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Chalet Sweden

If you’re looking for ways to step out of the urban city you are used to then we have good news for you. Renting a chalet in Sweden for your next vacation is a great way to do so. The accommodations that offers are perfect for people who like to spend some time surrounded by nature. Exploring local sights, eating traditional dishes, and scrolling around local forests, rivers and mountains contribute to an unforgettable getaway. And Sweden is a popular destination among international tourists as it’s famous for its incredible nature.

Immerse your mind in the vast forest of Sweden

Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe, the third-largest country in the European Union. There are more than 50,000 species of plants and animals inhabiting Sweden and which is 32 percent of the total species found in all of Europe. These include nearly 73 species of mammals, 240 types of breeding birds, 6 species of reptiles, 56 species of freshwater fish, around 2000 species of vascular plants, nearly 1000 bryophyte species and as much as 2000 lichens.

Nearly 70 percent of Sweden’s territory is covered in forest, and that figure remained sustainable for a very long time. Almost 83 percent of Sweden’s forests are coniferous forest, mixed forest accounting for nearly 12 percent and pure broadleaf are 5 percent. Sweden has as many as 90000 lakes. Most of them are clear watered with very few plants, like Vattern, or small ponds with bog vegetation.

Sweden is an amazing place to visit at any time of the year. The average summer temperature is around 23 degrees, making it perfect for people who want to escape the burning heat from the south. Nevertheless, winters are extremely cold but also incredibly beautiful. The country has one of the clearest skies in Europe and also, if you’re lucky, you might witness the Northern Lights while you’re staying in your chalet in Sweden.

Adventures in the wilderness

If you love activities in natural locations, there are possibilities for hiking, fishing, and winter sports. It’s no coincidence that skiing, as a sport, derives from the Nordic countries and it is very popular to this day. Therefore, if you decide to visit Sweden in the winter, you’ll have the opportunity to experience winter sports in their most authentic shape.

If you like other outdoor activities, such as camping, cycling, or riding you can do so freely since it's allowed by Allemansrätten (Sweden’s right of public access) for everyone at any time. It is extremely popular to take a canoe trip for which activity we recommend the Stockholm archipelago.

In Sweden, you can find incredible hiking trails where you can free your body and soul from your current speed of life related to the big city. Outdoor activities like biking, canoeing, fishing or hunting are possible, due to Sweden´s nature including huge national parks, mountains and mesmerizing archipelagoes. offers many cozy chalets to everyone looking to free his mind and soul in the beauty of Sweden.

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