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Why should you choose a holiday house in France?

Apart from the various natural surroundings that France has to offer, we also have various holiday houses for you to choose from. In the middle of woods, near the water or in the mountains, you will find peace and privacy with your loved ones in these cottages. A holiday home in France with its mix of traditional and modern French architecture will give you a very cozy and warm feel. You'll feel at home. Imagine booking the perfect vacation home by the lakes or in the mountains with a full-fledged kitchen, a washing machine and sauna, or a fireplace to keep you warm during winter. On the left side of the page you can click on different filters to show you the holiday homes of your preference.

Staying in a large-scale holiday park or an expensive hotel room may not give you the same experience than choosing a holiday house in nature or a cottage in the middle of quiet and small holiday parks. France is tucked with natural beauty, so why not to go cycling in the beautiful landscapes, kayaking in the canyons and startling stretches of coast? You will be exposed to a peaceful atmosphere in a cottage that allows you to admire panoramic views, away from the crowd. You may even spot species that are native to France just outside your cottage!

After a whole day of adventures and breathing in the fresh and clean air of natural surroundings of France, you can relax and enjoy special French cuisine like escargots or onion soup with your loved ones while staying at your holiday house. Another great thing about a cottage is that you do not have to follow a particular schedule apart from the ones you design for your holidays. You decide when to wake up, when to eat and when to go/come back from your exploration. One of the many options that Nature.House offers is b&b or, as French people like to call it, chambres d'hotes where breakfast will be included in your stay.

A major advantage of booking a holiday house with us is that you can bring your pets along with you as there is a wide range of holiday houses that are suitable for them. Houses with internet are also available for you to stay connected to the outside world while you are connected to the natural beauty around you. Unlike the hotels where you have to share the pool with different people, you can find holiday houses with a private pool. So you can enjoy your privacy with a picture-perfect view of the mountains or lakes outside your French cottage. With your holiday in France will meet all of your needs.

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