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Holiday chalets

If you are passionate about spending time in nature and you wish to experience a different type of holiday, take a look at our holiday chalets. All chalets are located in top European travel spots near national and natural parks, reserves, high mountains and beautiful rivers. On a holiday in one of our chalets you will have the chance to explore the natural areas in Europe and to admire the scenic views from your own little house.

Europe is a great destination for nature enthusiasts as its geography is very diverse, thus providing plenty of options for different types of adventures – skiing, hiking, sunbathing, etc. The distances between the countries are usually bearable, which together with the applied international policies of the EU, make it really easy to travel in between the member states and enjoy the environment of a few countries at the same time.

A nature which enchants

Among the rarest sights in Europe is the amazing area of Gorges du Verdon in France. Although there are many rivers turbulent enough to create magnificent gorges and small canyons, nothing quite compared to the beauty of this one. Located in Province, therefore just a drive away from the most beautiful French region, the river canyon of Verdon cuts through high rocks for more than 20 km. The most remarkable aspect of this river is the color of its waters – the bright turquoise creates a scenery out of this world.

The Black Forest in Germany is another amazing location for nature enthusiasts as it provides so many options for adventure. The Rhine valley is located to the east of Black Forest and is a nice starting point. Except for admiring the massive river bed of Rhine, you can also visit Donauquelle – the “origin” of river Danube. To the south, Bodensee will be waiting for you with stunning views at the foot of the Alps. The lake shores are covered by 3 countries, and there are more than 10 small islands in it, some of which are inhabited, while others serve as protected areas.

Activities to try

There are a few hiking possibilities in the area of the Verdon canyon. The circuit route is the most popular option and it will take you on a spectacular trip from atop the cliffs. You will witness some of the greatest panoramas, especially from the Balcons de la Mescla – a chain of balconies as high as 250m above the water. The Styx du Verdon is a great place to visit, too. It is a small canyon inside the canyon, reachable by a boat or kayak. This mystical place, according to legends, is the door to the underworld. The upper parts of river Verdon are a favorite spot for adrenaline seekers as it offers one of the best rafting experiences.

Hochstrasse scenic route in Baden-Württemberg is the best way to explore the Black Forest area here. You will have a chance to admire the beauty of this national park from great panorama spots, as well as discover the Mummelsee lake area. Philosopher’s walk is another walking path which will take you on an adventure through German culture – following the river Neckar through local vineyards and the Heidelberg castle.

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