Italy, and Bosnia have remarkably good ski areas, which often come at a fraction of the price of Swiss resorts.

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