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Heard of Eiffel Tower but not Verdon Gorge? France is a country whose territory consists of metropolitan cities and several overseas regions and territories. It is known as being the global center of art, science and philosophy. Besides the impressive attractions within the city center, it offers a vast amount of different breathtaking landscapes with a unique sense of nature. When visiting this destination, there will be something for people of all ages and preferences. For this reason, it is no surprise that France is the world's most popular place for tourists! Sounds like the perfect destination for your vacation? Find a suitable holiday house and experience a typical French lifestyle while staying at one of our cottages in France.

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Why should you choose a holiday house in France?

Apart from the various natural surroundings that France has to offer, we also have various holiday houses for you to choose from. In the middle of woods, near the water or in the mountains, you will find peace and privacy with your loved ones in these cottages. A holiday home in France with its mix of traditional and modern French architecture will give you a very cozy and warm feel. You'll feel at home. Imagine booking the perfect vacation home by the lakes or in the mountains with a full-fledged kitchen, a washing machine and sauna, or a fireplace to keep you warm during winter. On the left side of the page you can click on different filters to show you the holiday homes of your preference.

Staying in a large-scale holiday park or an expensive hotel room may not give you the same experience than choosing a holiday house in nature or a cottage in the middle of quiet and small holiday parks. France is tucked with natural beauty, so why not to go cycling in the beautiful landscapes, kayaking in the canyons and startling stretches of coast? You will be exposed to a peaceful atmosphere in a cottage that allows you to admire panoramic views, away from the crowd. You may even spot species that are native to France just outside your cottage!

After a whole day of adventures and breathing in the fresh and clean air of natural surroundings of France, you can relax and enjoy special French cuisine like escargots or onion soup with your loved ones while staying at your holiday house. Another great thing about a cottage is that you do not have to follow a particular schedule apart from the ones you design for your holidays. You decide when to wake up, when to eat and when to go/come back from your exploration. One of the many options that Nature.House offers is b&b or, as French people like to call it, chambres d'hotes where breakfast will be included in your stay.

A major advantage of booking a holiday house with us is that you can bring your pets along with you as there is a wide range of holiday houses that are suitable for them. Houses with internet are also available for you to stay connected to the outside world while you are connected to the natural beauty around you. Unlike the hotels where you have to share the pool with different people, you can find holiday houses with a private pool. So you can enjoy your privacy with a picture-perfect view of the mountains or lakes outside your French cottage. With your holiday in France will meet all of your needs.

Flora and fauna native to France

While staying in one of our holiday houses, you will be exposed to the natural diversity of this country. The flora and fauna in France varies due to its range of topography and climate. The temperature differences between the north and south is the main influence on the flora and wildlife throughout the country. This means that there is a lot to discover and get to know in different parts of France! In each region you will find new treasures - special plants and animals as well as undiscovered places. It's no wonder why the country is such a popular destination for tourists going on holidays! Towards the Mediterranean area, olive trees, vines, mulberry and fig trees, as well as laurel, wild herbs, and maquis can be spotted. In the forests, on the north and center - oak, beech, pine, birch, poplar and willow populate this area. In France, you can find 7 national and 40 regional parks. Thanks to accommodation that is away from the crowds, nature can be discovered in every direction. This way, we make sure that you can quietly enjoy the variety of France, but you'll also have all necessary facilities and leisure activities not too far away from you. 

The fauna of France is typical of western European countries. French forests are home to polecats and martens, wild boards, and deer. While exploring nature, there is a chance to spot hedgehogs and shrews, foxes, weasels, bats, squirrels, badgers, rabbits, mice, otters, and beavers. Most of the birds that can be spotted in France are largely migratory. In the Mediterranean zone you can look at birds such as flamingos, terns, buntings, herons, and egrets. Know as 'bouquetins' in French, Alpine ibexes are found in parts of the French Alps . Today, there are about 9,000 of them, you can find many in the Vanoise national park or the higher parts of the Alps where you can go skiing with your friends or family. Make sure to visit The Burgundy Canal, if you're planning to go fishing during your holidays in France! Here, you will be able to catch fish such as pike, zander, bream, perch, carp. In the nearby waters, you may also find eels, lobster, salmon or crayfish. Due to pesticides, globalization and intensive agriculture, France has witnessed a decline in wildlife over the past five decades, but some regions have an advantage over others in terms of wildlife. This is because of the least human activity and larger areas of woodland. Hence, there are plenty of options for you to book a cottage in France and connect with the nature to see some of the rare wildlife that still exist in these regions.

Stay active!

In France you can find plenty of activities while traveling alone, with a partner or with kids. Experience high class shopping or discover unique colorful markets of Aix-en-Provence. Explore as many villages as possible to discover the charm of architecture, art and historical vibe. An interesting activity could be visiting one of the many medieval castles France has to offer. For most of the people visiting France for the first time, the Eiffel Tower is a must-see. The best time to visit this place is during the sunset time, as it paints breathtaking pictures. If you travel with your family, a fun activity could be cruising the Seine River. What about a walk in one of the 48 regional parks? Like Park Avesnois, a place in which wildlife, history and myth make of this park an unmissable spot.

Do you prefer an adventure holiday near nature? Then go canoeing on the River Ardèche or learn to surf at one of the deserted beaches on the coast. Do you like cycling? Then you should go on an adventure on Roger Lapebie bike path in the Entre-deux-Mer region. This particular route is appreciated for its stunning natural landscape. If you have children aged below 12 years, make sure that they wear a helmet while cycling. You can also travel through Alsace, a popular destination for cyclists. While cycling, you cross the famous vineyards of this area and discover the Alsatian villages. This region is known as the capital of cycling in France. It delights sports enthusiasts and culture lovers.

What about hiking? Hikes usually start as soon as you step outside of your cottage. By the time you return you can enjoy a glass of traditional French wine on your own terrace. Also, you can combine hiking with a nice picnic with a beautiful view. If you have a passion for mountains and hills, then we suggest visiting the South of France. Also, in the South and Southeast of the country in between the Alps and the Pyrenees, you can enjoy the high mountain peaks and rock formations. It is definitely a place where you can really come to peace, in the middle of the outstanding nature! If you're looking for a long and completely immersive hiking experience, then, GR20 is your dream destination. It runs from north to south down the middle of Corsica. It takes about 11-15 days to complete! But within these days, there's so much to explore. Worried about where you will stay overnight during your hike? There are plenty of micro camping options and French country cottages at various points of the trail in Corsica where you could relax and prepare for your hike the next day. It is worth a hike because of the spectacular view from the top after all the hard work of getting to the summit. 

If you have a passion for skiing, then French Alps will be your winter wonderland. Are you a sports enthusiasts and want to complete your bucket list? Then Limousin is the place to be. This region offers a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, horse riding, water-skiing, cycling, kayaking and fishing. Moreover, the location of the holiday house will definitely encourage you for many other fun activities inside the yard, like playing ball, badminton, sunbathing, or swimming in your villa with pool.

Let's Explore!

The Dordogne Valley

If you decide to book your cottage in Dordogne, besides the fantastic food and romantic atmosphere, this destination is the most glorious landscapes in France. In 2012, the Dordogne river was listed in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO because of its natural heritage. Apart from the river, this region is home to the most beautiful lakes, waterfalls and springs in France. What's more? Towards the south of the river, the Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park, a UNESCO Global Geopark, offers you an eye-opening network of caves in the Padirac Cave. Go diving around the beaches and islands, the seaside landscapes are a dream to be around. Turquoise seawater, fine-sand beaches, and dramatic mountains in the back. Booking a cottage in this region will be a great time for you to spend with your family and friends or to recharge just by yourself. 

The Opal Coast (Côte d'Opale)

Do you want spend one of your day trips near the waters and breathe in the aromatic sea air? Cote d'Opale stretches from Bray-Dunes to Pas-de-Calais . It is famous for its interplay of grays and blues in the sea and sky. It offers landscapes of superb dunes, cliffs, windswept beaches, green hills and unspoilt coasts. It is an ideal location for cycling, walking or just relaxation. You can collect seashells but also birdwatch and spot seals. Booking a holiday house in this destination would be perfect for all sorts of activities. You may even have a beautiful view of the coast from your cottage. 

Moselle, a place bordered by three countries

When talking about France, one would never forget to mention the Eiffel Tower. It's a must visit but ever heard about Moselle ? The department of Moselle composed of plains, ponds and forests. You can visit the river Moselle, which was named after the department and it flows through France, Luxembourg and Germany. There are sixteen locks and dams that you could visit in this region including Toul, Richemont, Villey-le-Sax and Apache. If you're a wine enthusiast, then wine tasting in Moselle is a must!

The accommodations we offer

Did we inspire you to choose France for your next holiday trip? Then the next step is to find the perfect holiday house that suits you the best! Are you willing to try something different than the usual apartment ? Then get inspired and check out our different accommodation types in France; you can choose among a French country cottage, tiny house, gite , and much more. All the cottages are furnished and equipped with everything you need. You can find holiday homes suitable for one or two people or even for groups. Some accommodation may even include garden furniture, swimming pool, barbecue or even sauna / jacuzzi. Make sure to find the right fit for your stay with!

Weather & Climate

The weather conditions in France vary significantly, depending on the regions. France mostly enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and summers. There's a balanced mix of sunshine and rainfall. The conditions get warmer in the Mediterranean region while colder and wetter in the North Atlantic Coast and East Central France. For instance in places such as Dijon, winters have been known to be harsh and wet, so people, pack your hair straighteners and anti-frizz spray! Winters see plenty of snow, particularly in areas where skiing and other winter activities can be done. Make sure to carry an umbrella or a coat with you because it may rain all of a sudden and heavier if you're staying in the woods. Your holiday house may keep you warm during winter but if you're an adventurous person and like to be outside then you should wear gloves, coat or a thick warm jacket to make your journey is pleasant. If you are in the region of Cote d'Azur, spring is typically warm and temperatures exceed 20 ° C in the south. The days get longer and you can see greener vegetation and all the animals and birds enjoying their summers too! Summer weathers are perfect to head to the beach, work on your tan or go on a hike in the mountains and explore the nature of France. All over France, when trees are changing colors to reds, browns and gold, you know that Autumn has started and the country is heading towards Christmas.

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