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Holiday parks in France

As one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Europe, France draws much attention. Most visitors tend to visit places such as Paris or Provence, however the French countryside offers much more in terms of nature and entertainment which is still widely unexplored. Consider visiting the natural wonders of France’s holiday park and discover the stunning beauty this country is home to.

When booking your trip to France, take the time to choose the best accommodation for yourself on our website. We have a wide range of lodges, chalets, tents and different kinds of holiday nature houses. Situated in beautiful quiet areas, these houses allow guests to immerse in the French countryside by exploring some of the most beautiful nature parks in Europe.

Discover France in a unique way

Often travelers want to enjoy the picture-perfect panoramas of Mont Blanc, however they back out due to the popularity of this tourist hotspot. Nevertheless, remember that there is always a hidden gem somewhere, only if you ask the right people. This is the case with Aiguilles du Dru! This is a small mountain which is part of the Mont Blanc mountain range. The region is much less popular among tourists, thus you will have an option to enjoy the panorama hopefully all by yourself. Aiguilles du Dru itself is quite spectacular – its highest peak is 3,500 m in altitude. Two peaks are generally easier and a preferred path to take; one of them – Petit Dru – has been loved by hikers through the last 150 years.

Perhaps you want to enjoy a more laid back French experience? Then opt for the Camargue region - the perfect place in France for a relaxing nature holiday! This natural region is located in the south of the country and has become one of the most protected territories in Europe since its establishment (1970). The river Rhone flows out into the Mediterranean Sea through a delta – the largest in Europe.

The delta has developed the area beyond comparison, with nature creating beautiful lagoons, sandbars and marshes, surrounded by an area suitable for cultivation. The central areas of the delta have turned into an especially important place for the local wildlife, where 400 species of birds nest and breed. While the greater flaming would be a great spot for your day among nature, there is one animal everyone wishes to see in the area – the Camargue Horse – a beautiful representative of a line of French horse breeds and one of the oldest in the world.

The activities to try in France

The picturesque town of Annecy welcomes visitors with its unique atmosphere and terrific views of the nearby lake bearing the same name. The lake area provides opportunities for sunbathing, hiking, scuba diving, paddle boarding and wakeboarding. The Auvergne region is adored by the French. It is a popular hiking area, where everyone is able to immerse in the French nature by exploring the Auvergne National Park – a stunning land which lies on top of thousands-years-old volcanoes.

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