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Mountain chalet

Warm weather is not for everyone. If you know what I mean you should try one of our chalets in the mountains of Austria, Switzerland, Germany. But what exactly is a chalet? It’s a Swiss style bungalow, made from wood and with a stylish rooftop peeking out above the front of the house. It’s the perfect solution for a retreat with friends or family in the middle of Mother nature. Enjoy the stunning views all around you, from the amazing mountain flowers and herbs beneath you to the clear blue skies above. Most of the chalets allow you to bring your pet as well. Summer hiking in the old forests of the mountain or skiing down a steep slope in the winter. From relaxing weekend getaway to a holiday packed with adventure thrills, mountain chalet has it all!

Some of the best natural places for a holiday in the mountains

The nature in the mountain can be harsh at times, but when the skies clear and the sun lights up the marvellous scenery right before your eyes, well then, it's all worth it. Just a glimpse of the essence that the mountain gives is enough to move your body and soul. With the freshest air and greenest forests, it's no wonder that the most fascinating wildlife chose to live here. From eagles and hawks patrolling the skies and deer, wild goats, boars cautiously making their way through the greenery. As should you, because bears and wolves are also around. The Alps were formed approximately 65 million years ago. Highest peak is Mont Blanc (4,800m) located on the border between Italy and France.

Many lakes decorate the mountain slopes with the most famous being Lake Como, Lake Constance and Lake Geneva. Explore the untouched nature of the Alps like never before with the Alps Trekking Challenge. Hike through three countries - France, Italy and Switzerland in a few days. The track is about 50 km long and involves exploring the mountaineering capital – Chamonix, hiking through traditional swiss villages and open meadows as well as climbing alpine passes surrounded by unbeatable views of waterfalls, cliffs and glaciers.

But of course, Europe has a lot more to offer than the mighty Alps. You can climb the mountain of the gods – Olymp for example. Feel at first hand the divine energy that inspired the ancient Greeks. So many myths and legends circle this place. Do you dare to check if they are true or false?

Plenty of activities to do in the mountain

Activities vary depending on the season. Winter comes with the usual snowboarding and skiing. Ice climbing is a thing, although we do not advise you to do that alone in the mountains. Or maybe fill your thermos with a hot beverage, find a quiet frozen lake and try ice fishing. With the melting of the snow, you might observe the first mama bears with their young coming out of hibernation. Did you know that bear cubs come mostly in pairs, but only one survives the first year? Nature can be cruel as much as it is beautiful. In the warm summer months, you must try paragliding and see the landscape below from a bird's eye. If it gets too warm you can always cool down in your very own pool next to the chalet. Or go and cool off at the great lakes that formed in the matter of millions of years. Most of them offer water sport activities in the summer, like kayaking and paddle boarding.

Not a fan of the water? Then take shade in the thick forests on a nice and quiet afternoon walk. For the adrenaline junkies there are numerous mountain bike trails that you can try. And it’s a holiday after all, so why don’t you take a ticket for one of the many mountain railways, take a seat and enjoy the astounding scenery through the window of your train cabin. And when tired from the long day all that is left is to get inside your charming chalet, put on your coziest and worm clothes and have a glass of wine in front of the TV with your loved one and think how lucky you are to be where you are.

Prepare for some colder temperatures

Mountain climate could be very tricky to predict, because of all the elevations and exposure. Snow usually starts covering the hills and valleys around mid-November until the end of May. Temperatures differ from the cold and dry winter from –5 °C to as high as 8 °C. Weather changes very rapidly given the fact that winds play a prominent role in daily microclimatic conditions. Some days it could become too cold even for the most equipped for that weather wildlife.

Summer on the other hand can be pretty inviting. Temperatures stretch depending on how high you are. Some days they go as high as 25 °C, but others fall down to 10-15 °C. With 10 hours of sunshine per day you have enough time to observe the nesting birds on the trees or the abundance of wildlife as far as your eyes can see. Winds calm down and the rocky mountain cliffs put on their summer dress, made from countless species of colorful flowers. Occasional thunderstorms might occur from time to time, but precipitation is not on a daily basis.

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