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Are you passionate about spending time in nature and experiencing a different type of holiday? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. provides a wide range of chalets for your next vacation to Europe. Plan a spontaneous trip at the last minute and book a chalet of your choice to reconnect with your inner self and with nature.

Europe is an amazing place to travel across! Especially for nature enthusiasts like you and me, Europe offers plenty of possibilities for your next last minute adventure. Whether you want to hike a mountain, to relax on the beach, to explore a hundred-years-old forest, to ski in the Alps or to try canoeing in a beautiful lake, Europe has something for everyone. Travelling between countries has also been made easier, which is great especially if you want to explore a bigger area.

What to see

France is famous for its fine wine and fashionable taste, however its nature is really what should be glorified. The Pyrenees for example is a mountain range located right along the border between Spain and France. This is the best spot in France for a combination of outdoor activities. The Pyrenees are one of the highest ranges in Europe, the nature is well-preserved and the views from the peaks are spectacular. Numerous plant and animal species, some of which extremely rare, have made this mountain and the national park their home. A vast network of trails crosses the whole park thus making it a preferred hiking destination for people from all over the world. There are also more than 200 lakes, some of which are high up the mountain and hidden right underneath the peaks. Some of the trails will lead you to these lakes where you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of the Eastern Pyrenees and the surrounding French territories.

Algarve is the southernmost province of Portugal and is a popular summer vacation spot. The diversity of beaches here is remarkable, therefore you can easily find a beach according to your preferences. Family-friendly locations, beach bars, as well as locations suitable for watersports are among some of the beaches which you will find here. But this is not all, because Algarve is located on the coast of the Atlantic and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to admire the beautiful coastline. Ponta da Piedade is a place where you can spend a day in the company of steep rocks diving into clear blue ocean waters. The cliffs and the rock arches create a subliminal landscape. Wind and water have worked hard for thousands of years to create this masterpiece. Hidden in the rocks and invisible if you don’t know where to look, numerous small caves and romantic pathways are waiting for adventurers like yourself. Except for exploring by foot, it is also worth hiring a boat and collecting memories from the water – we promise you that the view is breathtaking, especially when you compare yourself to the gigantic cliffs hanging above you.

Finland is the place for those who love winter. Winter in Finland is so much more than simply snow and cold weather – it is an unforgettable adventure. In this secluded paradise you will get the chance to experience one of the most vividly beautiful places on the planet. The nature is truly spectacular and seems unreal – lakes, rivers, and streams crossing the wildest territories helping the ecosystem to develop and flourish. Lapland is one of the territories closest to the North Pole. It is a shared by Sweden and Finland area, which is populated with indigenous tribes and wild animals. More than 20 national and wilderness parks are situated in Lapland; Urho Kekkonen and the Lemmenjoki National Park are among the most popular.

What to do

In the French part of the Pyrenees you can go hiking through one of the many trails and areas. For example, the Cirque de Gavarnie is a great place to explore in the Pyrenees. It is a group of limestone circles which have appeared after huge glaciers have disappeared in their place. In reality, this is a concentration of naturally occurring terraces with incredible symmetry. Except for the incredible views of the mountain range, in the area you will also find one of Europe’s tallest waterfalls – the Gavarnie Falls (422 m).

In Algarve, Praia Da marinha is the place to be if you want to enjoy a day full of activities on the beach. You can go snorkeling in the blue waters and explore marine life, or you can go hiking nearby and view the beach from the top of the amazing rock formation in the area. Telheiro Beach Trail provides another amazing opportunity for putting in some effort while enjoying the coast. This is a place of huge geological significance with regards to the formation and development of the Iberian Peninsula to this day. The trail will lead you on a trip along the coast to some of the most dramatic views of the rocky bays of Portugal.

Finland, together with the other Nordic countries, offers visitors a chance to explore the wild arctic areas. Truly, some of the greatest sceneries we have seen are from the northern territories. Take a bike and ride along the coastal route in Norway. This path varies in terms of difficulty, however it can be split into stages according to your level of experience. It starts from the fjords and continues to the border with Russia. Northern Lapland is also the place where the most spectacular sighting of Aurora Borealis can be seen.

When to go

The weather conditions you will likely experience in Europe strongly depend on the destination you have chosen. As a rule of thumb the further south you go, the warmer it gets, although the mountainous regions even in the southernmost parts of Europe tend to stay cool during the hot summer days. Summer is usually the peak in the tourist season, but spring is gaining more popularity, too. If you want to skip the crowds and enjoy nature in a more peaceful manner, maybe consider travelling in the autumn. During the recent years, autumn has changed its way and the weather is not as bad as it used to be. Overall, we get more sunny days, thus making fall another good season for travelling.

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