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It is not for nothing that Normandy is called one big garden at the water's edge. Not only because of its parks and many gardens full of flowers, shrubs and trees, but also because of its natural parks and changing landscapes. It is not for nothing that Normandy has been a source of inspiration for several artists, including the French artist Monet. The province of north-western France on the lower reaches of the Seine is a favourite destination for many nature lovers, and we don't blame them for that. A stay in a holiday home in Normandy, you must have experienced once.

Beautiful and rugged coasts with chalk cliffs and fishermen's houses that shine in the sun, create a picture that seems almost unreal. In the authentic interior you will find the bustling cities with a delicious cuisine and there is plenty to experience on a cultural level. On our website you will find a wide range of holiday homes in this historic province. For example, you can stay in a characteristic Normandy holiday home in Saint Germain le Gaillard, where you will be surrounded by trees, a small river, lawns and a beautiful orchard. But you can also choose an authentic holiday home in a valley with unspoilt nature. The possibilities to experience the typical French life are endless!

Historical fame

Normandy breathes history. The province played an important role in the Second World War and became internationally known because D-Day took place here. This was the day that the allied troops with no less than 175,000 troops invaded France to liberate it from the Germans. This event can be seen in many places in Normandy, such as the famous landing beaches, or one of the other war sights where the horrors of the war are commemorated. In Colleville-sur-mer you will find an American cemetery with a total of 9386 graves. An impressive place where the victims of the war can be honored. If you would like to know more about the war past and the landing beaches, one day is probably not enough and you should consider a house close to the coast.

Flora and fauna

Normandy is located on the coast and here rocky cliffs rise high along the long cobbled beaches and the sea and behind them are the beautiful soothing dunes.
Inland, Normandy is characterized by green forests with historic half-timbered houses in between. The overwhelming nature is reflected in the wild landscapes in the north with its chalk cliffs of Etretat and lower located just the diversity of landscapes. The wooded ridges are interspersed with lowland coulisse landscapes and on the other hand marshes, peatlands and polders. Along the verges of the Normandy roads you will find a rich range of flowers and plates such as the white whistlewort, the milk thistle and the honeysuckle. In the bocage landscape trees such as oaks, cedars and poplars come into their own.

There is also no lack of diversity in animals here. Do you want to go out into nature close to home in search of special bird species? Because of the coastal location and the canals and rivers that cut through the province, the region is rich in special (water) bird species, including the grey clawier, which is hardly to be found in the Netherlands anymore. Birds of prey are also very welcome in this French province. The inhabitants of the sea are also in abundance, you will find here lobsters, crabs, scallops, cockles, sea spiders and the pelican foot. There are not many wild animals to be found in the interior; the largest mammals are foxes, otters and roe deer.

A culinary destination

Normandy's gastronomy is famous for its many products such as camembert, cider and calvados, also known as the three Cs. Each region in Normandy has its own typical dishes and flavours, but the dishes on the menu are somewhat similar in the province. In the coastal towns you will find mainly seafood such as fruit de mer and Normandy mussels. While the other French regions are best known for their wines, Normandy is best known for its cider and the calvados that are made with apples from the region. As a dessert you can choose a cheese board with some of the most famous regional cheeses such as the Pont l'Evêque, the Camembert and the Livarot. The gastronomy in Normandy is so rich in delicious delicacies that we could write about it for hours, but you'll really have to experience it for yourself during your holiday in a holiday home in this culinary region of France.


The cliffs of Eretrat
In terms of nature, you shouldn't have missed the cliffs of Eretrat during your holiday in Normandy. In some locations these cliffs are up to 100 meters high! From the top of the cliffs you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the sound of the water thumping against the cliffs and the whispering wind. Don't forget to bring your camera to take pictures for the home front, or to put them in a photo book later, because a visit to the cliffs is an experience you don't want to forget. Around the cliffs there are also some hiking trails that lead through the beautiful nature reserve and give you the opportunity to explore the area further.

Mont-Saint-Michel is a beautiful rocky island with a medieval abbey that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The zigzagging paths up to the abbey make it almost feel like you're in a fairy tale. The inside of the abbey is not disappointing either, the architecture is breathtaking with all the small details and we recommend that you really take the time to visit. As soon as the sun goes down, the abbey is covered in a beautiful orange glow which gives an impressive picture. Stay in the area until later and you'll know what I mean!

The historic province of Normandy has a lot of attractions, whether you're looking for nature, culture or history, Normandy offers a wonderful mix of all this. This also makes it a perfect destination for a family holiday. Also for larger groups we have holiday homes on our website. Who do you take with you on a trip to Normandy?

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