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Alpine chalet

Wishing for an unforgettable holiday in the mountains? Check out some of our chalets in the Alpine region. Have an adventurous vacation filled with long, sunny days and cold, but cozy nights. Get away from the polluted air, traffic, job and embrace nature in its purest form. Many of our chalets are fully equipped for your needs. With charming design on the outside and luxurious style on the inside, you will want to stay there forever. They are made with Swiss design almost entirely of wood. Almost all of them have the internet installed and a big fireplace in the living room. Most of them are pet friendly with big yard space, perfect for barbeque afternoon.

Alpine landscapes

The Alpine region includes several important mountain chains across Europe. Part of it are the mighty Alps, the Apennines in Italy, the Pyrenees on the border of Spain and France, the Scandes raging across Sweden, Finland and Norway, the Carpathians located from Slovakia to Romania and the Balkan mountain and Rhodopes in the heart of beautiful Bulgaria.

Given the fact that it is a mountainous region the climate is cold and harsh. The lower slopes are filled with lush and untouched forests, but with the altitude increasing, the temperatures drop and the trees give way to alpine grasslands. The Alpine Region has such a rich and diverse biodiversity. Altogether, 119 habitat types, 107 plants and 161 animal species listed in the Habitats Directive are found in the Alpine Region. Because the human disturbance is very limited many big carnivore animals call this their home. On the ground you can find wolves, bears, lynx and eagles, falcons, vultures patrol the skies. Many species of rodents and invertebrates, as well as beetles and butterflies are found above the tree line.

The Alps are one of the highest mountain chains in Europe. They cross several countries like France, Switzerland and Monaco to Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. Mont Blanc peeking at 4,807 m, is the highest summit in Europe. Many important rivers like the Rhine, Po and Rhône have their journey begin from these mountains. More than half of the Alps are covered in forests made up from deciduous trees in the north and evergreen forests in the south. Above the tree line the bearded vulture keeps watch for any rodents or rabbits. With more than 3-meter wingspan it is one of the largest birds of prey in Europe. More than 40% of the continent’s flora is located here. Many grazing animals live on it like the Bavarian vole or the Alpine ibex. Many rare butterflies occupy these high altitudes making the beautiful landscape even more like a fairytale land. Birdwatchers won’t be left disappointed, because here nest more than 200 species of birds and a further 200 migrate through or spend the winter here.

Go on adventures in the Alps

No matter if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet mountain retreat or a holiday filled with adventure, choosing the Alpine region for your vacation is the perfect choice.

You can go hiking, mountain biking, skiing, paragliding, mountain climbing or kayaking and rafting on the rivers Soca and Idrijca in the Julian Alps. While in that area check out Lake Bled and the island with a church in the middle of it. Cycle around its beaches surrounded by fields of wild flowers and past sheep grazing the meadows.

Or visit Valle d'Aosta in Italy you can take beautiful walks with a view of the more famous mountains such as Mont Blanc. Stop by the Chamonix Resort, famous for its amazing ski slopes. For the ones that are not afraid of heights, you can try glacier climbing, bouldering or taking a hot air balloon ride high in the mountain tops. You can take a hike with family and friends to some of the many crystal lakes and have a fishing afternoon or picnic while enjoying the scenery all around you. And if some alone time is what you are looking for then go next to a charming little creek and become one with nature with a meditation or yoga practice. Or get inspired by the stunning views and get creative by writing in your journal or painting the next masterpiece.

And at the end of an exhausting day go home to your little Alpine chalet high in the mountains, open your favorite book and relax in front of the fireplace. Play some board games with the family or relax on the cozy couch with your partner, away from all the troubles of day-to-day life.


The Alpine climate is not for the warm-blooded people. Although it spreads around the whole of Europe the temperatures are the same above the treeline. Summer temperatures reach between 10 to 15 °C with long sunny days and little chance of rainfall. The highest temperatures in June could reach up to 23 °C. Keep in mind that it might get really windy up there. No matter the season the night temperatures almost always drop down below freezing. Nevertheless, you should pack a high SPF sunscreen, because the little amount of atmosphere at high altitudes exposes the Alpine area to sunlight, especially UV, at a dangerous level. In the winter it is usually always snowing with very icy temperatures. The average temperature throughout the year is around 8 °C. In the winter the average temperature is around 0-1 °C, with the lowest temperatures in January reaching –10 °C. Snowfall is not unusual for the whole winter season.

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